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Sub-orbital Gravity Engineering question.

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posted on Aug, 27 2008 @ 10:40 AM
Hi there ATS!

Well, i'm glad i signed up when i did and learned what i could, because now i have a question i'm sure some of the more fanatical science fiction physicists will be delighted to answer.

For those serious types, Please humour me for a while.

We all know how to put things in space, yes?

If you don't, you're in a good position to learn.

I'll start things off by drawing your attention to that marvel of Human Gravity Engineering that is the ISS - the International Space Station.

International Space Station Orbiting planet Earth.

This Space Station, although nothing compared to the sheer destructive power of the death star, is nevertheless the pinnacle of Human space-faring achievement.

Why is it we haven't combined this technology, with one specific physical law to do with Earth's Gravitational field?

This is where i have to rely on schema to put my theory forwards, but as i do remember that i want you guys at Above Top Secret to know about it first.

Mods, feel free to use your own discretion.

This Is a picture of Earth's gravitational field - you can see how we put things in orbit simply by looking at how Gravity is cyclic near the equator.

What i propose, is a method of reaching high altitudes in incredible speeds.

Obviously, my physical grasp of conventional physics is hardly admirable, and i hold no delusions as to my physical knowledge.

I was always better with Biology.

Which is my next point, infact this concept drove me to analyse other forces in nature which are known to... "sense" the planet's electro-magnetic field.

As you can see, i'm relying heavily on Schema.

When looking at Earth's Gravitational Field, i had to acknowledge that fighting Gravity was never an easy problem, and in all honesty, we're not the only Species to realise this.

It would seem that life is driven to fight against Gravity, as it clasps us to the planet and protects us from the cold embrace of empty space.

Anyway, Back to the original point.

This is the flight path of a bird increasing in altitude in a LOCALISED point.

And here we arrive at the question.

If Fish and Birds swarm at certain points around air thermals and water currents at certain points, then what would a species do if forced to defy Gravity in it's rawest form in order to gather materials essential to survival?

By "Essential to survival", i mean that which can ensure the Growth of the Species.

There is one thing which could point us in the right direction.

Take a look at the Dipole Field - you can see that there is a clear difference between one set of Gravitational forces and the other.


Gravitational phenomena.

Using this as a point of reference, would it be reasonable to think that the current methods of orbital entry should infact be reconsidered?

At best, this theory could provide the concept with which to create "Perpetual Motion" devices, which could even have the same effect as an Anti-Gravity Belt (A Very crude one..) if thoroughly investigated and propogated to the fullest of it's extent.

Of course, this might all be One hundred years ahead of time, I'm sure We Humans just aren't ready yet to modify our planet with such bizarre concepts, but it would make for good science fiction material.

So, based on my theorising, does the theory even sound plausible?

p.s; if you think this theorising possesses so much merit you want to go and patent the idea yourself, go right ahead.

I'm not the kind of guy to go through the hassle of the societal side of things.

posted on Aug, 27 2008 @ 11:18 AM
reply to post by Anti-Tyrant

If you take a look at the diagram you say is the earth's "gravity field" you will find that it is the Magnetic field instead. It's obvious from the N and S at the poles. While this field is immense and protects us from charged particles from space, it is no where near strong enough to aid much in launching into space. If one could draw a true picture of the actual gravity fielf it would appear as a 'well' drawing in more or less evenly completely around the earth.


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