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ET's Are Our Friends, They Love Us

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posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 06:47 AM
we live in a world run and controlled by some very evil individuals. These elite care not for humanity but covet power over all. And their main weapon is fear.

They create enemies for us to fear. And theyre very good at it. Below is just a small sample of the things they constantly toss in our faces to gain and hold their power....

1. religion - age old use of our religion against them. Typically this is used by those in charge to gain more power over their own flock and has little to do with the other side. people will give up their lives if they think it will save their souls.....fear

2. fascism - another boogie man in the night that the elite says must be stopped as they threaten world peace. Nevermind that the elite are the ones that created and financed the fascist movement to begin with. 50+ million human beings died so the few could consolidate their power over the many.....Fear

3. communism - yet another evil enemy bent on destruction. And yet another creation that was financed and supported by the men behind the curtain. 50 years with men keeping their finger ready to push a button and wipe us off the face of the earth.

Good men under normal circumstances conducting brutal experiments on their fellow man because they feared communism. Radiation dumped over cities, soldiers injected with syphillus and given '___' unknowingly, CIA murdering unfriendly foreign leaders, drugs traded with the so-called enemy to combat communism in south america.....Fear

And today for some reason today we have no problem with 1 billion chinese and their nukes under a communist regime. Why, well because the elite have given us new things to be afraid of.

There's global warming...dont be afraid people, just give up your reproductive rights, let us carbon tax you, and all will be well.

And their biggest card yet to be played.....


In case you missed all those Hollywood movies (with govt cooperation and assistance), ET is rarely friendly. He is evil and intent on enslaving you all.

But dont worry, the elite are here to save you again. Just allow us to strip the few remaining freedoms you have and implement a WORLD GOVERMENT.

The elite will need to pay for your safety too so a world tax will be needed. Oh and of course a huge military and massive budget to support this industry.

Seriously folks, its time to stop falling for the fear card. Enough already. Use your brain and stop to think for a minute...

If aliens were at all evil and intent on harming us, we'd all be dead or working in a dilithium mine by now on Rigel. If they can travel here, their technology is far superior to our rocks and spears.

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 07:25 AM
i think the theory of Tatoo 1377 is very interesting and seems to be quite logical.
cultures in the state of such high developement aliens are obviously in, went through everything else before, until they came to this high developement. they probably went through a lot of dictatorships, wars and all the other horrible things we went through and still going through. If gaining power over others, wars and all that would still be a theme for them, they probably have killed each other before and supposably destroyed their own planet with their high technology.
I dont think that if a culture has still wars and killing in their minds they just think like that towards other cultures. they would always start hating and fighting each other at some point.

so to sum it up, it maybe really is:

culture with high intelligent technology to visit other planets = necessarily peaceful

just thoughts though.

[edit on 1-9-2008 by milabb.]

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 07:29 AM
How can you possibly vouch for all the many species of extraterrestrials throughout the Universe??
Fair enough, this would be true considering your theory of this Universal Law but how exactly did you come across this law??

Originally posted by bubbles75
I just think that aliens have been visiting us for thousands of years and that WE definitely ARE evil (a lot of us) and that even if some aliens have bad intentions they have spared us war and destruction whilst we are only too happy to engage in war, destruction and deception. So those that claim aliens have no souls or that they are the devil are lunatics. If you are looking for examples of evil we need to look no further than our sociopathic institutions. What could be worse than enslaving humans? Yet our ancestors and many current corporations still practice it using economics or eugenics to justify their actions. I have no problems with aliens and I think that our goverment is evil for hiding the truth because if they were evil they would have taken over by now. So I would bet on aliens being the good ones and WE being the baddies. Think about it, we know our goverments are corrupt and hold freedom and life in absolute contempt, they meet aliens and they decide to hide them from us...but if the aliens were like them, they probably would not have hid them from us. At the end of the day when our craft fly over other countries air space it is usually to bomb them, these aliens don't bomb us at all, the evil ones should be obvious to us but we appear to be blind. In essence if these aliens were baddies they would have had us by now and all ancient stories regarding contact with aliens never mention bad things about them.

