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New ex-Christian who is lost in his own freedom and uncertainty.

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posted on Aug, 31 2008 @ 11:06 PM

Originally posted by Icarus Rising
Typical Atheist/Gnostic drivel. Set pre-conditions and build a box with them, then climb inside and close the lid behind you. Discount the very information you need to make an informed decision.

Right back attcha buddy

Also if your gunna ask me what was before the big bang I'm gunna ask you for the evidence of the "6 days creation".

Also, the big bang is a theory, which is supported by deep space radiation charts.

But the difference is ultimately we don't know but you peddal creation as fact.


reply to post by Pauligirl

Originally posted by Pauligirl
Now, about that voice in your head.....I have a sneaking suspicion it sounded like you.


I was told that since God was all things to all people his voice sounded like our own. I re-assessed it after junking the previous statement.

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posted on Aug, 31 2008 @ 11:08 PM
GOOD WOLF, Because you don't belive in world religions, I would have to say you have seen some light in one way (That is from God) I know That would make some people angry, And Im sorry to offend Those that It did, but just because man can not get it right, doesn't mean there is no God... God said look at the heavens They prove his existance, How did you come to be... Science is made by God to serve HIS purpose, to give us a chance to help others in need , And to ask for help in our own lives and to grow in the knowlage of God Asking for wisdome to help other people lives physically, emotionaly, and spiritually and intellectually , We can't possibly find the best way ourselves...Only God has this devine wisdome and can pass it to you.Some people he does not pass it to because they do not seek the truth , but an humanistic approach Think of all truth only in that it is of God. You are here asking a question, you are aware that you are alive and not.. non existant,(allthough some people in here would probaby even discredit that) If you realize our puny mind is what it is, A puny mind ( after all how could a mind that is 1300-1400 grams' know everything about everthing in a 3-Dimensional universe, which is about 15 billion light years in one direction (a stright line but its the same in every billionth of a degree diffrance. an infinant amount of information) So how does the beginning comunicate with you? through your heart. He said my words are written on every mans heart. So if you know how to listen to that still small voice( If you dont Look up christian mysticism) It will explaine how to ask the supernatural God reveal himself In a way you will see things the way God sees things...These non belivers here are foolish know But will see God when our 3-Dimensional body is exausted. I prey We stop trying to discredit him as we do, because the world is all about how to make out better for ourselves, If we sacrafice ourselves to help others physically, emotionaly, and spiritually and intellectually in a place(The world) that takes faith to belive in God ( he rightously knows we accept love as our journey in this 3-Dimensional world, He is of a higher realm,but our spiritual answer. People rather belive in what we see, It makes it easy, But I dont see air , or whats going on inside myself but I know Its there, We may not know how or why Life started but it did start. thats why we fell from what is perfect (god). We thought we were greater then God But we Cant even make dirt from nothing, But God Made all things from nothing including you and my bad spelling. Im not a smart person but if you listen to god and beg him for answers He will see you truly seek him , unlike those who would rather say he is false, But they can not disprove God anymore then I can prove to you there is a God... But me being of a puny mind would charish the life I created with everything of my being helping it athough it may not ask for it, or understand who, or how, or what its reason for living is. I would at least give it a idea that lasted thru the test of time ( allthough It would be misunderstood Because of our puny mind to all truth will be worped).
And the truth is you Have to have faith and God will Show you another side to everyday life. Which when shown you will love the way. whether you or others can understand how deep this is (Its up to you). leaning not on what you heard but for him to reveal himself to you spiritually, and intellectually, Because you realize you cant find it without him helping you, There is so much confusion in the world, we cant possibly find out the answer out of our own thought. Anyone here who says they can prove otherwise to you ,.are only being prideful and thats the reason mankind fell from his Dimension. If God exists He would make a way.. And that simple way is Haveing a one on one relationship with him to listen to his will and to help others in need when they are thrown to the wolves. :

posted on Aug, 31 2008 @ 11:17 PM
I prey to God Allmighty he show you truth... I mourn for you to see God I can tell you just want the truth as I looked for it 3 years ago when I realized the world is full of Immorality

