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Good voice wanted to present new 9/11 evidence.

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posted on Aug, 31 2008 @ 11:59 AM
I'm working on a new video that I want to release in the next few days that presents new 9/11 evidence. However, if possible I'd like to use someone with a powerful voice to present it with as much impact as possible.

The video highlights very apparent video editing on the parts of most/all major news networks, but especially CBS and ABC. This is a serious professional quality release that always jumps straight to the point, as opposed to another strange YouTube clip with overpowering cheesy music that repeats some nonsese 25 times over in slow motion. Three new evidence points will be shown (or 2 1/2 since one part is a new dramatically clear helicopter anomoly, and helicopter anomolies have been pointed out already). The two existing evidences included are the nose-out shot and the contradictory flightpaths, but a fresh comparison perspective will also be presented that in my mind makes a brief and crystal clear point with far more impact than the September Clues series.

The video will suggest several explanations:
1) Some of the edits may have been done by the perpetrators so that some people seeking the truth would claim there were really no planes on 9/11 or claim other things which would cause them to be viewed as crazy.
2) Perhaps there really were no planes, which of course produces more questions than answers. For example, what happened to the planes and why would they go to all the trouble of not using them?
3) Perhaps the apparent edits by the perpetrators were to hide something that was occuring in the buildings or hide any possible mistakes being made.
4) Perhaps there is another completely different explanation for these apparent edits that won't be known until a full investigation succesfully completes.

Please U2U me if you think you have that radio quality voice, or know someone who does who may be interested. Please do not reply with discussion of what the evidence is or whether I really have it.



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