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James Gilliland/Recharging Batteries

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posted on Sep, 6 2008 @ 02:09 AM
This is a forward of my post in the other thread and starcrafts reply. I am doing this since I don't want to continue the off topic discussion in the other thread.

My original post.

"Okay I know this is a little off topic, but after the battery thing has come up and after reading through eleven pages with no one mentioning this, I have to write this post. I don’t know how it is in the U.S. or other countries or anything, but here in Canada we are taught electro chemistry in high school and how dry and wet battery cells work.

Recharging batteries by heating them in your hand is not uncommon and is in fact expected to happen. This is most true in fact for newer age batteries. Battery cells work by using a process/sate or condition known as equilibrium. I don’t want to go into technical detail on how they work, but the point I want to make is that, when you heat the battery the chemical reaction speeds up releasing more charge. When chemical reaction becomes more “run out” I guess you could say,”The charge decreases” and they don’t supply sufficient current. Since most devices demand a minimum amount of current to function most battery manufactures put a special mechanism in the batters that once the charge drops below the required minimum it indicates that the battery is dead or out of charge. Since the process is reliant on nature it is not always exact. In many cases the indication mechanism is offset and the battery is still producing current and may have much latent current that is releasing too slowly. Simply heating the battery speeds up the process and releases the latent current, it could appear that a battery that is completely dead, to then indicate full charge and start functioning again. Once the device starts running it produces heat and the battery is kept warm and will still produce the latent charge. Thus, it appears that holding the battery in your hand has recharged it to full.

My family hikes a lot in the mountains and we always bring cameras. This happens all the time and when our cameras stop working or the batteries indicate that they are dead we simply heat them up in our hand it works again.

If you want to know more just look up dry cells and electro chemistry up on Wikipedia.

Hopefully this is what is needed to place that last required nail in the coffin for this whole battery recharging issue.

This finally aside I look forward to the video footage. I wish I could be part of any research group and do on site research that would be awesome; I am envious of you guys."

starcrafts original response.

"Great post halfmask, thanks for that information. This may be off topic for this thread however. There is another thread that deals with the James/Battery issue.'

Assuming your explanation is the case here, Johnny's battery must have been seriously defective in the first place, to show a low charge state, even when warm. I was under the assumption that it was fairly warm up there, and a lowered temperature was not the reason his battery went dead. I suppose a cold night, as is common in the mountains could account for this though. If their exchange happened first thing in the morning, this is a VERY plausible, simple explanation. The battery remained charged because it never got cold again?

I've done what you've descibed also, while in the backcountry. In the morning, cameras, headlamps, etc are dead as a doornail. After awhile, in warm hands or armpit, they're good as new. Don't laugh, but what I do with my batteries while in the bush, if nights are sleep with them. Works great."

My current reply to starcraft

"The battery remained charged because it never got cold again?"

Most likely, but understand that this won't work indefinitely, but also, in some cases will last surprisingly long.

About the temperature up there, if it was indeed really hot then this explanation would be debunked, however it does have to be very very warm to rule this out. A lot of the time the heat is simply from the ground and when you walk on it you absorb it, meaning the air may not be warm enough to directly heat the batteries, including that they are in a plastic case too.

Also, if in fact he was actually recharging the batteries, there would be other symptoms to that power; putting is hands close together, but no touching should result in a shock, metal ware would rust in his hands (note: not instantly, but he should end up having metal objects he uses regularly warring out very fast), irregularities in heart beat or heart function, irregularities in his nervous system. Having this ability to produce raw amounts of free elections or access amounts of static charge would ultimately interfere with normal body functions and things he touches. If he can control it like a valve to water, he should display some physical symptom immediately when he activates it. Please note I really don’t think this is the case and that nothing special is going on here, just some guy who believes in his own myth.

About the skin though, skin is a pretty good conductor if it is not dry. Having moist skin in many cases actually saved people from lighting strikes.

Anyway, I really don't think anything is going on here other than a guy exaggerating a simple common day occurrence.

posted on Sep, 6 2008 @ 03:20 AM
I agree with Halfmask above and groingrinder on page 1, this is most likely linked to the conventional explanation of the batterys being cold then warming up in the chaps hands.

