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They conspire against YOU religiously!

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posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 11:48 AM
What you are about to read is anti-Christ based. So it's against what certian have been tought in religion. This goes against anything religion you've listened to:

Hear it out...

You are in operation of the Lord's body in basic in general. So your body hear a two away from you that you're here to hear. Your body hear you yourself away from a two. Like some say: "Are you listening to yourself?" Well are you? Or are you listening to a two other than you?

Now check this out:

Why Body hear a way from you plus Body hear a way from a two? Since it is the Lord's Listen (or: Experience)! Since the Body you and a two are taking up is the Lord's!

all = 'a two' excluding yourself. The two not you, if you're the Lord's worthy, is the devil and the betrayor in basic. If you are the devil, then the two are the Lord's worthy and the Lord's betrayor in basic. If you are the betrayor, then the two are the Lord's worthy and the devil in basic.

^^There are three in total being the we the humankind here. So which are you since you should by now know?

"all" is the actual symbol for an "a" and a "2" (ll) like the Twix candy bar. So it's an 'a two'.

What's the conspiracy? The two not you go in and out of conspiracies against you.

What you should do is listen to yourself rather than the other two types amongst.

From regular bible:

"Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up."

^^There are three types being we the human beings. Day is a metaphor for wake. So days = wakes. And you and I know only ppl wake. So you see how the three days is implying three basic types you listen to in what seems like more than three ppls amongst. Never let man decieve you just because their are many different human bodies you see at face value!! Dont buy into not realizing here are just three types.

On an anti-Christ angle to look at:

Build that person, the Lord's divide out of three nights (sleeps) Body mill (a stop action) lower it center.

^^Implying a wakening in the three because the Body we all use comes to "the" stop (implying an end of being). Then lowered center is "that" person the old you of the three thought mistakenly equal in type. Since we are a three we three are literally way different type persons ("you"s).

A lil wisdom talk:

If you havent learned anything from this thread it'll mean you're disreguarding what you in fact hear as you shall do if I am clearly not you of the three. Trust me, you have you to prove such the case. You are more inclined to listen to you of the three out here than the other two in the style of your preferred listening. And since the Body you use is the Lord's you yet in still shall listen to who the Lord works with, whether or not, you disreguard or show disreguard. Yeah, one of the two disreguards while the other prefers to show disreguard in a form of disrespect, because it is an eternal must based on an eternal sin you shall live out for ever in a way. Am I lieing about you? I aint never lieing. Think of who of you goes way out the way in a pathetic attempt just to cliam your lie bold in the public eye... Think of who of you responds to another with a contradiction that you dont understand or cant make out anything while yet you answer in a way next in a way that clearly reveals you do understand and can make out what was said... That two faced two toned side reveals one of us three, and it aint my type.

A lil honest truth talk never much spoken:

Religiously two of you conspire against one other. The pair up is. And I have all as witnesses.

Two of the three of us goes to death and hell. One of the three of us goes to life and paradise. You know where you go because it is on your mind what your heart expresses in you alone. You either feel blessed or you feel cursed in a highlighted moment to yourself alone. With me, I get uphorias of what's in paradise, so in my highlighted moments, I only face alone, I feel blessed away from the other two, in what they would subject me while here to. They subject my type to a cross and a betrail being my type's fictional hells since the hells wont remain. I'm here against all odds as a dare to reveal my victory over all inside the belly of the beast as the Beauty and Original. This is that the other two love to hate. They hate to see you balling through non-stop. They hate to think you're better than them when in fact you are in some respect. Everyone in some respect is better than each other. But the Lord is the best in every angle in a proper ego sense that He may even express just like you express the better of yourself like nothing is wrong with doing such. It's like why should you, but no one else do such, you know?

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posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 12:23 PM
Well, this gets back to my, well, it's not really mine but I adhere to it, theory that there is a difference between the soul and spirit. The soul is more connected to the body;the spirit is just that, spirit. The spirit is eternal;the soul dies with the body. If you're interested, I have an entire thread on this topic. Here is the link: Soul Vs. Spirit

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 01:11 PM
Like what the bible mentions...

A tree is known by its fruit.

^^There are three trees, and fruitfully humanly, you belong to one of the three which is YOU in basic. Many fruits seperate from their tree, but are still of the particular tree nontheleast. So, again, dont let man (the body or the image) decieve you. You connect well with one of the three you are in basic.

Eternally, the Lord's worthy live in sin here. The sin is all that ever came before the Lord's worthy. That means, if you're put before the Lord's worthy or if you're facing against the Lord's worthy. The Lord can and shall change His ever for another ever by divide. And the divide shall manifest that is even already into like a more expressive art form.

Here is where those eternally who they always be meet in a collide brought to by the Lord for experience of dare and of victory.

Personally speaking:

I see at another level than the Son and the Father in moments concealed and revealed. I think the devil knows my title status by what I express. I express my wake away from know which leave knew on a back sense and leave guess on a forth sense.

Guesses can involve accurate educated calculations based on a forumla of wise thinking and also can involve fore-envisioning out comes of own whatever or other's whatever to whatever.

Before there were humankind there were guesses made to what they would or should look like and how they would or should behave and etc based on a mixture of things.

I guess on the whatever and the however and the etc that would or should be beyond here. And I ease into the best guesses in a more put to expressing kind of way outside, while yet and still, inside thought to a point halted away from infinity. The point chosen is considered a prime point in basic, in general, and in specific.

It's just me being me eternal the infinite and finite Highest Wisest Wiz Period. Etc. moments are my period. But who are you, let you solely define or find definition to in eternity?

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posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 01:23 PM

Originally posted by SpeakerofTruth
Well, this gets back to my, well, it's not really mine but I adhere to it, theory that there is a difference between the soul and spirit. The soul is more connected to the body;the spirit is just that, spirit. The spirit is eternal;the soul dies with the body. If you're interested, I have an entire thread on this topic. Here is the link: Soul Vs. Spirit

The soul is our dieing/leaving aspect of our body. The spirit is our living/coming aspect of our body. Also soul = lie. spirit = truth. Together our body is a contradiction or dieing/living and a lie/a truth (about something obvious now to us and something hidden later revealed to us).

Our body here on earth is leaving wastes of our dieing aspect and is at the same time coming consumptions of our living aspect. You come (become) by consumption of things such as food and knowledge and sight and etc.

Our body was fiction and actual we'll find out hereafter when in our actual body. Implying that body in basic we always have even though we may lose this specific body kind on earth for another specific body kind either in paradise or in hell. So we never lose body, but we may lose a specific body.

^^You shall realize such is a fact. The fact of the lie and the fact of the truth.

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