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We need aliens? Why?

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posted on Aug, 30 2008 @ 04:43 AM
An often said reason for a neccessity of something big to happen for a humanity to realize they must be one is reality of aliens or visitation of them. But why is such a reason neccessity in the first place? I don't think such would be required for much anything, although such an event would fasten things a bit (or, create more chaos since everybody would want their share of a pie).

Most of this comes from my own life experience and from people I know.

I know several people who already do believe that humanity should stop all kinds of cruel things that we do and are. Since they have got that attitude from somewhere, shouldn't it be possible in some way educate others to realize same things as well? Why would we need some alien entity to do that?

Now, I know that people are ignorant, but I also know that they realize what is wrong and what is not. Here comes competition which stems from evolution itself. We cannot really change that, can we? People merely realize that since others do things that let them be above others in terms of averages, they are going to use same ways to achieve what they want.

Because my premise for this is that competition comes from evolution, there is no event in world that can change our perception on competition unless our genes are different. I do realize that we have evolved a lot, but that evolution in peace and prosperity isn't global. It is local to countries that go by it, and in those countries it also drives itself only because everybody thinks they get more than some other neighbour (friend, relative, whatever) they have.

So. If for some reason we come up with a perfect system of society (democracy, communism, ogliarchy et cetera) how are we going to stop people from dismantling/destroying it because of their natural tendencies? Communism, for example, does not work because people naturally compete. It is impossible for people to work at same exact level where others are. They will have to somehow win. Democracy works as well at it does (its not perfect either) because people have a chance to win by others. In that, too, competition comes into play but in case of democracy it is allowed to win. That's why it works.

I don't believe any alien visitationi or reality of them will change this kind of global behaviour very much. I believe more in chaos than in order, when it comes down to effects of alien visitation.

It would propably not stop wars either, because visitation would not solve our problems of food supply, economy, natural resources or anything else for that matter either.

What, exactly, would a visitation of aliens solve?

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posted on Aug, 30 2008 @ 08:03 AM
I believe this constant debate about aliens and alien visitations or abductions is a kind of wishful thinking. Wouldn't it be exciting if beings from another world came here to our planet?
People seem to belong to two different camps: either the aliens are evil and want to attack Earth, and kill or enslave everyone, or they are benign, and they want to help. There doesn't seem to be any middle ground. (How about if an alien family decides to check out this planet as a vacation spot? (Yeah, I know, that sounds a bit far fetched, but the idea of all-bad or all-good aliens is just as far-fetched)).
If aliens were to come here, I don't think it would solve anything. The first thing the humans would do is shoot first, and ask questions later, unless the government or military quickly takes control of the aliens and their ship, warns everyone not to say anything because of National Security, and then denies anything ever happened. And then life would go on as before.

posted on Aug, 30 2008 @ 08:08 AM
reply to post by Thekherham

well yeah, it would be super cool wouldnt it. i cannot help but think that it is the same with most religions. life sucks but imagine if something so much bigger and smarter could come and make everything perfect someday...wouldn't it be nice. id love it if aliens showed up, good or bad. just for something different. people killing people is getting old.

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