I believe some batterys nimh or nicad are sensitive to this sort of thing, I had an old digi cam that would last less than a minute outside in the cold, yet come back to life when warm (this was a high load device compared to a watch etc which might not show same effect)

EDIT: + Noss triads for tri ships I saw on youtube

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posted on Sep, 6 2008 @ 05:17 AM

Originally posted by halfmask
Recharging batteries by heating them in your hand is not uncommon and is in fact expected to happen.

- - - - - Thus, it appears that holding the battery in your hand has recharged it to full.

- - - - - when our cameras stop working or the batteries indicate that they are dead we simply heat them up in our hand it works again.

Anyway, I really don't think anything is going on here other than a guy exaggerating a simple common day occurrence.

I tend to agree with your views on reviving exhausted batteries, but the evidence of the witness in this case shouldn't be overlooked. Johnny Anonymous is completely familiar with the battery revival technique, no doubt getting through hundreds in his work. He was privy to the battery charging event and in his opinion, what Gilliland did wasn't what you have described. Here's an extract from one of JA's posts on the other thread ('Johnny's back from Gilliland Ranch')

I'm going to address a few queries and thoughts. I've never seen anyone recharge batteries in a few seconds back up to full charge before. In fact the batteries that my audio device uses that were as dead as a doorknob at the time of my recording an interview with James (my display wouldn't even light up) still have a full charge and this is despite my using it for an additional 10 hours of recording use after his "recharging" and almost the same amount in playback time. I'm looking at it right now and it still shows a 90% charge, this being a week after I left and my listening to the recordings on the 22+ hour road-trip back to the California Studio. So make what you will from that, but as a photographer that has also done the "armpit" trick in cold weather, I can assure you that 80-100 degree weather is something entirely different. And no people, this isn't an avenue for more discussion on either the metaphysical or energetic aspects of how the batteries got charged (thank you though, but start your own Unquote.

Don't know about all that.. all I know of is my own personal experience when my audio recorder wouldn't work and James held my batteries in his hand for just a few seconds and they have worked like new since (and still have a 90% charge). I watched James very closely and he did nothing special to the batteries other than hold them for a few seconds. No banging, no voodoo, just held them, and then handed them back. It was all done with very little fuss and he was amused that I got excited over the prospects of sending him all my dead batteries (I go through a ton of them).

He also said anyone could learn to do it. But he did say also that his left hand (and body-side) did the opposite, which is to zap the power out of batteries. Even the Executive Producer I interviewed said that if James wore the battery-pack for the wireless microphone on his left-side, the pack wouldn't work. If he wore it on his right-side, the pack stayed charged up.

So something else seems to be going on. Maybe Mr Gilliland has abnormally hot hands? I can see this story running and running.


posted on Sep, 6 2008 @ 05:20 AM
Yes, this does seem to be a logical explanation. However, I have one simple problem with this, based only on the observations of Johnny, who I doubt is a novice when it comes to cold batteries, that can be recharged by warming. I did not get the impression that Johnny was duped by James simply warming them in his hand. If that truly were the case, and Johnny knew that's what he was doing, I don't think he would have made as much fuss about it in his original broadcast on Jame's radio show. Even if he were just being kind to James, to not start a confrontation over it, to debunk him on the spot, then I don't believe Johnny would have gone on about it, expressing his amazement.

I wish Johnny would weigh in on this to clarify his feelings at the time, the temperature, possible explanations he may have had, etc....

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posted on Sep, 6 2008 @ 09:24 AM
I'm aware that some people have strange 'electrical influences' in their body. I actually knew a girl who was such a person and asked her what she had experienced. She was a receptionist at the company I worked for and whever she answered the phone, something 'electrical' happened to interfere with the call. She also had problems using the electric typewriter (yes it was years ago). The solution was to wear an earthing strap on her wrist and to have her chair on an earthed sheet.
At home, she found electric appliances very difficult to cope with. Hair driers regularly burned out and even set alight when she used them. Almost everything she touched either shorted out or got very hot. She had experienced this most of her life and assumed that everyone was like her. Buying replacement appliances on a regular basis became the norm. Nobody could explain her 'power' except that it was clearly an electrical phenomenon. The idea that it's a static electricity issue doesn't seem to fit with the physics.

