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McCain is Looking and Sounding More Like Bush Every Day

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posted on Sep, 2 2008 @ 06:41 PM

"America's excited and they're going to be even more excited once they see her tomorrow night," the Arizona senator said in another stop in Ohio. "I'm very, very proud of the impression that she's made on all of America and I'm looking forward to serving with her."

McCain's campaign has been trying to defend their vice president vetting procedure since Palin was announced as his running mate on Aug. 29.

According to a timeline issued by the campaign, McCain met Palin for the first time in February, and then had a telephone conversation with her last week before inviting her to Arizona, where he met with her a second time and offered her the job Thursday.


This is sounding eerily like Bush repeating his decision was the right one, over and over, in the face of total disaster... I mean, doesn't he read the Internet news? Oh, right.

In Alaska, several state leaders and local officials said they knew of no efforts by the McCain campaign to find out more information about Ms. Palin before the announcement of her selection, Although campaigns are typically discreet when they make inquiries into potential running mates, officials in Alaska said Monday they thought it was peculiar that no one in the state had the slightest hint that Ms. Palin might be under consideration.

"They didn't speak to anyone in the Legislature, they didn't speak to anyone in the business community," said Lyda Green, the State Senate president, who lives in Wasilla, where Ms. Palin served as mayor.
"I started calling around and asking, and I have not been able to find one person that was called," Ms. Phillips said. "I called 30 to 40 people, political leaders, business leaders, community leaders. Not one of them had heard. Alaska is a very small community, we know people all over, but I haven't found anybody who was asked anything."


And yet, McCain, with that silly forced, fake smile of his, sticks stubbornly to his story like a parrot reciting a phrase he's learned. "She is fully vetted and I'm excited with the results."

Just like George W. Bush, in the face of the contrary, he keeps repeating his line, hoping that people will believe it if he says it enough times... :shk:

posted on Sep, 2 2008 @ 07:28 PM
SO if you look at the polls since PALIN....

and you think number have anything to do with the outcome...

Mccain is now down 15% in ohio from 3 days ago

Down another 2% in colorado since yesterday- total of 10% in 3 days

Down another 2% in Florida - where MC still has a hefty lead

Down a crap load in nevada ( I don't know because as of three days ago it seemed a Mccain lock so I did not pay attention) -Mccain & 53% down like- 15 -20 points in two days.

AND the BIGGEST change PER this GREAT website is VIRGINIA-
DOWN LIKE 35% in three days. A SUPER LOCK THREE DAYS AGO - today Mccain at 40%

HERE is my post from last night... the source is included.

Just so all get some perspective, I will be posting in all PALIN posts.

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