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posted on Aug, 31 2008 @ 11:26 PM
Let's admit it Good Wolf...
You made this post just so you can read all these longwinded preacher-fests and laugh at them... hehe..
I'm laughing

posted on Aug, 31 2008 @ 11:34 PM
yea science made itself... thats pretty deep... how did you come up with such wisdom? and i am far from a preacher he asked for our opinion so i gave him my thought... thats all if it didnt help, I hope he finds the only one truth out there, all i know is the things that came to my understanding and how i belive i didnt belive before but something showed me (say what you will) but if god exists (god help you)

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posted on Aug, 31 2008 @ 11:55 PM

Originally posted by Eleleth

Originally posted by Mabus
reply to post by Good Wolf

According to the anti-Christ bible God is the devil and Satan is the Lord.

There is a hint that Satan is not the wicked one in the bible. Notice in Revelation 13 Who made war "with" the saints? "With" is not "against".

Well, there were those such as the Cathars who believed that the Old Testament God was the devil himself (citing John 8:44 or similar), but it usually didn't extend to the NT

It's interesting how this all ties in to The Terra Papers... If you take what the Papers say, you see that the "God" of the Bible was originally AN-EN (Enlil) who was "Lord of the Command" or "Lord of the Word." EA (Enki) was the Creator (Genesis Scientist) along with a NIN-HUR-SAG (a female of another race working jointly with the race of AN-EN and EA), who used his own DNA in creating Mankind.

It was EA who started the Brotherhood of the Snake, that taught that we should be free from the commands of Enlil. The Brotherhood was infiltrated, and the Bible converted EA's role into the (evil) Serpent in the Garden in an effort to reduce his teachings to blasphemy.

So I look at the Christians and I look at the Satanists, and I conclude they both are wrong. They are both saddled with dogma. But because I believe in freedom, I firmly support each's right to believe as they will.

But for me... The Papers made so much clear. [shrug]

posted on Aug, 31 2008 @ 11:59 PM
reply to post by Tattoo1377

No I afraid not. I'm out in the country at the moment (on dial up-shudder) and away from my friends and I wanted to flesh out my understanding of, well... the reason's I mite pointlessly believe in God and if with that understanding of that, trying to reason if God even exists at all.

But, you might be on to something lol.

Originally posted by aftershocklegend
yea science made itself... thats pretty deep... how did you come up with such wisdom? and i am far from a preacher he asked for our opinion so i gave him my thought... thats all if it didnt help, I hope he finds the only one truth out there, all i know is the things that came to my understanding and how i belive i didnt belive before but something showed me (say what you will) but if god exists (god help you)

Calm down, man. He wasn't directing that at you.

I appreciate your prayers. I still pray because I want to find the one that man has called God.

My only evidence to ponder over when thinking about God is my experiences with ghosts. My brother is a pro ghost hunter, and he's taken me on a few hunts....

I've heard angry voices, cold spots, touches/pushes, footsteps, flicken lights. orbs and some other things. I think in light of that there might just be an afterlife.

But it's hardly conclusive.

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posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 12:13 AM

Originally posted by Good Wolf
I'm desperately looking for the answer to two questions:

I realise that there is a deep seeded desire for life to have meaning and for there to be an afterlife and for 'God' to love us but it all just appears to be derived from an instinctual fear of death.

Do we believe in God because we need there to be an afterlife?!

The idea that God does not exist and that there is nothing after death terrifies me, as you would expect, and for the first real time in my life I am afraid of death.

do you remember what it was like before you were born? niether do I. If there is no Afterlife Then there is no fear ( It is pointless) But I would realize Gods devine control over christanity being when truly understood not by fundimentalist but by truth of Gods living word the bible. I would search for the deeper meaning of the bible and quit listening to people like (Watchnlearn),(getoutofmyrabbithole)(especially amaterasu and tatoo1377) attack me cowards, dont attack someone who was asking for help. who is weak in understanding Gods true nature, hes asking for help (spiritually they are blinded by God for there Disbelief) God choses those who chose him!

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posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 12:26 AM
reply to post by aftershocklegend

Hey leave them alone, they didn't do anything wrong.

I won't condone such an attitude.

