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Let's Discuss: Knowledge Mistaken for Intelligence & Vice Versa

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posted on Aug, 28 2008 @ 01:15 AM
ATS is a vast site with many topics being discussed by a myriad of people with, what appears to be, a vast and myriad background. We all come together under the banner of ATS because we are compelled to discuss these topics with the like-minded. But then we often find ourselves confronted by the like-minded who hold not only decidedly different opinons, but world-views.

This is true for all of us, the 'alternative thinkers', the 'skeptics' and the 'debunkers'. Nevertheless, here we all are ... all under the same umbrella with, what seems to me, to be a 'common voice' even though we, in our respective groups, represent our Common Cause as so different.

It makes me wonder why and how this works for us.

There are 100's of thousands of more narrow-focused forums we could all go to and espouse our thoughts and theories that would be much more in line with our personal perpective; and ironically perhaps educate us more to the specific topic we are interested in. Yet we come here and 'duke it out'.

I think this is because there is an inherent streak in the 'We Who Have Gathered on ATS' to think of ourselves either as more 'Specifically Knowledgable' or more 'Specifically Intelligent'.

I get that this may not be an instinctively popular view as we all would, on the face of it, like to say "I'm both", but let's be honest here.

I believe I am more Intelligent than Knowledgeable, while I do have a real and certain respect for knowledge. Knowledge (in the academic/scholarly sense) allows me to glean from others, which in turn inspires me to learn more, and then, often times, to not only look past what is espoused and taught, but to challenge the conventional wisdom.

While I don't believe I could necessarily go teach a semester on the various subjects I relatively quickly absorb, I believe I could certainly, and to no detriment to the students, easily get through instructing a few classes.

This can easily be seen as Intelligence mistaken for Knowledge.

In turn, I see many, many, people on ATS who represent themselves as academics and scholars (the Knowledgable) who will NOT BUDGE from defending what it is they have learned in their various years of dedicated study to a certain set of books -- even though those books are ALWAYS PRECEEDED by another set of books that contained differing and equally defended, now debunked, 'FACTS' that their predecessors held as infallible.

This to me defines the example of Knowledge mistaken for Intelligence.

(...and yes, I already said what group I'm in so the emphasis CAPS betray my bias, granted.)

So, I'm interested in what your thoughts are:

Do you think there is merit to the idea that there is an inherent streak that brings we, the seemingly opposed, together?

If so, why is that?

If not, why do we bother?

Do you see yourself as defined by these standards?

Why do you participate in ATS?

Is it to accomplish something or for intellectual challenge?

There are no wrong answers here. I am just personally compelled by how paralell/similar (read ego driven?) our differences are, and want to see if anyone else gets that too.


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posted on Aug, 28 2008 @ 01:41 AM
Yes. At least, I gather that from what common motive I've seen from the contributions of others.

I like that ATS has a very 'wide scope'. In my opinion, inventive and forward-thinking ideas, historically, emerge from those who dwell at the 'fringes' of what previous thinkers considered 'silly'.

ATS has those 'fringes', and presents a forum that encourages civility and respect, without constraining those to convention. That's precious.

Edit to answer this:

Is it to accomplish something or for intellectual challenge?

It is both. I think 'accomplish', in a worthy sense, in fact transcends ego -- my ego boggles at such beauty as I have sometimes seen, but is inspired by it, in harmony. That's worthy. That's what I choose as worthy. In that the ego likes an 'intellectual challenge'; that's its thing. The way the ego perceives the 'scope' of things. That's not unworthy. So, a unification is in order -- to 'accomplish' beyond the ego, to the full satisfaction of the ego -- in my opinion, doing that effortlessly without conflict is a very good thing. Not easy!

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posted on Aug, 28 2008 @ 02:25 AM
Places like this is where ideas are born.The internet is the perfect medium for it.As our ahem,"friends"have proven,and idea from my location can be seen by someone in Japan for example and vice versa.In essence borders have disappeared.
My original reason though is anti-semetism.Youtube blogs originally.In researching anti-semetism,i found it starts as a whisper and expands from there.In other words Hitler started a war based on a conspiracy theory.That is dangerous and i recognize that as such.Not just against jewish people but ALL peoples of this world.
Call me what you wish but i know the difference between whats right and wrong,when to fight and when to talk.I refuse to be intimidated by anyone attempting to demean others for no valid reason.

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