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What are the issues?

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posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 01:39 AM
When you look at most coverage in the media, rather than focusing on a broad spectrum of things that are important, you tend to only hear either punditry, something about ads, personal opinions, "economy" buzz words (including gas prices and home ownership), or "war/terrorism".

What do you think are truly the issues we need to know about? What exactly do we need to understand our future president's position upon? What would you like them to be saying and doing, what do you think they should spend their first term focusing on? Conversely, what would you like them not to be doing or thinking about?

I think we can cover this in a variety of ways, for example.

This category broadly covers the following, in my opinion.

Homeland Security
Missile shields


Banking regulations, home market
Oil/gas/alternative energy
Minimum wage
National debt

Social Issues

Health Care
Social Security
National debt
Care of Veterans

Moral Issues

Diplomacy, how we act both at home and abroad
Gay Marriage
The disappearance of the middle class
Separation of church and state
Power of executive class
Corporate power and regulation

Personally, I would like to understand the positions of both candidates around all these issues. I want to know, for example, what the next president intends to do about the incredibly unbalanced budget - military spending, the massive deficit, the completely broken money system.. What they intend to do, how they plan to pay for it, and what the outcomes will be. I want to know how they view marriage, or the power of the executive they themselves will become.. I don't care whether McCain was a POW or not, unless that gave him some insight into how to solve the rapidly worsening economic problems we have. I don't care what color Barack is, I want to know if he thinks that two people should be allowed to marry if they want to.

So ATS, what are your issues? What do you want to know? If we can come up with a list of the things we believe we need to know opinions on, and then find answers, I think that would go a long way towards helping people understand the candidates and make up their minds.


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