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 12:34 AM
reply to post by Good Wolf

didnt do anything wrong? you asked for help and all I saw was people trying to rip you away from truth, God does exist... and they do not side with God, and I will be a witness before God for there sayings. And will prey for them even if they ask me not too because I follow jesus' teachings ( forgive father for they know not what they do). And for you to learn his will (bye and may god give peace over your quest)_

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 12:54 AM
reply to post by aftershocklegend

Hey, your doing everything that they are doing and more, mate.

You if you had your way you would pull me back into Christianity, I will have no part in that. These people are offering their believes and experiences in light of the irrationality of Christianity.

So if you don't back off and stop being disruptive, I'll have to ask you to stop posting.

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posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 01:09 AM
reply to post by Good Wolf

maybe partly true thank you...but i am pulling you back to a realationship with god .thats all that matters in this brief existance.

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 01:16 AM

Originally posted by aftershocklegend
maybe partly true thank you...but i am pulling you back to a realationship with god .thats all that matters in this brief existance.

No your not. You would just love to peddle me religion.

But anyway, you dont have the authority to tell me what is right, I get to decide that for myself.

That's the point of free thought.

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posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 01:18 AM

Originally posted by Good Wolf

Then things got shaky for me when 6 months ago I started hearing a voice in my head (which I later attributed to God) and it taught me many lesions and wonderful messages. Acting upon the voice, I applied the ideas to a troublesome relationship I had. A friend of my friend (lets call him Jason) hated me and let me know it. 2 months after the voice started, Jason respected me, and we became close, he confided in me and trusted me for advice.

The voice brought a lot of life and love to me but it made me critical of my Church because of the overwhelming hipocrisy, double standars, and most of all, apathy. I stopped going and sought to follow what I called "pure christianity" which entailed looking inward to where I could hear God and seeking understanding.[edit on 8/31/2008 by Good Wolf]

I'd like to ask you a little more about this. What did the voice say to you? What lessons did it teach you? Did it issue commands? Did it pose questions? Was it frightening? Were you able to control it?

To answer your questions, I believe there is a god, but I believe 'god' is a pretty pathetic word to describe all-that-is. I don't subscribe to any particular religion.

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 01:46 AM
Well when it first started, I would be thinking about something mundane like videos games or cornflakes etc. when before I knew it, my line of thinking had gone completely off and was going on about moral/logic meaningful ideas. For years now Ive walked everyday for a few hours, and as the voice became more concise, it would only occur on my walks.

If I were to take a transcript of the voice(s) in my head, while the only voice was mine, It was like dual identities in a single person complete with questioning, answering, contrast and even disagreement.

I was never told to do anything as an imperative- the messages were in the general form of speeches which I thought was really strange. If it(I?) said you should, it meant "one should"

But I'll give you an example of one of the messages. To paraphrase;
"To get peace with Jason, you need to make him know that no matter what he throws at you, or how offensive he gets, you will need to be a doormat and give him what he wants with an apology. Eventualy he'll give you a chance to express your self, and he will recognise something he likes in you."

I acted on this, and would you know it, it worked and now we are close as, because he trusts me.

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 01:49 AM
Here is another that I wrote down:

Why do I dream?
Why fame, fortune and success? Why do I fantasize of great conflict, where all the odds are stacked against me as if the world opposed me? I grit my teeth, grip my sword tightly, and with a bellowing war cry, I charge into certain doom full tilt. The fight is savage and relentless, and after hordes and legions fall to my sword and pistol.
Why do I dream of heroism, grandiose bravery and above all: Victory?
Why do I travel into these fantasies everyday?

My life today in this world is markedly different from the fantasy. I am expected to get a career and to do the 40 x 40 x 40:
40 hours per week, 40 weeks per year for 40 years, retire (or not) and have my life make no more mark on this world than a mere statistic.
Its a sad thought that this lifestyle, while completely insignificant, is a lifestyle that my fathers and fore fathers crafted for themselves and thusly me through the mechanics of society.
Why do we so willingly hand over all our freedom for the facade of financial security, job security and endless insurance when we know that nothing is 'for sure’?

