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Possible enity in a picture I took?

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posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 11:58 AM
Hello everyone.

Firstly, I'd just like to say that, while this is my first thread, I have been watching this forum for quite some time.

Anyway, I'd appreciate it if someone could take a look at a holiday photo I took about a year ago in Hexham, a town in Northumberland, England. In the middle of it there is clearly some sort of red orb. If someone could clarify whether this is indeed supernatural, or whether it is just a trick of the sunlight, that'd be great.

*click for fullsize version*

[edit: resized image]

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posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 12:00 PM
Where is the entity in the photo?

If it is the red football shape, I would say it is a lens flare from the camera.

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 12:02 PM
Yeah, that was the object of focus. I kinda thought it could be lens flare, but if you look closely, the shape kind of resembles a head looking towards the right of the photo. Thanks anyway.

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 12:46 PM
It definitely looks like the sun glare. Maybe there was a minute smear on the lens and it came out to be a red orb football. I mean you can see the rays from the sun right there.

If you look closely, it does look like a face or a mask of some kind. But that is what I am trying to see so it is no justice really.

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 12:53 PM
yep lens flare ( front lighting, which tends to make lens flare).

I see these pictures all the time from front lighting, which tends to make bad pics if not done properly.

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 02:44 PM

posted on Aug, 27 2008 @ 08:05 PM
I concur.

The red splotch is nothing more than a lens flare. Half the time when I take a picture with the sun in it I get something similar. Yes, Lens flare

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