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FLASH:Civil rights lawsuits against C.I.A.- README

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posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 03:59 PM
FYI Information: Please feel free to repost this Synopsis, I am desperately seeking Pro Bono Legal representation and specialized Investigative services, I am Indigent and have been purposely made so. I am one step away from being Homeless, and have been Assaulted twice without reason in the last couple of weeks.

Please foward this to any Media that could help.

I have filed a USC 42 Section 1983 Civil Rights Lawsuit against the C.I.A on 08/28/1960, in the Federal District Court of Nevada. The Case is titled:

Farnan V. Central Intellegence Agency.

Case: 3:08-cv-00463

The initial Complaint states:

I am a Operational Paramedic who has worked in Russia, Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan.

I refused to let Intellegence gathering from ANYONE at a Medical Clinic I staffed in Sudan. The clinic serves Military Officers from the African Union, who were Peacekeeping forces, the the area of Sudan ( Darfur ) where the horrible Genocide is in progress.

I then became the Victim of indescribable harassment, publiclt described as a " CIA Agent", " Undercover Cop " and something about " Iraqi ", I am a American and my loyalty is to the U.S.A. , and has NEVER been to any other group of Country, nor will it be, unless I am forced to change my Citizenship, due to Assaults with Physical injuries.

On 8-02-2008 I applied to the Netherlands London Embassy for Political Asylum in the AM.

About 11 PM I was struck by a Hit and Run Driver in Reno, NV, while I was a Pedestrian. He did not stop, at about 30 MPH. My right Arm was broken. I am now disabled.

I charge CIA used Psychological Operations to engineer the Accident, and kill me.

Yesterday 2 men in a expensive car looked at me while I was surveying the Accident scene, and said clearly " Prove It ".

I need financial help carrying this suit thru, I am Pro-Se, with no food, and cannot work.

I have asked for 200,000.

Can anyone help?

Timothy Scott Farnan
Lucky Motel
1011 e 4th ave
Reno, Nevada

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