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Hate vs Love -A Must Read-

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posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 01:37 AM
I wonder if anyone is getting any benifit from my posts and I'm wondering if anyone values these posts on ats. I dont know where I could go to make these kinds of posts.

When people dont love you its hard to love yourself and others

Try to stay away from people who dont love

The lack of love you recieve is the lack of love that you have

Everyone on earth is experiencing lack of love at this time

It will take everyone on earth to have love for each of us to be experiencing having love to its fullest

The more people that have love the more love there will be

Hate and Love are not emotions, they are expressions of the choices we have in life based on what we are given and choose to give through all the odds

Love is a reward and we have to indivudually have love before anyone may experience it

The more people begin to have love the more people will begin to experience love until it is total and complete

You either have love or you have hate, you cannot feel them or have both at the same time

People seem to understand that you dont feel hate, yet the opposite of hate, love can be felt?

How can this be so?

To feel love would be to minimalize the meaning of having love

When you feel love you are only feeling insucurity

Hate would bring way more security in this situation

Its easy to close off your heart and work for self, for; that would insure more security, right? Wrong

That only goes for materilistic needs and your life will never be stress free and happy

When you have love, love finds its way to you

When you start to have love, you will never go without, so there is no fear, there are only people to avoid

But in truth when you feel love, you are only feeling and expressing fear

People attach fear with love and insucurity together when they minamlize the meaning of love when they choose to feel love rather than have love

People who have love are easier to control by others

Its very important to listen to your instincts and go with your heart chakra

How many of these quotes seem obvious and make any sense to any of you?

Round and Round we go

I'm more interested in shaking the earth's soil than making friends. I dont understand why. All I know is that the way things are really bothers me and I find it hard meeting people whom I can connect to. Perhaps I know too much to be able to have any kind of connection with very many people. I understand my connection with universal consciousness and when I meet people in life that can connect with me.. our minds come together and connect in subspace and their consciousness adds to the overal mass consciousness field that we experience together for the rest of our lives. Depending on the individuals choice to have this experience and feel what they wish to feel, believe, and understand. Universal consciousness is interpeted differently by each invididual experiencing it. However its all coming from the the same source and existing in the same space. It is in this space where poeple may receive knowledge, information and experience introspective thoughts and ideas and it is in this space where people may experience communications of both pictures, thoughts, words and emotions. All is there, it is all that there is. The consciousness of everything in existance.

*starts to softly hum ooohhh* What am I to do

Right now all I can do is dream about what we could all have

How much longer will people continue to be ingorant to the fact that we could all change this now!? Only time will tell but my bet is "not long"

I'm having hard times and I wonder if anyone could benifit from this incase it never will..

I would hate for this not to be used
If I ruled the world....

I have this overwhelming sense of more more more, no its not done yet
I dont want to stop I want to give out everything and never stop
It will never be good enough until this mission is finally done
I have to keep going and I have to stay strong forever
god help us all

This is in memory of everything and everyone

This is life

How long folks? That is up to you people.

I will comment on your guys comments aslong as they are civil

Theres lots of stuff in here to think or talk about, hope you guys enjoy it.


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