You think we are all evil?? You think this is where we will stay until will somehow eventually see the light, so to speak, and convert to the good side?? But the truth is people are not either two polar opposites; we are all about evolution.
We are evolving into a species of whole individuals, individuals who are aware of their nature as beings of Light, and who shape their Light conciously, wisely and with compassion. Therefore, the physical phenomenon of phase-coherent light, light that does not struggle with itself, so to speak, has come into being. It is a new phenomenon to the human experience, and it reflects the new energy dynamic of the whole human.
Ya see, humanity's intentions are still good at heart no matter how ugly things get outside. IMO, it's not so much the events that happen to you that determine your intentions and shape your very light; it is the way you perceive and handle the events that happen to you that do just that. You create your reality with your intentions. No doubt many minds have been corrupted and manipulated throughout history. No doubt there are species of amazing benevolent beings throughout the Universe who know nothing but love and compassion and do not judge any part whatsoever of who we are. No doubt there are certain entities that exist who would be condsidered the opposite of Light, Dark in their intentions towards other forms of conciousness. I hardly claim to know for certain these things, i do not claim to have all the answers or to be oh so wise...
In the grand scheme of things, i cannot even begin to fathom the reality of our nature or the existence or nature of other forms, especially those that are beyond my own evolved state.
To lump all the awesome entirety of the Universe and everything else that exists beyond, of which is immeasurable, into two polar extremes of good and evil is, in my humble opinion, somewhat naive and a little on the ludicrous side.

All the best,

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 07:58 AM

Originally posted by mopusvindictus
Because after years and years of serious study there is no other conclusion and I have posted a ridiculous number of pages already here and elsewhere that the Greys are an Evil Horror

and they aren't even Alien

While I agree with all you wrote... I am curious where you got the information that "they aren't even Alien..."

From what I know (admittedly little, overall), they are and they aren't, insofar as the Grays were made of the DNA of a reptilian race from Orion, bred to work the mines. The Reptilians here now were renegades from that original Orion group.

Humans, on the other hand, were created from the DNA of Caninoids from Sirius (ROYAL DNA, I might add), and some were given DNA from a bird race (imparting passion). Also, it is likely that there is some reptilian DNA too, as both the Caninoids and the Reptilians worked on the human DNA together.

This I get from The Terra Papers (linked in my sig). I was wondering if you used the same source, or if you have additional material.

Oh, and you're right. The Grays are very much into deception and lying, and likely are making people believe they're all soft and fuzzy, so that we're unprepared for whatever they might plan...

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 08:08 AM

Originally posted by Tattoo1377

When a species is capable of leaving it's own solar system it means that it has overcome the 'progress-destruction cycle' that can occur when mastery of it's own aggressive tendencies is lacking. At the same time a species discovers powerful energy sources allowing travel beyond their own solar system, they also become capable of creating offensive weapons of irreversible destructive power.
This is a form of natural selection. Only those species who perfectly control their aggressiveness can reach this stage. The others will self destruct from misuse of this technology.

This means, that anyone visiting us from outer space is indeed peaceful.
This also refutes all claims anyone makes concerning malevolent aliens.
[edit on 31-8-2008 by Tattoo1377]

What if the species in question had destroyed its enemy on its own planet and now wanted to do a bit of interstella conquest? Your statement has no real backbone but i do like to think they are nice friendly beings too.

We are all gonna be really annoyed if nothing ever happens! How would we cope? What could we do during our lunch breaks then?

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 08:09 AM
reply to post by admriker444

Your post illustrates what a low frequency - fear - based society is composed of. Conflict. Lies. Manipulation. Turmoil. Chaos. Competition. Imposition. Theft. Substance abuse. Violation of human integrity.

Is it no wonder people have a hard time grasping the concept that peace is needed for true civilization evolution to the next, utopic, level? All their lives they have functioned below the vibrational threshold of love, only getting brief glimpses of it in thier personal relationships and in parental relationships, all of which the low frequency society tries to destroy. "Divorce is on the rise!" "Get out of yo momma's basement!" Be a slave to the wage, feed the monster.

Everything in our modern technocratic fascisms is hellbent on keeping people from realising the potential of the higher frequencies.

I believe there is a Love order in the universe, not because I have seen or experienced much of it, but because of the immense, constant and overwhelming effort our pathological society puts into stopping people from achieving it. Even our religious rituals tend to be low frequency...

Err... wake up?

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 08:22 AM

Originally posted by Tattoo1377
As for #1
They hide from the populace because our global awareness/conciousness is too violent.
They are not violent, we are...

I think that is another lie we are told. As far as I can see, most of us are NOT violent. And the many in the high places have often been goaded to violent behavior - our natural desire to protect our own has been used against us - to the profit of a few (war suppliers, who supply both sides).

I think that there are many who play into the hands of the Grays because they are GREEDY, and NOT violent. Many of their psyches have been twisted through indoctrination and greed.

