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the Human mind has a Limit switch. alien or god IDK

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posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 10:15 PM
have you ever wondered if like car's robot's ect...

we have encoded in our very dna.
a Limit far we can think..before we idle down.

The average person think's on a subject....before to long his brain fart'

Let's say the creation of man....we think and think and think...and everyone give's up and say's it has to be a god that made us...
a cop out answer in my book.

that's the Limit switch...

My question is this..if it is encoded in our dna god our alien's or who ever..
is safe to say eventually...
we will be able to disable the Limit switch that control's how far we can think...

That's if we do have a Limit switch ...and it was made into our dna.

anyone else think maybe we have a built in system to how far we can think.

i know this may sound crazy..but it is possible. our mind to have a we can not..go past our design..if there was a design..see my point?

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