We build our lives to be risk less. We form a bubble around us in an attempt to try to protect us from loss. Only that materialistic can be so paranoid because the only real things of value to us cannot be lost at all. Our souls, spirit and character cannot be taken; they can only be given away. Have we been deceived? Tricked into giving them away for a life of monotony?
So why do I dream? Why do I have passion as it only reminds me of my pettiness? All I know is that God made me for a reason, a purpose. I am constantly reminded that there is a plan for my life, but what is it? No one can tell me! I am stuck with a question 'What is my purpose?' and I am consistently distracted by my dreams and passions.

I must be blind! The louder I shouted the more vivid my dreams became. They are the answer!

I have seen many and know many who live so apathetically wishing they were told their purpose in the form of where to go and what to do and when. It is written that man is made in the likeness of God, but also that every man is unique. It strikes me that God, like in the parable of the talents, invests in us, not money but gifts in the form of talents, circumstance and most of all, spirit. When we wait for detailed instructions on where to go and what to do, we don’t realize that in reality we have been given a compass rather than a map. It kind of makes sense when I step back and look at the whole thing. I am in the wilderness known as life with a compass. I don't know the way home, its getting dark but God is my walking buddy. He knows the way but wont do it all for me, apparently I am meant to discover that for myself. As I start walking with him I know that I am going to get into some sticky situations and at times will be in over my head but God tells me that when it happens, he will pull me out. Why does he make me do this, why not just tell me? What is so important about this journey? Is it more important than the destination? I hope not because this will be hard and I will certainly not get there in the same condition as I started.

Or is that the point? ...

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posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 01:56 AM

your opening post, to me read as someone who was doubting, lost and a little panicky. i misunderstood

fairy snuff!!

you question the existence of God because you couldn't find the answers. and you were persuaded otherwise. Or was it that you couldn't or didn't want to live by his rules?

as for Cult, this is exactly what atheism is. why did you whine so much in your OP if you think you know so much my friend.

obviously you have made your mind up.


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posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 02:10 AM
reply to post by Good Wolf

Hmm well I for one don't want to be a doormat. Don't get me wrong -- there's value in 'humility'. But who wants to be walked all over? Sheesh, even Christians should agree -- that's what Christ was for, right? Isn't is Christian to acknowledge that 'His Sacrifice' was sufficient?

So, can trust be 'won', completely? How far, is proof enough, for one to trust implicitly? I've heard that's the definition of 'worship' -- to love/trust (and then obey), without question. That seems like a scary thing to me (and my ego).

My experience is that this world is deceptive. I'm not stupid, but I've been fooled before. How 'true' does something have to be, to rational perception, to trust it implicitly, without question? I'd think it's rational to not do that, ever, given obvious human fallibility. You don't often go wrong assuming there's always something more clever out there. In fact, if there weren't, how would that existence be? A horrible kind of world, where such arrogance would be justified -- nothing new.

So, tell us more about exactly how much it takes to make you trust (these 'voices') -- a single convincing example is sufficient, huh? Or perhaps the indication of a pattern is required, to some extent? Think of this mindset: the more trust that can be won, the greater the power.

Sorry if I sound a little dire. I'm in a cynically philosophical mood. Thoughts?

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 02:13 AM

Originally posted by drevill
Let me say that your questions of God are in fact crude. you say you used to teach, i thank the Lord he took you away from them.

When did I say I taught?

you question the existence of God because you couldn't find the answers. and you were persuaded otherwise. Or was it that you couldn't or didn't want to live by his rules?

No, it was because I realised that I believe in God because I always had, and I always had because I was told when I was young that God existed. That's not a good enough reason to believe.

I also set aside, the bible (not gunna help me) which i think is what you mean by God's rules. And once again, I also recognised that a belief in God could only be wishful thinking derived from the fear of death.- sigh I dont like repeating my self.

So suddenly I had to be critical in any reasoning for a belief in God or the form he took.

Also i'm not sure you understand the meaning of the word 'crude'

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 02:20 AM
reply to post by Ian McLean

Um, well, I'm not al together clear what your getting at. When I said trust, I meant that 'Jason' trusts 'me' but I never said I trusted the voice, I certainly respected it though.

Maybe wen I paraphrased 'doormat' wasn't the term to use but the point of the message was that he won't respect me till he knows I respect him. Someone has to make the first move.

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