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Why Ghosts are not Real

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posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 08:08 PM
So what should i make of my Evps??

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 09:52 AM
reply to post by Soulstone


First of all, for the people in the WTC, many of them knew they were screwed when they got trapped in the top of the towers. Therefore, death didn't come as a shock or surprise to them at all. Once they passed, they probably moved on. Then again, it also depends on whether or not the reapers did their job well.

As far as animals go, there have been reports of hauntings perpetrated by ghostly animals and I'm not talking about demon dogs or anything like that, I'm talking about Mittens, the fluffy white house cat.

Ghosts are the spirits of deceased people - the spirit is made of energy - energy cannot be destroyed.

Simple as that.

As for the phenomenon not being repeatable... most people don't take into account that demons, ghosts, fairies, etc. are sentient, intelligent beings. If you have someone who sees a ghost one night on the way to the pisser, more likely than not, he's not going to be able to get that ghost to come out and pose for photos later on to prove what he saw to his skeptical friends. It's just the nature of the beast.

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 05:51 PM
no i beg to differ there are ghosts and i was only
the other day told a story that involved as well
as an old lady ghost ghost dogs too!

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 06:31 PM
This is a troll trap set above a troll's lair. Troll created a thread so him and his fellow troll can TROLL!

How can you tell someone that things they have experienced are real or not? Keep your mind opened and don't be so one-sided. In the end, you will get your proof.

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 06:59 PM
I don't like the word "ghost" and I never will.
But spirits are real. On this, you can bet your booty.
That's all I have to say about that.

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 07:08 PM
From personal experience I know that ghosts exist. And there are animals that have not passed thru but have stayed around as an entity just as people have. (My daughter lived in a house that had a female ghost with a kitten). Just because a lot of people died in one location does not necessarily mean that some will be ghosts. Also they may be there but unable to manifest for some reason. I believe in ghosts but I think they are pretty rare when considering how many people have actually died. I post this just for starters, interesting top. Want to see what others have to say.

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 07:10 PM
reply to post by ladyinwaiting

I prefer the word "spirit" as well but because the OP refers to them as ghosts I decided to do so as well.

posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 08:05 PM

Originally posted by Soulstone
The title is a bit abrupt and my motives behind it is to grasp your attention as to why ghosts might not be real.

If ghosts or spirits are real why aren't there reported sightings all over NYC after 9/11. Shouldn't the old WTC ruins be completely amassed with ghosts?

Why is it there are places that are haunted in particular when there are death tolls in the thousands in certain places where there does not seem to be any residual or conscious hauntings?

Shouldn't there be ghosts everywhere given the amount of people that have died throughout history on this planet?

Why is it always humans that haunt and not animals? Don't they have the same biological functions.

Some questions that need answers before I can begin to consider the possibility seriously......

You ask questions, but are you going to like the answers. There is the point of view, held by some, that if you cannot answer the questions yourself, then you're not yet ready to hear the answers. However, showing off, I will try to answer your questions. The fact that you're not seeing any ghosts is because you're consciousness is a very efficient filter. It filters out such things way before they get to be anywhere near to you. Is that not a best course of action ? That is the auto pilot setting. The majority of persons are in that auto pilot setting, and thus never ever get interfered by ghosts. It is called SANITY. Be thankful that it is there protecting you. It is what is called your "Guardian Angel".

Now it is possible, if you want to, you can adjust the settings. There are procedures, that can open up what is called your THIRD EYE. It is the PINEAL GLAND and it is usually closed. But you can open it. Follow the traditional methods, for opening up your third eye, and then you will begin to realise that indeed ghosts really are literally all around you. However, be careful, because opening up the third eye is INSANITY. Doctors call it SCHIZOPHRENIA. You might prefer to stay well away from it ?

Traditional YOGA is basically the method. However, the key to success is CELIBACY. That is the essential key to success. If you're willing to abstain from any sex or drugs or violence, then your THIRD EYE chakra can be opened for you. But the trouble is that life with the Third Eye open is INSANITY, in that you will be flooded with impressions, and audio and visual traffic, literally from all across the universe. Are you ready for it ? It has driven people to SUICIDE. You might end up in a lunatic asylum ? On anti-psychotic medications ? You might lose control and turn violent in a moment of "demonic possession" Multiple Personality Disorder ? You might end up in prison ?

