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Spirit and Opportunity, the Future

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posted on Mar, 17 2004 @ 11:11 PM
What a fantastic pair of assets we on on the surface of Mars now. I remember the Viking landers vividly and how amazed I was of just having a live view from the surface of another planet. Even more with Pathfinder. But now we can MOVE and EXPLORE. And with apparent ease. A great time to be alive and share everyday in the new vistas and discoveries. But here my point...where do you think they should go and do.

The hills to the east would be a delightful ending. I'm sure NASA will take forever to get there. For example, today, stopping at a Sand Dune, big deal. What will they learn? But I suppose it's important to get some baseline data. It's many days travel to get to the base of the hills, and I am sure there will be many interesting rocks along the way, but somehow they all look the same so far. Everytime they stop, it's 3-4 days of analysis. Imagine getting to the hills and climbing to the top. What a great possible view! I think we deserve it. After all, we paid for it. That's where I would like to end up.

If we EVER get out of this crater!, spend a day or two to study the flat plain and then get your ass over to the big crater to the east. There will be very big discoveries there, I think. But I also predict there will be no way into the crater. Somehow I think this will be the highlight of Opportunity mission. The exposed bedrock to the south would be the next drive point. Once there, it will be relatively unexciting. But there's always the possibility of a fossil discovery. That's where I think the mission will end, if we're lucky.

Any thoughts?

posted on Mar, 18 2004 @ 09:28 AM
I think the East Hills might be a little optimistic, but it would be a fantastic panorama if Spirit manages to make it all the way. (Not to mention a mindblowing achievement.)

I think quite a bit of time might be spent in and around Bonneville before any longer-range trek will be attempted however.

As far as Opportunity, shes done a hell of a good job in the crater, but its high time she got to stretch her legs. From the overhead imagery of the surrounds it looks like all kind of Martian speed and distance records could be broken by opportunity once she gets up on the open ground.

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