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I wonder did the Bush Clan strike a deal with the Aliens...

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posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 05:07 PM
we know of two hushed up weapons that we suspect someone is used a few times now ... non the wiser ... so far, except the Asians are getting pissed...
they dont like whats happening in their countries either ... its like china bought the whole planet or something... NE who..
Haarp and That Anti Armor weapon they showed us on 911...
so, we can cause earthquakes, steer typhoons etc.. - and no army can protect itself from the beam weapon... both of these are ace in the hole, black bag stuff. Wow, what a technological wonderful world we live in. -- I think the bible said something about another weapon, one that went like this:
like the flesh will fall off the bones before the skeleton hits the ground...
??? there's are tons of people who can give you a direct quote... bible scholars please. slap me or post what it says in Revelations.. these are really advanced toys... That just appeared and are now 8 years more advanced... one would imagine. Alien stuff...? maybe not... but it clearly works... and what worse it appears we maybe using it for offensive political stuff - Now, why would America Violate just about everything America stands for... and the Government allowing the Media Brainwashing and this go along to get along mind control stuff is so bad .... they are even waking people up to their shenanigans ...

How did we go to war...? We cant do stuff that is Illegal, The US Constitution is permanently linked to the UN Charter, when Congress Signed us into the UN that UN Charter became part of our Constitution, so on all legs - this war is illegal and we can not declare self defense and thus we maybe be attacked by UN Forces at any time. now they are in New York... just something to think about... so what are you thinking...? being set up to lose a war, perhaps..? and our country.

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posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 05:38 PM
reply to post by BornPatriot

Wow! That's pretty heavy. And anything is possible I would imagine, but I'm still trying to figure out who the "Bush Clan" is. Sounds like a bunch of people running around not being monitored who may have been the chosen one's to destroy the world. Combine this with the fact that the president is always followed by reporters... even young teens from schools trying to get an interview that you don't always see on television, I'm not sure Moreover, the president always has body guards with him and aside from his bedroom is probably the only place he is never on camera. Now if Bush has a double, a clone of sorts perhaps, then my entire theory goes out the window. Saddam had a double... where did that guy go?
As far as the UN... I wouldn't trust them for a second. Kofi Annon was a dirty blistard who damaged relations with American and third world countries; and this is another reason why people hate the US. Finally, the only people destroying this planet are the Democrats... and I'd be more concerned about them. Bush spent his entire life in public sercvice and I don't believe for one minute he's now ready to blow up the planet with a super-weapon... I can't give him that much credit. But again... anything is possible. Good luck with your thread. Take care!

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