I insert my video below to help you to understand the ancient pagan mystical tradition. The tradition involves interaction with the Quantum Entanglement found in the subconscious mind, where in there is no separation. Every atom and soul there of is at one with every other atom and soul there of. This is what Egyptian mystic called a "Stargate" symbolised by the RA "Solar Disc" symbol, which is actually reference to the polished perfect mirror surface of a disc of caste gold metal. That being what a pharaoh would use as a mirror. More importantly the Temple Virgins "Celestial Immortals" would have such a "Golden Disc" mirror "Telestarion" in every one of their Temple Sacred Garden "Hypaethium". It is the key to interaction with and communion with higher dimensionality.

Albert Einstein called it "The Folding of the Fabric of Time and Space". Take a piece of paper. It is a two dimensional surface. A flat land environment, possessing only width and length. No height. We mark a point A and a point B. These two point are separated in time and space, in that it takes time to travel between point A and point B. However, if we introduce higher dimensionality, in the form of the third dimension, height, then we are able to fold the paper such that point A is immediately joined to point B. They are no longer separated. They become one point. Oneness of All Things.

The book which I recommend you read is called THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE by MICHAEL TALBOT published 1991 by Harper Collins of the British Isles. ISBN 0-586-09171-8.

Google Video Link

Google Video Link


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posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 09:05 PM

Most people are functioning with only a mere 10% of there actual brain. That functional part of the brain is on the left side of the brain in a right handed person, or on the right side of the brain in a left handed person. This is called BETA brainwave state. It is a predatory state of mind where in thoughts and reflex are able to function quickly. Smaller brain, thus the thoughts and reactions are quicker. It is the natural brain state for those who are predatory. The military actively generally encourage this BETA brainwave state in their troopers for obvious reasons.

By using brainwave entrainment it is now possible to activate the other 90% of the brain that is usually being left out of the action. Using Bi-Neural beats to bring about brainwave entrainment, it is possible to enter into DUAL HEMISPHERIC brain state. This is called ALPHA brainwave state. In this state both hemispheres of the brain are functioning. In this state thoughts and reflex reactions are slower, because you are actually a larger brain. Thus thoughts take longer to manifest. It is a sleepy sought of state. But in this state you will receive inspirations and insights, that usually in a beta state, would completely pass you by.

There are even higher levels of brain functionality which are called THETA and DELTA and GAMMA states. Activation of the top lobes and the frontal lobes. These states are rare except in our sleep, and will give you a razor sharp sense of morality. You will certainly no longer crave drugs or sex or violence. It is so as to achieve such whole brain ACTIVATION that we recommend the brainwave entrainment method using Bi-Neural beats.

Of course if you want to continue being a slave to every little craving for sex or drugs or violence, then carry on being out of control at the mercy of the BETA brainwave state. If you decide to continue being a BETA brainwave predator, you might develop into a killer, like as did the now dead by suicide, RAOUL THOMAS MOAT in the UK, to give just one example. His whole psychosis came into existence because he would not cultivate the ALPHA brainwave state. Instead all he ever did was to continually cultivate himself as a BETA brainwave state predator. All muscle and no brain.

It has been proven through research programmes that ALPHA brainwave entrainment is a very powerful way by which to heal the damages done by drugs abuse. The cravings will stop. If you have an overly active sex drive, libido, that you know is getting you into trouble with the law, then we advise that you start a course of ALPHA brainwave entrainment so as to get to the root causes of that craving. If you are suffering violent urges that are getting you into trouble with the law, then we recommend a course of ALPHA brainwave entrainment so that those cravings and urges will simply stop. ALPHA brainwave entrainment is a proven affective method. Laboratory research has proven this.