Maybe James Gilliland is one of these people?


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posted on Sep, 6 2008 @ 11:15 PM
It seems that we would need more clarification from the eye witness i.e. the team on this before we can discuss this further. For now I am sticking with that it was all exaggerations and really the warm hand trick.

posted on Sep, 7 2008 @ 05:34 AM
reply to post by MaximRecoil

Yes it was a joke. If you've seen any of Infinite Solution's other videos, you'll easily see why. Many people have fallen for Infinite Solution's antics (especially the battery one) because Mark Erickson gives one the impression that he actually knows what he is talking about. Just thought I better qualify...

posted on Oct, 3 2008 @ 04:26 AM

posted on Oct, 3 2008 @ 06:01 AM
Good thread.

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posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 07:51 AM
It seems AntisepticSkeptic is a bit confused as to the "difference" between ALIEN LIFE FORMS...and "UFO's"...I dunno,maybe to you its just 3 letters,but as we all know,those letters stand for something...the first word of that something is UN-IDENTIFIED...So...I would like to see some of YOUR proof that UN-IDENTIFIED objects have been proven to NOT exist...Hence PROVE every sighting,of everything,since the beggining of time as IDENTIFIED...and if you can't do that...than...welcome to the un-identified...LOL

Originally posted by AntisepticSkeptic

Originally posted by MrdDstrbr
reply to post by AntisepticSkeptic

Big surprise, you totally missed the point.

Events that were MASS-witnessed, and generated lots of radar data and stuff, like Stephenville or O'Hare, are much better evidence than a video supposedly showing a conversation with an alien would be.

James has many witnesses behind him and piles of data. He's about as credible as a Contactee can get.

Big surprise, you totally missed the point of what constitutes true irrefutable evidence of the existence of 'aliens'.

MASS witnessed, yes, but of what? Lights in the sky? Meteors? Laser lights being shone by people on top of mountain? Top secret military experiments?

ALL the witness testimonies and footages are of merely the recording of LIGHTS. Let me repeat that again LIGHTS. And again LIGHTS. And I will repaet that again LIGHTS.

There was no verifiable confirmation of aliens visitation. Only anectdotal and hearsay that says that. Even the video by the ATS investigation team mentioned that they DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ACTUALLY ARE.

Listen again the video that you commented more than a few times. It's funny that your blind faith made you IGNORE their statements, shows how much you DO NOT pay attention at all and shows how much your blind woo-woo faith affects your judgement.

THERE IS NO COMPELLING EVIDENCE OF ALIEN VISITATION. The only compelling evidence would be Jim's physical evidence (AT LEAST a strand of hair from these blond alien supermodels and a photographic evidence of where it possibly came from, so the DNA can be tested) but he came short of that by saying they didn't allow him to - which is just a LAME EXCUSE ala Billy Meier.

Again all the woo-woo believers of space-brothers faith have are excuses, excuses and excuses.

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posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 09:14 AM
reply to post by Rory27

I don't see the relevance of your post to this thread. Possibly misposted?

What this thread is waiting for, and probably won't for Johnny to chime in on this outlandish claim. It's been summarily swept under the rug.

posted on Jun, 4 2009 @ 12:36 AM
I have been to Jame's Ranch twice. I have witnessed him charging the batteries on a star pointer (a powerful laser that is green) and I sincerely tell you its true. I actually tried it and pulled it off. The laser was almost dead and when I held the laser a certain way and focused energy it got brighter and charged. It is hard for me to do it, and I can't scientifically prove it since it doesn't work every time. It's just my experience, and if you lived by him he'd probably be happy to show you. I know it is strange, but I swear to God that it worked.

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 09:12 PM
reply to post by starcraft

Hi pal, if you believe Bob Lazar, he said tthe element 115 powering the 'sports model' disk at S4 was stable with a 100% energy conversion with a thermo-electric generator with a 100% efficiency rating which is in violation of thermodynamic laws. One thing many agree on is that the 'conventional' sciences understood today are not set in stone anymore. I think i may be right in saying Einsteins theory of relativity has been snubbed also? (if memory is serving me well).. but im no scientist so take me lightly brother.

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