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Americans need a refresher course!

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posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 01:46 AM
How can anyone say what needs to be said any better than this man...

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 08:48 AM
It's amazing how little humanity seems to advance over time. What he was talking about then was exactly the same problem we have now.

Except now hundreds of millions know it.

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 12:14 PM
ya I represent the Justice Ministers Office of the Government of Canada , we are the native Government in Canada and we have no native Prime Minister .

Thru fake media and closed failed jail sites the criminals put our hoes into fake government offices , legally all affiars of State native are Native run and males only in all of Canada , the Non Native run welfare thru the police . There is now NO MORE Government of British Columbia north or South just Government of Canada , I represent the Justice Ministers office .

Our hoes in Canada are Native male run only , hoes native and non native including Inuit and Tibetan , many young women are flown legally every year from canada to Tibet and Mongolia to become war brides , we like this alot in the Federal Government of Canada it makes for GREAT race relations .

We are no longer taking in Indian women into Canada to marry our FLA or Mowhawk dual residents they must find them on thier own . All Jailz on the main coastal BC rez in Canada in Northern British Columbia are CLOSED for good and ALL are closing on the secondary rez in its entirety in Canada . There will be no welfare offices , only employment offices , one for non natives run by local settler policing army services and an office and employment oprotunites center for natives only .

We have tried this system on my peoples primary and secondary rez and it works , the non native kids missed it now they are adults THEY WILL ALL AGREE to what I am sayin here from the Justice Ministers Office of the Federal Government of Canada aka ME the Government of Kanata .

Our porn films are young non native women and half breeds I geuss , they are Canadian hoes run by us and they are 14-18 years of age and they are clean living and the films say Canadian on em . They have lots of shower scenes and they ladies are where they belong doin what they are doin , the mafia use porno guys as fakes when they are doin arip off . They can enjoy jail in Canada as our hoes are back to work on the dancefloor entertaining the troops and MANDY is in hell where she came from !

With British Columbia having no Provincial Government the budget next year will be 0 and continue to be zero until ALL THE RETARDS are GONE from Canada , all 1 million of the yankee bastards , speaking of which enemy when we nuke them why do the abandoned target houses smell like burnt retard and vaccine and dirty nuke materials ? You goin to lock down when we get ya whitey ...

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