"ALPHA STIM" as we used to call it is not addictive. There are no side affects. It is entirely healing. You have nothing to be afraid of. Used over a life time you will avoid brain illnesses that afflict those who live their life in the BETA brainwave state. Persons who continue in BETA brainwave state, eventually suffer Multiple Personality Disorder MPD, as parts of the brain being left out of the equation start to take on a separate life of their own. ALPHA STIM is therefore, proven by researchers in the psychiatric profession to be very essential for mental health. ALPHA STIM is front line medication in the struggle to prevent insanity. ALPHA brainwave entrainment stimulates the neurons and stimulates the flow of blood through out the entirety of the brain. It can help you to succeed at school and college. If you're attending, or thinking to attend, University then I highly recommend that you start using ALPHA brainwave entrainment as soon as possible.

We know that in the Special Intelligence branches of the military, where brain functionality matters to them, they use "ALPHA STIM" extensively to assist their personnel to learn foreign languages at express rates of speed. Everyone has something to gain from this technology. You have huge potential within yourself waiting to be ACTIVATED by the ALPHA brainwave entrainment device of your choice. These products have been around for several decades. I own a black box device called GALAXY VOYAGER which cost me the equivalent of $200 USD in 1995. There was a more expensive black box that would have cost me the equivalent of $1500 USD at that same time. I actually regret not buying the more expensive and much more functional black box. It stimulates through optical goggles strobing and through the ears buzzing.

Recommended reading is as follows. These are the books that came bundled with my black box in 1995.

MEGA BRAIN by MICHAEL HUTCHINSON publisher "Ballantine Books" of New York ISBN 0-345-34175-9.

MEGA BRAIN POWER by MICHAEL HUTCHINSON publisher "Hyperion" of New York ISBN 1-56282-770-7.

Using an ALPHA BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT device you will be able to stimulate the opening of your THIRD EYE chakra. Then the ghosts which you previously never could see or hear, will no longer be as invisible and will certainly not be silent. SILENCE is sacred. SILENCE [peace] is a Gift of God. Never take it for granted.

Music is an important method by which to navigate your psyche towards a target or away from a target. I cannot explain the details because it is a massive subject. Here are my own creations, that I created so as to get away from the sex and drugs and violence that seems to constitute the majority of "main stream" music. My music is about truth and beauty and righteousness. So it might help you if you're having psychological difficulty, after or during the successful opening of your THIRD EYE chakra ? Here are some links to my materials.


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posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 09:43 PM

To answer your question about ANIMAL GHOSTS. Such beings exist in their own various unique multidimensionality dimensions. If you desire such communication with animals then you can psychologically navigate in their direction. Ask and you shall recieve answers. It is not that they are hidden. Look and you will see. Listen and you will hear. More often than not ghosts of animals will visit you during your dream time. Try to develop your LUCID DREAMING ability. Once again the normal auto pilot setting for dreaming is set at high filter setting. Thus you normally will not be disturbed by such nightmares. But if you desire to alter the settings then follow the traditional YOGA methodology where by to open up your THIRD EYE chakra.

GHOSTS are around you and you probably have not yet realised that they are with you. This is because ghosts are as real as flesh and blood, skin and bones, hairs and teeth. They are just as real as yourself. They can inflict injury if you upset them. So avoid causing them any offense. Ghosts will be visible to you, but will be invisible to others. So if anyone seeing you talking to an invisible animal, or an invisible friend, then you might get reported to a doctor. Police have powers to arrest such INSANE persons. They can issue a "section order" where by you get to be in a psychiatric hospital for as long as they think it necessary.

Animal ghosts generally will not understand human morality. Thus can be dangerous if encountered. You are advised to be very careful. If you begin getting visitations from such animal ghosts then enact a ritual that will navigate your psyche away from them. However, not all animal ghosts are dangerous. So it is at your own discretion that you go into or away from their dimensions. You might end up being a dog ?

This Norwegian Lady is a specialist with regard to communication with animals. If that is really your interest then write to her. Here is a link to her website [url=]> Astrid Moe of Norway >>

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posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 11:28 PM

Originally posted by tigerwoodsondxm
So what should i make of my Evps??

The presence of the EVP "electronic voice phenomenon", is a new way opening up where by we can contact ghosts that are in the immediate vicinity of the recorder. I was going to do my own experiments, but the cost of a recording device is always just that touch too expensive. The technology is constantly progressing. However constantly getting out of reach.