They hide from us because it's far easier to manipulate ones who are unaware there is anyone manipulating them.

As for #2
I know I risk offending people who claim to be abducted...
If someone was abducted against their will (which I doubt, thanks to logic) it was out of some form of necessity.

Oh, no, no. Many, many people recall (sometimes under hypnosis, sometimes not) being taken, experimented on, and being unable to make a willful move. If there is some "necessity," wouldn't a "good" race come openly and appeal to us honestly? Necessity would NOT excuse doing something to us against our will.

What reason would they have? lol

I, myself would like the specifics on THAT one...

If they have nanotechnology, and mastery of AI I seriously doubt they would need us as slaves, or even as experiments!

Can we assume they DO have these things? What evidence might there be that this is so? The Grays were not developed with a whole lot of imagination or intelligence - enough to do mining and administration work, but none were given brilliance.

They don't 'need' us

Much like we don't NEED caviar; still, when we can get some, we will eat it. And with the huge numbers of us now, it's more like potato chips.

They are watching, waiting, for US to wake up and say hello...Peacefully..

Like...every one of us? How many "violent" ones does there need to be before they deem us "not peaceful enough?" We are petty, and sometimes resort to fisticuffs, but without goading, very few of us would choose to kill hundreds, let alone thousands, or millions. That is the work of the Grays (even Hitler was communicated to by the Grays).

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 08:30 AM
In order to understand you need to clear your mind of everything you have ever been told and look within.

This thread is evident that this OP has.

Not all ebe's are bad, its impossible to project so much evil intent without universal law talking effect. It is impossible for me to explain in this climate. words on a screen cannot replace universal thought through karmic law and order.

In order to except life for what it is you need to embrace it.

Empty words I know especially if you don't meditate but others on this thread reading this will understand I am sure.

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 08:33 AM
reply to post by Tattoo1377
Well Tattoo, you can grab a sign "Make Yourselves at home" and run up on top of The Sears Tower and wave it as a welcome jester if they ever come en masse.

Me, I will be hiding out in the deepest basement or cave I can find.

It has been my experience that if someone has good intentions towards you they are usually open, above board, forthright and honest, not secretive, twisty turny and underhanded.

So many people claim to have been abducted and tortured, much like what we do to lab rats. I won't even buy a product here on earth that doesn't have the "not tested on animals" label. I'm really not going to support a group that either perpetrates or allows the abduction and torture and who knows what else of my fellow humans.

My husband who is a mathematician and also studied physics says that according to the modern laws of science, as we understand them today in 2008 no one can travel faster than the speed of light. That means to travel from the closest star system would take millions of years. Possibly, if this is true, then that leaves parallel universes and or other dimensions these ships are coming from? Maybe even wormholes, but the wormhole theory is now under question as well. Who knows?

I'm not a mathematician or physics major so I can dream and imagine that the speed of light theory (Einstein's E=MC2) could possibly be eventually proven outdated. Although Einstein was one of the smartest men our species has produced thus far.

Like us, some of these beings are good, some are bad, some are nice and have ethics and are honorable "people" and some are nasty, don't have ethics and are not honorable "people" just like here, no I don't believe that once you progress beyond a certain technology you are automatically kind and live totally by a high moral code. that's a dangerous way of thinking because it opens us all up to being like sheep when and if they do come out publically in a group.

I do think that once you "get the matches" as a civilization, life gets trickier, many civilizations, probably do not out survive their technology, but once we get out there in space we're going to find some nice entities / beings / people and some not so nice entities / beings / people.

Anyway, if and when they actually do land in front of all of us, I am going to be one of the ones to stand back quietly and see what their true intentions are first before inviting them over for dinner.

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posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 08:45 AM

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 09:26 AM
Already page 4 wow.

It seems that the general views about aliens is that they travel from some distant solar system or galaxy. What of the species still inhabiting our very own milky way galaxy? Our solar system?

There are millions of habitable planets within our solar system and we are just now beginning to take the first steps towards a greater freedom within that space.

There are both benevolent and malevolent species. Learning to work as a whole humanity is the first step in getting to know them. We have not learned to know ourselves yet so there is plenty of time to get to know about them later.

We are 100 years plus out on disclosure. No rush, really.

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 09:51 AM
Do aliens like to sample human food and drinks?

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 09:54 AM
i guess this help explain why some aliens have breeding problems and cant get laid

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 09:55 AM
reply to post by truthseekerpeacemaker

What explains that then? Are you posting in reply to my post?

