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A strange occurance, and possible precognition?

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posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 05:26 PM
This is my first thread and I don't know if it belongs in this forum, but there were a few others along the same what is going on? vein.

Just a few minutes ago I read this thread. Notice its time stamp of posted on 9/1/2008 @ 17:19, good.

I've been at work since 9am est this morning, I signed on a short while to check out any updates on threads I was following, signed off and left. Around 330 pm after getting back I logged on and started browsing and eventually found myself in the thread in question and I realized that I had been there before. I had read it beforem even noticed the time stamp, though at the time nothing out of the ordinary registered. I've always understood Deja Vu to be what is in essence a "misfiring" of the short and long term memory systems in the brain.

But I definitely saw this thread about a week ago. I've had Deja Vu, stupidly generic "I've been in this room before, omg!" and I've had instances that were never as convincing. But I know I saw this thread before, because I remember waking up and recalling all the details of it, down to the time stamp. I then never saw it for a week, until today

So what the heck happened? Do I have the most convincing Deja Vu ever? Or am I just a really REALLY mundane precog?

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Edit for added clarification, I recall lewbowski achiever's avatar imediately as I scrolled down and saw it and his post as I read it and the post that followed from mhc_70.

Is it possible that a Deja Vu moment could have occurred over the 10-15 seconds I sat hypnotized by recognition of the OP and the next 5-10 in which I scrolled past the next two?

Becuase now, rereading, I have no idea anymore.

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posted on Nov, 10 2008 @ 01:14 AM
Hi eNumbra. I thought i would post in this thread for a couple of different reasons.

First of all, I've seen you around and I can tell from how you explain your experience that it was, IMO, not due to what some would otherwise call "high". Sometimes I see posts from these people and it is quite blatant that they are under the influence of something. You are different.

Second of all, some people, myself included, have an innate precognitive potential that largely goes untapped and unnoticed. In my case, knowing my family background, who in my family has and has had this "gift" and where it originated, I can tell you that I am quite certain that in my case it is genetic. I think that all people have it, some more than others, and I also believe that for most people who don't even realize it, from time to time they have experiences like you have where a profound moment of dejavu or precognitive potential surfaces unconsciously without you initially knowing it.

I think that what you explain is genuine, it is confusing, and that it can be shocking and surprising because it surfaces from the subconscious level at odd times and catches you off-guard. I believe that everyone experiences deja-vu because we simply all have much greater potential but it goes unnoticed and dormant until these rare deja-vu moments surface.

This is probably the first time I have ever talked about my experiences on this subject here at ATS, but I completely understand how you are taken off-guard.

I have a couple interesting moments I can share.

1 - Yesterday, I was at a "Fred meyer's" store shopping. I took money out also and was getting ready to go across the street to Safeway and buy some bottled and distilled water. Out of nowhere came this wierd thought about someone I don't even work with. Someone not even in our company (I have been working at my place of work for half a year and only seen this person once). She is very high strung because of her work-load but really gets things done. I thought "wow, it would be wierd if I ran into her today. I wonder what it would be like". While I was leaving Safeway with my water in my shopping cart, I SAW HER. She was walking out of the very same safeway store (though she didn't notice me). I thought it was MUCH MUCH more than coincidence that this all transpired in about a 10 minute timeframe.

2 - I occasionally listen to a popular paranormal radio show called "Beyond Reality Radio" with Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson from the popular scifi TV show "Ghosthunters". One episode a while back they had an episode on scientific remote viewing (SRV). They walked the audience through an entire SRV session focusing on an unknown object they had in a box. They said to draw the object without looking, describe it's texture, color, etc.. This is what I drew:

The object ended up being a bluetooth earpiece.... I was completely floored.

I do not claim to be psychic. I do not claim to be sensitive or otherwise "gifted". But for whatever reason (probably genetic how I see it) it is quite clear to me that I have something going on that alot of people don't have.. Years ago I used to meditate frequently and conduct lucid dreaming ( Which basically means dreaming while you KNOW you are dreaming and, therefore, being able to shape and mold the dream and what happens within it). How I did it was pretty simple. For 3 or 4 months I always kept a notepad next to my bed. When I would wake up from a dream in the middle of the night or in the morning, I would write down 2 or 3 things I remembered from the dream. Later on that afternoon after I would get home from work, I would focus on those 2 or 3 things, and in doing so I would be able to recall 80-90 percent of what was in that dream.

Usually i had forgotton my dreams.. This made things much more interesting. I started focusing more and more on being able to control my dreams and what occurred within them, and pretty soon I was able to do that on a regular basis. Whether or not this had any impact on what is going on now, I don't exactly know.. But currently I have not meditated in about a year, I do not focus on the lucid dreaming anymore, and I live a very full daily life with work and a family. The SRV session, to me, was extremely shocking.. It was the first time I had tried SRV.. It kind of wierds me out a little.. Maybe it was just a fluke. But the details of what I drew were so close to what the actual object was that it was uncanny and unmistakable to me.


posted on Nov, 10 2008 @ 10:22 PM
Thank you for sharing, I really must get back into keeping a detailed track of my dreams. I have had a couple more experiences with it, the most profound being...

A few weeks back I was behind the counter at work and a woman came in, stopped in front of the counter, said hello and asked if we had any welcome home balloons. This clicked the familiarity switch, I had seen this woman before, she had come it before and asked the same question. So I answered her the same way I did last time.
"We only have 'Welcome Back'." And behind the counter I had already slipped out the one I remember her getting last time, which she picked again. So I place it upon the counter, continuing the long experience as she began to change her mind, picking a plain red heart. To which I nodded slightly remembering that she had done that the last time she was in, using letter stickers to spell out "Mr. and Mrs." for a set of newlyweds coming back from a cruise.

She asked me how many stickers would fit on the balloon I told her how many, and shortly after counting on her fingers she asked me to do "Mr. and Mrs." which I did, using all blue letters (except 1 or 2 which were purple because we were out of blue) to spell it.

I couldn't take it anymore and had to ask her if she'd ever been in the store before for this same exact thing.
And she simply replied "No."
I smiled and quietly laughed, muttering "the weirdest deja vu" just so she could hear it and she smiled and took the balloon and walked off to the cashier.

I believe I had dreamt this about 3 weeks prior to it actually happening, there was only one difference and that was that she had explained that she worked for a cruise line or travel agency and had booked the cruise for the couple.

Thank you again for sharing your experience as well and for taking my experience seriously. I was originally hoping to get some feedback as to how I could better access it if at all, but it's at least good to know that there is a community out there that won't think I'm nuts.


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