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realization highway NOT for neo-nazi ‘Holocaust’ & ‘holocaust’ deniers

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posted on Sep, 2 2008 @ 03:03 AM
realization highway NOT for neo-nazi ‘Holocaust’ & ‘holocaust’ deniers

These are the posts from the thread that shocked me the most when I realized this stuff the last 8 months, w/the steepest learning curves.


p15 –
*****5-post series: WO-to-NWO via DEUTSCHE BANK, I.G. FARBEN, KRUPP & SIEMENS and Bormann NWO MERCK, BAYER, pharmaceutical, drug & vaccine scams & biological warfare "terrorist" provocations & U.S. supplying West Nile Virus & Antrax to Iraq for biological warfare Dr. Hermann Josef Abs, chairman of DEUTSCHE BANK
p15 –
*****4-post series: NWO/NEO-NAZI/FASCIST BIOWARFARE -- (one of the most important series of posts in this string) NWO neo-nazi/fascist Henry Kissinger brought over Erik Traub, top of Hitler’s bioweapons R&D. -- Hermann Schmitz co-owned I.G. Farben & co-directed DEUTCHE BANK & MERCK & BAYER A.G. NWO/NEO-NAZI FOLKS IN PRIVATE LABS FUNDED BY BORMANN'S ODESSA NAZI WAR LOOT continue genocide via biowarfare & chemwar, today.

p6 -
*****9-post series: The Soldiers Change But The War Remains The Same oil wars: fierce rivalry between Shell, Exxon, and British Petroleum
*****5-reply post: oil wars 'The War In Georgia Is A Big Oil Conspiracy (Cheney & Azerbaijan)' oil wars

p16 – –part 1
*****3-post series: 'Crown' is a committee of twelve to fourteen men who rule independent sovereign state known as London or 'The City'. 'Crown' is a committee of twelve to fourteen men who rule independent sovereign state known as London or 'City.' 'City' is not part of England. It is not under rule of British parliament. Like Vatican in Rome, it is a separate, independent state. [also, Sovereign Knights of Malta are a sovereign state]
(2) –part 2
All colonial possessions that were white were under authority of British government. Such nations as Union of South Africa, Australia, New Zealand & Canada were governed under British law. These only represented thirteen percent of people who made up inhabitants of British Empire.
All other parts of British Empire - nations like India, Eqypt, Bermuda, Malta, Cyprus & colonies in Central Africa, Sinapore, Hong Kong & Gilbraltar (those areas inhabited by browns, yellows & blacks) were all Crown Colonies. These were not under British rule. British parliament had no authority over them. They were privately owned & ruled by a private club in London, England known as Crown. Crown's representative in such areas held absolute power of life & death over all people under his juristiction.
(3) –part 3.
*****[ central premise: Just as 14 men in the City of London Corporation (in the middle of London) called, “The Crown” direct (& get dividends from) the Bank of England & direct the monarchy (the Queen) – and just how THE UNITED STATES Corporation is a small group of men that own the Fed (which is co-owned by The Crown Corporation) and dictate to the President of the United States & Congress & dictate to the United States – German General Staff owned Bundesbank (also co-founders of the Bank of England & the Fed) & dictated to the Government of Germany.]*** [NOTE, Herbert Hoover personally lost about a billion dollars in gold & timber leases w/the Czar before the ‘Russian Revolution’, so he too hated the U.S.S.R. ***Apparently he didn’t know Rockefeller & Brown Brothers-Harriman financed the Bolshevik coup to destroy the indigenous ‘soviet’ revolution.

P18 –
*****12-part post: Tri-Border terrorist/drug center of South America (operational epicenter for terrorist groups. Islamist groups such as Al Qaeda & Hezbollah, a base for neo-Nazi operatives, & groups from Europe).
*** NOTE: The Iran contra affair was operated from Ciudad del Este" on the south-east Paraguayan border with Argentina and Brazil (in the Tri-border Area (TBA). ***

p15 (cont)–
*****9-post series: UNDERGROUND REICH & WTC/911 & MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD & 2012


P19 –
*****3-post series: CIA MK-ULTRA mind control in South America Truth About Jonestown. Excerpt: CIA psyops in South America… lengths Fed/Bank of England/Bundesbank (CIA/MI5-6/BND) will go to mindf**k you MK-ULTRA drugs found in abundance & sodium pentathol (truth serum), chloral hydrate (hypnotic), demerol, thalium (confuses thinkingState Dept. Operations Directorate, Section 6. Project Blue: Resettlement of 34 Level 4 subjects. Level 4 degree of mind control subject Level 4 "sleepers" are programmed assassins “Jim came into our (CIA) hands from coc aine & heroin (speed balls) addiction. We didn't clean him up, we put a heavy Level 4 program in his head. Level 5 trigger to activate programming to annihilate entire group through gun fire.” Temple of Solar Order in Switzerland & Canada were terrorist sleepers programmed to release biological & chemical weapons in targeted cities.