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 10:33 AM
reply to post by Tattoo1377

You are correct!
I do have an agenda of my own.
That agenda is, to rationalise with people as to why it is illogical for aliens to be aggresive towards the inhabitants of this planet.

your agenda seems to be completely biased and based on calculated guesses and your assuming that it is the correct theory because of your own personal view of reality. and that's ok if you want to believe that.

what i find to be the problem with this thinking is that you may or may not be spreading false information wich could lead many people down the wrong path.

have you ever considered that ? what if you are wrong and you have caused people to let there guard down and make them more vulnerable ?

i would have a problem with someone on the exact opposite of your viewpoint trying to sway people to their side. there is no objectivity to your Op and from what i have read from your reply's your not going to consider the fact that you might be wrong about this. not saying you are wrong.

now as far as your calculated theory of how Aliens must be friendly because of they have evolved enough to be able to travel here...

have you ever considered that Aliens might be from right here and they are not Aliens as we think ?

many of the reports of Alien contact have a dimensional aspect to them and is more probable that ' they ' didn't have to travel far to get here or they may not traveled at all. they could be from Jupiter as far as we your conclusive theory of "this has to be because this and that" is so profoundly ignorant i cannot even put into words my feelings of your futile attempt to promote your agenda.

if we are talking about Aliens that are supposedly visiting us currently ?

imo basing your opinions and your agenda on theoretical conjecture is whackness.

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 11:03 AM
Actually many aliens come from the astral or higher planes. The near side of the second attention is the most fierce place around.

So, your theory doesnt hold up for the disciplined who find out for themselves. Yes, we cant prove it, but we dont care about proving anything....thats not how evolution works.

Thats how beings travel across the universe and time.....using the astral.
Dr. Greer even said the astral is what the govt is really hiding from us.

So when you talk about different dimensions....position in space really becomes meaningless. So this leaving the solar system stuff is false.

There are dangerous ET's that are flying and warping all over the place.

You have to get to higher planes to avoid all the negativity. Although, im sure the good guys have many regions of the galaxy protected from the loose canons.

Read the buddhists 31 planes of existence!!

good luck

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 11:13 AM
Millions of people have been abducted, many without knowing, or only having small doses of this reality to deal with. The universal law doesn't really apply. There is still war being carried out. The true races, ie. the ones that evolved without help, are far older, in a universe that is far older, than anyone can perceive. For the countless races that have been genetically tweaked, or created, they are telepathic. Warfare is not the sophisticated, intelligent way of doing things. Even in the Sirian Wars, a lot of this was done by stealth and a takeover from within. Another good site is and there are some incredible articles on Hyperversals there. Despite a preference for sophisticated warfare, whole planets have been reported destroyed.
The collusion between (what I will maintain as negative) our black ops/governments and some of the visitors is not in the best interests of the average person. Nwo is the shared goal here. I have my own life experiences, and have researched so much on this subject trying to get a handle on what we're facing. Wisdom dictates caution.

That being said, I also am very much a believer that positive visitors exist, and I believe they have enough resources and have kept this bad element in check for a long time, or it simply would have had its way ages ago. To believe that good exists out there and perhaps watches over us, is a not an idea to give up without a fight. After my experiences, the positive is what I look for now. Its been suppressed, most of what is released is negative.
Really good read. Eyewitness reports of human type visitors, which have been so under reported in North America. Here it says 36%, over one third, of all contacts involve human types.

Aside from the law the OP believes in, I wish to suggest what I think is quite natural in our Universe, without negating the good that does exist as well:

Trade and commerce between worlds are only carried on in certain areas. The environment that you will emerge into is a very competitive one. The need for resources is experienced everywhere, and many technological societies have outstripped their world’s natural resources and must trade, barter and travel to gain what they need. It is a very complicated situation. Many alliances are formed and conflicts do occur....

The forces and groups who are here today represent several different alliances. These different alliances are not united with each other in their efforts. Each alliance represents several different racial groups who are collaborating for the purpose of gaining access to your world’s resources and maintaining this access. These different alliances are, in essence, competing with each other though they are not at war with one another. They see your world as a great prize, something they want to have for themselves....

The visitors are here to gain humanity’s allegiance. They do not want to destroy human establishments or the human presence. Instead, they wish to use these for their own benefit. Their intention is employment, not destruction. They feel that they are in the right because they believe that they are saving the world...

People think the visitors are either angels or monsters. But in reality, they are very much like you in their needs. If you could see the world through their eyes, you would understand their consciousness and their motivation. But to do that, you would have to venture beyond your own....

