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Amazonian Curandero Icaros

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posted on Aug, 27 2008 @ 11:52 AM
Hello friends!

I have a request for you my fellow ATSers. I've recently applied for a position writing articles on Shamanism, the Amazon, Ayahuasca, Icaros, Spirit Animals, etc.

The topic I was asked to write about first is on Curandero Icaros or in laymen terms the shaman healing songs.

My request: I'm looking for people with knowledge in the area to share their personal experiences with me. I find when writing on spiritual matters that the best way to get a good scope is to find personal experiences of several people to better understand how they affect each individual and how they affect people in general.

For those who answer some questions I would pose to you:
I.) How did you discover the concept of the Icaros or spirit song?
II.) Describe your first experience with Icaros (hearing another's song, creating your own, stories told by others, etc.)
III.) Do you have your own Icaros?
IV.) If so do you find it to be a useful tool while healing?
V.) Do you utilize a Chakapa, Drum, or Rattle while singing?
VI.) Do you find the Icaros is more useful for certain ceremonies than others?
VII.) Do you find using an instrument is more useful for certain ceremonies than others?

Thank you in advance for anyone willing to share these experiences with me. If you do not feel comfortable posting publicly you can send me a U2U or a personal e-mail (ask me here or via U2U and I will give you my personal e-mail address).


posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 11:23 AM
A few people live near you who have had some "tunnel reality" shattering events.

If he is still wanting people to discuss some of these things I would contact Professor Buddy Wyn. He no longer teaches at the University here but he may be able to guide you toward some people.

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