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Election Cinema. An artifically induced facade.

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posted on Aug, 28 2008 @ 12:03 AM
Emanating from the voting booth and the media!

The vidal of the power lusting candidates of our age, and the same/change, no change again.

Their speech is smoother than butter, and their words are as sweet as honey, but yet they are drawn swords. Their oaths are without sustenance, bloated fat with falsehoods, bathing in deceit, and they care not to honor a pledge. They are driven by insatiable greed and throne power, longing to be gods, but they are not worthy, even to rule over a pig.

Their tongues are akin to serpents, sunning on a rock, they take sweet counsel in the open, but behind closed doors they dance with the devil, and rejoice in our destruction, and anxious to bring suffering.

The best of them, are poisonous nettles, weak and traitorous cowards, and shameful failures, big fat liars and flaunting showboats. They all heap the illusion to be sons of kings.

The modern Politician is lacking the power to perform properly at every level, easily subdued, because of their weakness. Not able to withstand temptation, always vacillating, wavering, without faith or rightful judgment and discernment.

The endless toil and hard work of the honest man, they know not, the honor and valor of the soldier willing to give his life for love, truth, happiness and peace, would cause an allergic reaction in them. Bravery is fearful to them, and GOD they fear not. Yet they rejoice in filling the World with wars.

Both hands of the Politician gropes for a payoff, the elders of the congregation are impoverished with them.

They the Liars, these diabolical deacons of pestilence, destitute of light, spawning death and genocide, feverishly murdering virtue and honor and all that is good.

Election time is their romance, with the sleeping populace, now they work, now these rancid serpent's make suave speeches, but soon it will be time to take spoil, it is their specialty and stratagem and ruse, which they do with great guile.

These vultures know already, whom awaits each office, for the votes of the people are not counted, and they have contempt for a fair honest election.

Soon the Movie ends, The Election Cinema will be over, the dead lights are turned off, and the changeling's appointed to their seats and what will have Changed?

Then the fiasco ends, and tyranny increases and takes a firm hold, as the people allow ambiguity and spiritual impoverishment to beguile their faculties.

Will the people awaken?

Here is the hope and the truth.


But will anyone listen to GOD's Word ?


God Bless You And Keep You.

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 10:52 AM
*Bump* for the relevance.


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