The method is simple. Hold your recorder in hand. Switch it on. Start recording. Ask your question. Then continue to record for three or five minutes. Then switch your recorder off. Play it back and see if anything was recorded.

There is the official website for such research. EVP

My theory is that the signal is collected by the soul of the operator, and that signal is then relayed through the nerves of the operators arm into the device being held. However, there are times when ghosts seem to communicate directly to the device, because the device was left recording in a room or out in the open. Apparently, according to those who have been doing the EVP experiments for some years already, graveyards are said to be a good place to start recording for any possible EVP.

Whatever the method or technology we set up where by with which to communicate, there will always be ghosts who will try to get through to us via that channel.

Perhaps I need to make a little clarification about my Metaphysical Science ? Otherwise you might not realise how ghosts are as real as day and yet some how invisible ? You see everything is not the nuts and bolts "solid" matter like as they teach it at school. In time the proper science will start being taught. But in the meantime you get to be taught utter rubbish in the education system. Nevermind. We are now able to state that beyond any shadow of doubt "reality" is certainly no more real than a dream, and that dreams are as real as anything here and now in the bright light of day.

The revolution in science began when Albert Einstein taught his RELATIVITY PHYSICS as an university professor in the USA. Relativity implies that what we see and experience as reality, is actually all merely a construct in the mind. Mind ? Whatever that is ? What we think of as "reality" is relative to the point of view of the observer. We imagine ourselves to be stationary. Not moving ? However, we are moving. The Earth is rotating. Orbiting the Sun. The observer will always imagine him self to be stationary.

This is a very profound observation. The implications of which might not hit you straight away. It brings into question, where is "mass" originating ? Mass is a mysterious quality called more precisely "Kinetic Resistance". It is relative to the "Field of Reference" percieved by the observer. Thus it is just in the mind of the observer, having no actual reality ? So where is the "Kinetic Mass" of a relatively moving object coming from ? My answer is "Kinetic Mass" is proof that the Universe is infinitely Multidimensional.

The relatively moving object is in multidimensionality overlapping itself, and thus to the observer it is possessing "Kinetic Mass". You might not feel it, but it is equally the other way too. As percieved by the object looking at you, it is you that be moving, and it is regarding itself as being stationary. Thus it to its own perception of itself it is possessing normal stationary mass. Same as you regard yourself as possessing normal stationary mass. So "Kinetic Mass" is pure relativity and thus ellusive. How can we define it and be sure of its measure ? It is a force that is coming literally out of thin air. Straight out of the ether. Zero point energy. A ghost force.

Quantum Physics only deals with that which is mathematize able. Any thing or force that cannot be measured thus quantified, literally does not exist according to them. So infinity and eternity cannot be quatified mathematically, therefore according to their mathematical Quantum Physics "partical physics" there is no such thing as infinity or eternity. This is the big mistake that the scientists are making. Thus they cannot understand what is MASS and what is GRAVITY. These things or forces are impossible for them to quantify. Such mysterious forces have to be particles according to their logic.

However, once we enter into transcendental physics, we realise that absolutes like infinity and eternity cannot be quantified, therefore mathematics must be put to one side. The "Big Bang" theory is bassed on the idea that the Universe is limited in time and space. I reject it completely, the same as I reject the whole partical physics theory too. My cosmology is called "Steady State Cosmology" and my physics is based on relativity physics a Holographic Physics of inter-reacting vibrations, also known as radionic physics. Radio is illustrative of the infinite unlimited multidimensionality of the Universe. The speed of light is a relative velocity, not a absolute. Relative to the field of reference being experienced by the observer.

There is no doubt in my mind that consciousness lives separate from the physical body through which it is currently percieving the universe. Consciousness is relative to the subconsciousness out of which it is arising, a mere point, a mere atom. The subconsciousness is eternity and the infinite. Literally the spirit of God the Absolute. Thus the ghosts you want to see and hear are already fully manifesting. It is just the we are not looking, therefore we do not see them. They are talking, but we are not listening, therefore we do not hear them.

