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Could Electricity = Matter and Anti-matter...?

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posted on Aug, 31 2008 @ 10:44 AM
I thought of this when I was resetting a battery pack by putting the plus and negative together, which also will give the battery a quick boost and charge btw, but the point being I started thinking... What makes the spark you see when you touch the positive and negative together?

I know negative electrons and positive electrons are doing something, but isn't the reaction similar to what you get when matter and anti-matter collide? Could the results be related in any way? In other words could electricity be considered matter and anti-matter or maybe a means of transferring the 2? Could the combustive reaction when the electrons come together be matter and anti matter colliding to create energy?

I'm no expert on this subject and that is why I ask these questions... Thanks in advance to anyone who might want to dive into this further...

My searches seem to render information about electron colliders... Isn't the focus of that machine to speed up the electron to as close to the speed of light and then collide it with another electron?

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