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The Press: Hidden Agenda on UFOs???

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posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 07:17 AM
First thread started so please bear with me:

My question is this: With the amount of testimony and footage that is available surrounding the UFO question, why is there so little press coverage about it?

Now I may be naive here and it is simply a case of the press being censored to avoid the embarrassment of Government and Military officials. However, I know that the "free press" here in the UK is exactly that, free and it is only under exceptional circumstances that a media blackout is ordered.

I know in the states Larry King does a fine job of keeping the topic in the public eye and there are also shows such as on Coast2Coast and others here in the UK, but it in terms of the media as a whole, coverage is pretty limited.

I am confident there is a big enough audience for news of this nature, so are they deliberately being instructed not to report on such events? Do they assume that no-one is interested or is it just a case of one grainy photo/video too many?

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 07:50 AM
reply to post by 0010110011101

Hi 001+,

The press has been busy over the last month and a bit, and not just the tabloids!

(Although the 'Broadsheets' do tend to take the mickey)

Here ya go:


Telegraph again:

The Guardian:

Not forgetting the Sun, of course!

Keep the posts coming, and don't let them grind you down!


posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 07:58 AM
I dont personally think there is a continous coverup by the press in the uk from day to day - only maybe in exceptional circumstances would a D notice be issued by the government and even that could be handled by out-of-the-loop people , heck that probably includes the PM.

I think ridicule for the subject is mostly provided by the more out-there peeps ie.My sister dated jesus, aliens are taking me to court, etc, disinformation campaigns could suffice for any national spat of sightings and may involve only 1 person - a telephone call to more sensationalist newspaper calling attention to a UFO nut (who then ironically becomes an unwilling minion!), or just to organise a mass Lantern release across the country probably through modern telecoms/social networking sites etc.

I doubt the above is ever called in much tho, the real coverup probably comes from institutional ignorance through the supply chain of press dealing with storys enroute to national media;

> UFO spotted

> Local newspaper informed - Unlikely

> Local Newspaper editor runs story - A lot of UFO sightings in the uk seem to get to the local papers online just fine I have noticed, tho some would not i guess due to pressure to be more "respectable" or lack of interest or other storys to press etc.

> Story generates sufficient interest by readers, further investigation, clever journalism to reach national press < unlikely ! most people dont know we are not alone and somewhere it gets dropped or fizzles out.

> National Press Runs story, this is gonna be 2 things I reckon - tabloid or broadsheet, if the Sun (etc.) runs it, it gets interest and good for them, broadsheet is more "respectable" and has lots of global storys and boring economy storys to run so might not - especially if they see tabloids running it (unless it generates great interest)

> If its low interest local news runs it (I have seen this quite a bit with recent wave) but it ends there with a 2 minute piece tacked at the end and forgotten.

> If its high interest media frenzy it works its way up to BBC, surviving their current lazy selection of competing Reuters / AFP storys (that cycle endlessly) and ends up as a 2min piece tacked at the end with a pretty reporter dressed up in a grey suite laughing it all to heck!

Enjoy! My 2p.!!

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 08:12 AM
I think the biggest problem is there is just nothing to report but well, stories. Maybe a vid or pic of 'something' blurry or otherwise inconclusive. I am a thinking man myself and would loose interest in a story on the mass media quick if all they have too offer is the likes of what we get on the Internet - a fabulous story and a grainy or otherwise inconclusive vid or pic. I am still dumbfounded that the mass media picked up on the Bigfoot hoax story. Even though most stories I saw in the mainstream media was lighthearted to say the least, it was still a massive intrusion on my newscast. And, i am willing to bet, on a lot of others being a little annoyed too at this joke/hoax. No please, leave the blurry unsupported 'ufos' too the Internet so i can press on please Mr. Media bosses.

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 09:12 AM
reply to post by stringue

Thanks for your response (Star!) and to Havalon for the articles.

The second half of your post regarding the likely avenues taken by the press underlines, for me, my surprise that there is not more national press involvement and serious reporting into a field of which there is significant global interest.

For the witness (of a UFO sighting), there is always going to be an element of "I'm not going to be believed" which is understandable. However, coming to this relatively recently and from what I have read and researched, I lean heavily towards the "UFOs Exist" camp.

Regardless of your stance on the subject, the fact that we are seeing more and more reports of UFO sightings suggests that either the hoaxers and getting more involved or there is a genuine bona fide increase in strange anomaly in our skies.

Why is this not of more interest to the press and why does it not get reported more?

The reading I have done alone would be enough to run a weekly column in a broadsheet detailing past cases and current sightings and events.

My suspicions is that there is an issue of credibility for the press which prevents editors from running these stories and that when they might stumble across the occasional gem, it is issued with a d-notice or similar and never talked of again.

All in all it is bloody frustrating and I wish the topic was taken more seriously by the masses.

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 09:34 AM
Yes, thank goodness for Larry King, and C2C!

I think the press has covered the UFO subject pretty good though through the years with what information they receive.

For example: while I was in the Navy during 1972-1975 there was a big UFO flap going on in "Orange County" California. The Newspaper, "The Orange County Register" for months on end had a regular "UFO column" and while on leave I went to the "Tustin library" and looked through tons of articles (as I had been over seas and wanted to catch up on the reports etc...)

These articles from the orange county register I think even helped author Kevin Randle write his book on the 1973 UFO flap (a real good book folks should read) which was really BIG.

So I applaud the Orange county register for following all the UFO reports in California during this most famous UFO flap.

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 09:38 AM
That's fantastic and they deserve praise! It's a shame that more local/national press do not grasp that particular nettle and openly encourage and report more of this stuff.

Have you got a link to those pages? Is there a site which has all the back editions???

Thanks once again

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 10:32 AM
I think we will have to wait for disclosure to be instigated by offworlders and untill then make do with current publicised accounts,

The nature of most of these UFO cases is fleeting and they seem quite shy - the entities in the Lonnie Zamorasighting packed up shop pretty quick when they saw him coming, while the ones in Valensole tazered the poor chap. Even over Washington in 52 multiple craft didnt hang around long and that might be (public domain anyway) the best 1st contact situ we have had yet.

Keep checking the skys !

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 01:31 PM
reply to post by 0010110011101

heres a few:

The UFO phenomenon in the newspapers, a collection of newspaper articles .... The Register, USA, December 5, 1973, A UFO with a dome and four legs was

"The Continuing UFO," column by Robert B. Klinn and David Branch, in "The Orange County Register" : article =Ann Druffel - Santa Catalina Channel "Cloud Cigars" :

heres that Kevin Randle book I mentioned (a great read) : The October Scenario (English)
(Ufo Abductions, Theories About Them and a Prediction of When They Will Return - ISBN: 9780425117835)
Price range: $1.99 (Refurb) - $6.75 from 2 Sellers

Publisher: Berkley Pub Group

Format: Paperback

MSRP: $ 3.95

Synopsis: Discusses a series of UFO sightings that took place in October of 1973, describes abductions by UFOs, and suggests a theory behind the sightings.

Mutual UFO Network 1973 Have you, yourself, ever seen anything you thought was a UFO? Source: Orange County Register,

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