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My UFO sighting in Carses France

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posted on Aug, 27 2008 @ 04:13 PM
My wife and I went on holiday on 10/8/08 to Carces which is in the south of France approx 1.5 hrs drive from Marseille. The town is very rural and our holiday home is part of a complex built on a hill that over looks a pool. The 2nd day in the evening about 11pm we were there we decided to take our a wonder out to the pool (its kinda romantic). We reached the gate that led down to pool and either side there are 2 tall long trees, as I looked up I saw a bright star (Could be north or some other bright star) just to the right of it a bright light about the same size but just a touch larger faded out. It made me pause for a second to think why that would happen. about 2 secs later the light appeared on the left of the bright star faded for 0.5 secs then reapeared held for 2 secs then disappeared.
2 secs later it appeared as if it had taken a right angle and appeared in this weired flash sequence quite a way away from where it was. Then once it disappeared it reappeared in the same direction further away ond once more before it went out of sight behind a building.

Once it went we stood there and thught WOW that was weired my second reaction was to compare it to an aircraft, eventually one flew past in the distance (about the same height but a little lower) its lights were distinctly faster than the UFO. Next reaction was to look for a satallite and sure enough after a couple of minutes one drifted by, sure enough it was a solid dot that didn't flash but it was nice to see.

Notes: Clear night, no cloud, there is a airport of Marseille which had a pretty high flight path which was visible. The movement of the light was sharp and direct and lloked to be going twice the speed of a plane. We had a great view of the night sky because of a lack of light pollution.

Just wanted to let you guys know what i saw, though in my opinion its probably a wedding in a swamp where they let chinese lanterns off.
I hope its not too confusing.

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 06:16 AM

Could it possibly be a helicopter?
Was there any noise to the craft?
Did the flashing sequence show any symbols or objects?
Did you take any pictures?
The plane that flew over afterwards was it a airliner or military?

Did you log this incident with MUFON to see if they had any similar sightings that night?

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