P19 –
*****19-post series on Jonestown also, HILLTOWN another mind-control village victimizing blacks in Guyana. direct conspiratorial tie-ins by Jones followers to MLK Jr. assassination that stink of intelligence community involvement by BRITAIN using CIA as a ‘cover’ for MI-6 mind control ops courtesy of MI-6 (Bank of England) to suppress black populations & to create & program assassins. Jonestown being "repopulated" w/100,000 Laotian Hmong people. Many grew opium for CIA money in Southeast Asia

p28 –
WTC/911 mythology (theology) based on Judaic/Christain/Islamic theology (mythology). process of mythmaking as applies to WTC/911 & social engineering
religious mythology of O -(Illuminati) & WO-(Third Reich) & NWO-(neo-Nazi-Fourth Reich) & CNWO-post WTC/911-(Fifth Reich-China/Africa/South-America) conspiracy Old Testament prophets were Shephard Pharoahs, & Jesus as grandson of Caesar & Cleopatra & last Ptolemic, Egypian, Shepard (Jewish) pharaoh
*****22-post series: Bormann NWO Conspiracy leading to WTC/911 (one of the most important series of posts in this string)

p4 –
*****5-post series: Martin Bormann and Odessa financing WO-&-NWO until his death in 1981

p20 –
*****10-post series: Enron pipeline connection to 9/11
Cheney's ENRON role in 911 stopping FBI investigation of Taliban & al Qaeda
What Congress Does Not Know about Enron & 9/11
May 31, 2002 John Loftus, Al Qaeda document: U.S. energy companies secretly negotiated w/Taliban to build a pipeline.
obtained by FBI but not shared w/other agencies to protect Enron. terrorist investigations hindered while Enron Corporation negotiating w/Taliban.
result of Taliban pipeline cover-up: Taliban’s friends in Al Qaeda able to complete last 8 months of preparations for 9/11 while Enron secrecy block in force.
1970's & 80's, Saudi intelligence (not CIA as reported) funded early Taliban faction & later Al Qaeda as insurgency to throw Russians out of Afghanistan.
afterwards, U.S. energy companies (Enron, as Afghan pipeline consultant for UNOCAL) used Saudi intelligence connection to Taliban to begin negotiations for pipeline across Afghanistan.
[note: not in original post, but inserted here anyway] -
Georgia oil wars linked to Saudi Arabia oil billionaires & 911 perps
Secret Treaty of Verona & 2008 Lawsuit vs Vatican State in relation to NWO Nazi & neo-Nazi/central bank activities
Fed formed by German Bankers & Brown Brothers Harriman & Bank of England “Morgans, Rockefellers, Kuhn, Loeb & Company, Rothschilds & Warburgs… competitors in investment & banking sat at table & formed cartel”.

*****6-post series: WO/NWO presence in Mexico, Latin America & South America dovetails w/Bormann & Odessa & w/Bush-Harriman NWO to 2008. Remember: Saudis, Thyssen, Bush (dynasty), Rockefeller & Harriman were/are partners

(cont on next pg)

conclusion: the 'Holocaust' and the 'holocausts' in our lifetimes and our parents and grandparents lifetimes, were financed by the same folks (traitors and triple-agents) -- who financed BOTH sides, or ALL sides, of each war.)

[edit on 2-9-2008 by counterterrorist]

posted on Sep, 2 2008 @ 03:06 AM
-- ‘Coming Panic Over End Of Oil’

loudest warnings about predicted peak of world oil came from Petroconsultants.
Peak Oil movement advocates eugenic systematic murder to reduce world’s population to meet Peak Oil … eliminating civil rights & democracy, getting rid of majority of Earth’s population over next century.
“greatest obstacle Western world's unintelligent devotion to political correctness, human rights & sanctity of human life”
1998 merger Petroconsultants became IHS Energy Group, a subsidiary of Information Handling Services Group (IHS Group), a diversified conglomerate owned by Holland America Investment Corp., IHS Group as immediate parent company, for Thyssen-Bornemisza Group (TBG, Inc.). In 1920s George Herbert Walker & his son-in-law, Prescott Bush, helped Thyssen dynasty finance acquisitions through Union Banking Corp. & Holland-American Trading Corp.

[I’m also throwing this in now, scroll down: ]

p16 –
*****6-post series: (JESUIT) Black Pope > White Pope > Vatican Bank > Bank of England > Fed > Bundesbank > Deutche Bank ... Vatican is (Jesuit) Holy Roman Empire of Germany transformed from Illuminati & Freikorps & Treaty of Verona to WO to NWO to 2012

p15 (cont)– generalized at:
in more detail at:
*****3-post series: Fourth Reich & Fifth Reich, defined
0800-to-1806 - First Reich
1871-to-1919 - Second Reich
1919-to-1933 - Third Reich (underground)
1934-to-1945 - Third Reich (emerges under Hitler)
1941-to-1988 - Fourth Reich (underground) Rockefeller, Harriman, Bormann & Gehlen
1988-to-2001 - Fifth Reich (underground) BOE-Fed-Bundesbank-petroleum-industry
2001-ongoing - Fifth Reich Rockefeller-Thyssen-Bornemisza-Deutsch Bank-Merck Orgs.
[I’ve since termed this the NWO-to-CNWO – implying China as a new NWO player]

Rockefeller, Harriman, Bormann & Gehlen, BOE-Fed-Bundesbank-petroleum-industry, Thyssen-Bornemisza-Deutsch Bank-Merck overlap in Reichs Third, Fourth & Fifth THYSSEN-BORNEMISZA overlapping w/Bush

p1-to-p4 -
*****14-post series documenting destruction of those believing in democracy & equality & redistribution of wealth from the rich to the poor.

p7 –
*****11-post series: demon shape-shifter Janus-Bifrons-Baphomet & Hitler’s occult roots

p8 –
*****6-post series: The ‘great’ REAL Hitler was a speed-freak & smack junkie ...who issued speed to every front soldier & addicted the German civilian population


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