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Wait so your saying....

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posted on Aug, 29 2008 @ 06:41 AM
Ok, this is just to perhaps, play devil's advocate if you will. There are alot of things I do believe in, and don't believe in, that can't be explained by conventional sciences. Now, with that being said, history has showed us many times, just because something can or cannot be explained by the current mindset, science, technology, ect. does not mean it is or is not true.

The earth being flat
discovery of dinasaurs
the number of planets in our solar system
spontaneous generation
so on and so forth.

At one point in time, the opposite, if even the thought exsisted, of these things were all beleived. People thought the earth was flat, wrong number of planets, spontaneous generation of micro organisms, and if anyone would debate that, I'm sure people would say "then prove it". But how can you prove something that you dont have the technology or method to prove it yet? Many of the things I mentioned were once thought to be so extreme in thinking, the mere mention of it would get you scoffed at.

Who's to say now "ghosts" DO exsist, but we just have not found the correct way to collect the data/evidence needed to full explain them? While paranormal activities in themselves have been happening all throughout time, the technology we are inventing for them is still basically in it's infancy. Photos, firsthand experiences, ect. while may be proof for those who went through it, offer no demonstratable evidence for anyone else. Sure people can say they got lucky and "filmed" a ghost, but without physical proof, it cannot be undeniable established as an exsisting "creature" if you will.

But then comes the question, if we need a new type of technology to examine, capture, provide proof, what would it be? You needed a telescope to be able to prove the number of planets, you needed a microscope to prove the theory of cells. You needed various experiments (which no one either thought of, or thought it not worthy of testing) to prove spontaneous generation did not exsist.

People continuously say, if I cant prove it exsists, it doesnt exsist. That's probably the most ignorant thing to say, looking through history. While it may be accurate on some accounts, i.e "i saw a 80 foot man walking the world" and in response I said "if there is no proof, they dont exsist". That does seem like a very logical response. And in all likelyhood probably is.
Just like saying "i think everything is made up microscopic ...things..." and in return (pre-discovery) i say "show me proof or it doesnt exsist", once again it is a very reasonable thing to say.


We have found often times in history, just because it can't be proved now, does not mean it is not real.

Honestly, disregarding all science, tell me how many of these things "sound" plausible

"Huge, monsterous, animals used to walk around the earth before we got here. Then they just dissapeared. And now we are here" - daydreamer post fossil discovery/ evolution theory

"What if there were a ton of planets! A ton of huge, massive peices of rock, floating in space up there, and what if space never ended! It's like some sort of magic!"

"I bet we are not one whole being, but rather a bunch of...tiny tiny peices put together like a big scrapbook, oh and we share many of the same biological attributes as rocks, monkeys, and lizards!"

" The world is round. A big ball, that you cant fall off of. You just cant tell right off the bat"

"What if we had an object that could record all of our actions, then put them on some sort of...inter connection web, for the entire earth to see!"

"Birds and lizards have the same great great great great grandparents."

So on and so forth, when reading those above, disregard all science, and use purely logic, many of those seem so far fetched, especially the farther you go back in history.

Anyway I didnt mean to talk purely about ghosts, they were just the easiest to mention.

posted on Aug, 29 2008 @ 06:44 AM
Please excuse me. Got an appt with the dr tomorrow.

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