VEP "Visual Electronic Phenomenon"

This amazing video were sent by pastor Igor Shvedov.
Amateur video has unexpectedly photographed angels. On the screen, visiting angels of one of the apartments of an apartment house is visible. Afterwards, we found out it appeared at the time in the house a child has died. Angels are behind the soul of the child.
Video is taken in the city of Semipalatinsk (Kazakhstan).
See & belive!
Jesus is the Lord!
For those who would like to watch in better quality ... one can download this video here:
(at the foot of page - 468КB)
Original YouTube site of its posting.

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posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 11:55 PM
reply to post by Sonya610

I wish I could hon, because I know it would soothe your mind. Just realize, it is not hidden, it is before your eyes. And it does not matter if you curse it for the rest of your days, it is all good. : )

I know that sounds all new age, it isn't meant to be. Ask and perhaps you will see. : )
Sounds new age? Yep?
sound like meaningless superstitious clap trap?

posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 12:01 AM
I've never seen a ghost, nor do I know anybody who has... But there seems to be an awful lot of eye-witness testimony which says that SOMETHING is being experienced.

Honestly, I tend to think they don't exist in the white sheet and chain rattling form that most people assign to the phenomenon.

For some reason I find it more likely that people are catching glimpses of events occurring in a parallel universe through "weak spots" in our reality. No evidence to back that up, just my own idea.

posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 12:15 AM
It is estimated tha between 100 billion and 115 billion people have lived.
If only one half of ONE PERCENT were ghosts, we would have 500 million some ghosts!!!
If FIVE percent were ghosts, that would be FIVE BILLION!!!
Please kids!
And how many animals have lived?
Ghosts are nothing but a fear of death , in some cases guilt , and a desire for an afterlife.

posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 10:51 AM
reply to post by OldDragger

Now, now, don't be so contentious. I'm sure there are billions of ghosts here.

They just don't want you to see them. They don't want to frighten us, and they mess with us, sometimes in playful ways.

They're here, OD. I don't see them either, but nonetheless I know they are here.

They come and go, and it's quite alright.

posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 01:51 AM
You are correct. Whether there is a supernatural or not, it seems to me, from experience, that WILL is more powerful than EFFECT. Your results will go away unless you WILL them into existance. If your WILL is stronger than mine, then your WILL will be reality. Especially, if I do not care about your reality. . .which I don't. But our mutual enemies, do care and will stop you.

posted on Feb, 2 2011 @ 09:34 AM

Originally posted by Soulstone
The title is a bit abrupt and my motives behind it is to grasp your attention as to why ghosts might not be real.

If ghosts or spirits are real why aren't there reported sightings all over NYC after 9/11. Shouldn't the old WTC ruins be completely amassed with ghosts?

Why is it there are places that are haunted in particular when there are death tolls in the thousands in certain places where there does not seem to be any residual or conscious hauntings?

Shouldn't there be ghosts everywhere given the amount of people that have died throughout history on this planet?

Why is it always humans that haunt and not animals? Don't they have the same biological functions.

Some questions that need answers before I can begin to consider the possibility seriously......


Mod Edit: All Caps – Please Review This Link.

Thank you for your compliance and understanding.

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What about the Blue bell hill Ghost? Or the one in Osborne House in Isle Of Wright? They aren't real? All those sightings are fake? Also there are animal ghosts, in top haunted places in Isle of Wright by Gay Baldwin. Mediums have found that ghosts are stressed souls, if there was, say, 100 people murdered at least 28% would come back and haunt. Please reply

posted on Feb, 2 2011 @ 11:37 AM

Originally posted by randyvs

"ghosts "that is to say" our dearly departed" speaking to the livining.i'm
pretty sure harry houdini proved that is n't the case. i'm sure this video
provides the explanation. the real truth of the matter. accept or reject
in the end this will be the universal ifs ands or butts.

what does this prove

posted on Feb, 2 2011 @ 11:41 AM
reply to post by Soulstone

well they have been seen at the site of 9/11. Have you ever been there at night? have you ever seen a ghost? Are you psychic in any way?

posted on Feb, 2 2011 @ 04:40 PM
Let's put the shoe on the other foot and issue a challenge to prove that "ghosts" do not exist. Impossible to prove a negative? Well, it is equally difficult to prove the existence or non-existence of a phenomenon that supposedly resides primarily in another dimension. It all comes down to personal experience and the subjective opinions that form as a result.

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