They believe that humanity is chaotic and unruly, and they feel they are bringing order to a situation that they cannot themselves comprehend. Individual freedom is unknown to them, and they do not see its value. As a result, what they seek to establish in the world will not honor this freedom....

The effort here is to pacify and to reeducate people through spiritual persuasion. This “Pacification Program” is used differently with different religious groups depending upon their ideals and their temperament. It is always aimed at receptive individuals...

Those who engage in space travel do not represent the spiritually advanced, for those who are spiritually advanced seek insulation from the Greater Community. They do not seek commerce. They do not seek to influence other races or to engage in the very complex array of relationships that are established for mutual trade and benefit. Instead, the spiritually advanced seek to remain hidden.

Here the message is that two things are happening, one direct involvement with the "few" in power to get things set up favorably for themselves, ignoring values of freedom. And two, a pacification program with a spiritual or higher idealism aimed at the more receptive chosen to gain allegiance from different competing groups.
The pearl of wisdom in this message, is that truly spiritually advanced races seek to live more isolated from the trade, commerce and greater community, and develop more eutopian systems on their own. The idea being capitalism is everywhere and out of that emerges control, and lack of freedoms. That some regain their freedoms and withdraw from the large trade and control groups. I think theres wisdom here as well. And without dismissing the OPs theory, I just want to say, its not research when you only accept witness testimony that fits your theory, but dismiss the thousands that don't.

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posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 11:14 AM

Originally posted by ofhumandescent
I'm not a mathematician or physics major so I can dream and imagine that the speed of light theory (Einstein's E=MC2) could possibly be eventually proven outdated. Although Einstein was one of the smartest men our species has produced thus far.

The speed of light theory is a working model which enables future physists to come up with all kinds of new theories, just as Einstein built upon the work of those who came before them. I'm sure in a few centuries new ways of moving and transport will be available. To say we will never be able to go beyond the speed of light is like some centuries ago that man will never break the laws of gravity and go to the moon. Humanity might seem pretty advanced but really there is still so much to discover and invent.

In response to the OP, I can't say that if ET will ever show up they will be good or evil. It would depend upon how they treat us, wether they will be good or bad for us. Even if they would treat us good it would be wise to keep contact minimal for several generations because they might just be patient and smart, being good at first but turn out evil after some time (when it's too late to do anything about it).

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 11:28 AM
reply to post by Tattoo1377

I think you don't know one bit about what you're talking about Tattoo1377.
I do know what I'm talking about though, ya see I was taken twice (maybe more) and they tracked me, they tried to figure out why I don't have the same abilities as some of my other family members have, they cause perminant nerve damage to my leg, they raped one of my friends too.
These "aliens" as most people call them have been around for a very long time, they taught us how to make weapns and drugs and how to destroy others for personal gain. THey've raped women and stolen there babies, they killed people and cause permentant physical and mental damage.

YOu don't know crap buddy, you want to believe in that these "aliens" are our saviours and they are'nt, they are evil and they are exactly what the bible AND MANY OTHER ACNIENT DOCUMENTS say they are, they are fallen angelsm full of selfishness and evil.

I will kill each and every one of these beings I see/find, they're evil and they've brought an emese amount of destruction on this planet.

Take your BS philosphy/religion some where else.


posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 11:29 AM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

This will be my one and only reply to you mopusvindictus...

Wow.. just Wow!
Apparently I struck a nerve with you

My post threatens your belief system, and you respond with hostility.

The only pleasure I can derive from a thread like this is knowing the people that believe this nonsense will be the first ones served up on a plate and eaten... I can't say that in this case i'm not disturbed that they like the food raw and kicking

Oh really?

You are quite descriptive concerning violence, as well. Things like..

stabbed him through the face


with a simple hammer, cave the skull in

Then you have the audacity to declare:

All truely benevolent societies are destroyed because if they Know violence they are violent

Wrong. All truely Violent societies destroy themselves because violence is all they know.
Benevolence requires conciousness, violence does not.
All life forms can and will protect themselves, I never said they shouldn't.
I'm not wearing flowers in my hair, bud.

I will close my response to you, with your opening words-

I seriously and with all vigor want to lambaste you for posting this insane nonsense.

The vigor is definitely there, only you are the one posting complete and utter fearmongering nonsense.
This hostile spirit, which you so eloquently exhibit for us all to see, is the epitome of a primitive conciousness, because (in your own words) 'deep down cowardice and fear rule them'.

This primitive conciousness is the enemy of humanity, not the greys, the devil, or the boogeyman.

and yes, Peace

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