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Its time To Remember!

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posted on Sep, 2 2008 @ 10:41 PM
Hello members of BTS/ATS! I come to you with a deep feeling of many emotions!
9-11 was a day that connected us all! 9-11 was the point in my life where I found out just how deeply connected all of us truely are!

This day I cried, and the weeks after the emotions filled my soul and my mind! I cried with you. Everything I felt you felt too!
I will always remeber! And I will never forget the day the towers fell.

If you feel me, and remember this as deeply as I do.. Then please take this avatar and post this until 9-11. To show that we are all really one.

This is not a time for me to talk about who did what, and what happened.
This is only a time for me to remember.. A time where I can hold your hand, and give you a big hug. This comming week is a time where we are all connected agin.
I feel you. And I know that what ever happens we are all connected on an extreamly deep level.

Show your emotions by saving the avatar I have placed and use it as your avatar for the comming week.

This will show just how many of us are truely there. How many of us really understand 9-11 was much more than just an attack on America.

This was an attack on the world.. An attack on our emotions.

We stand tall, we Stand strong.. But most importantly we STand together!

Much love!


PS-- Pass this along! I did not make this avatar.. But a couple years back I noticed a few mods that had this Avatar.. And for some reason I felt compelled to post this as my avatar in the comming weeks.
I started to notice many others posting this as their avatar aswell..

I see in the comming weeks more people who would stand proud and us this avatar as their showing of their feelings, and strong emotions!

P.s.s--- No reason to reply to this thread.. IM in no way hoping to get tons of pages.. I have no desire for points, or any of that..
Just simply put this as your avatar if you feel me..
NO reason to reply to this.. Other than giving me your honest thoughts.
Thank you!

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posted on Sep, 13 2008 @ 04:18 AM
Thank you everyone who took part in remebering 911 and making it a day where we took a moment to show our support.
No matter what happened, and who did what, and how.. There is one thing we CAN all AGREE upon!
These acts are etched into our hearts and minds for as long as we shall live.
Upon that day, We all became one! We all cried together, and we all felt what everyone else was feeling!

Let this be known.. WE ARE ONE! We are all deeply connected on a level that is not fully understood!

Again I thank those that took the time to make their avatar 911 based in their support to the families and everyone around the world who is searching for the truth..

No matter what you belive.. WE are all one with this.

WE all cried, and we all went threw the same levels together.

And I am still here, and will always be a small part of that Hive mind you have noticed me talking about often on my time here on ATS.

If their is one truth in this world that Im fully sure of.. Is the fact that we are deeply connected to eachother.
We need to remeber this.. NOT just 911, but the fact that we are ONE!~

Much love and light!


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