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posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 12:47 AM

guessing i can start that way.

our world is changing. this, everyone with an open concious mind can
decided. all you need to do is look what the world is turning into.
although we have love, family, friends and alot more in the name of
peace and happiness. we are stuck in a cosmic war, along with insuffiencent knowledge and direction we are all somewhat lost, looking
for an answer to shoot us off in the right direction.

over time of deniel to ones self, and the confusion of talk everywhere
we listen, we can only believe our selves. and that which was left for us
by god to find the right path to salvation.
there are aliens, as we call them, there are supernatural powers we cannot understand just yet, and mayb we wont get to, but if you read your bible it speaks of some people being simple. not simple as in stupid or immature, but simple as in, those that can connect the dots. a to b to c.

in the bible again it mentions how satan is the most beautiful of all the angels. that he was the cherub so to speak.
times and indeed changing and times for satan is knowingly running out,
but that only makes him more determined in his activities to manipulate us of truths and send us through uncalled for actions, a one-way ticket, his way-2 hell.

iv heard many things myself, and iv connected alot of dots.
like for example. illumati , triangles, power. subliminal messages,
and rediculous ideas.

NWO, FEMA, Concentration Camps, 500,000 coffins empty and ready for us the people.
the people in power have to complete things on time. right now they are running behind, as iv been stated from videos and doco's.
when u think ur on the right track to understanding the depths to this war,
you will then get spun again 360 degrees by something more sinister and a hell of a lot deeper then you thought is possible could get.
alot of this mightnt make sense to an average person but once research for truth keeps you moving, you begin to see a big picture.
but because of our limited knowledge, we can only see and believe what is in front of our eyes.

2 big events coming up concerning ET life and end of the world.

2012, and 14th october 2008.
2dates that alot of people cant accept.
i myself am a sinner, im no better off then anyone else. i accept this
but i also believe a human is equal to another human, we are no higher
or lower then a president. we must live a life of love. of respect, of moral.

alot cannot be bothered to waste effort on the details.
if its going to happen its going to happen. wrong.
Jesus said, we must repent before probation closes. if it closes and we cannot ask Jesus to forgive us for our wrongs then we may be decieved by all lying wonders and by the power of satan be led into darkness.

its abit like, deep inside i knew, but left it till the last minute. except in this case, if you leave it till the last minute, and probation closes, we might as
well stop what were doing.

2012, supposedly a comet, planet X, nibiru named planet / comet is going
to pass earth and scorch us with fire. in 14th of 2008 october, we are supposedly going to be visited by " aliens " lol.

in the bible it states , even satan will try to impersonate the coming of jesus.. the one question left out to ask is, will satan touch the earth when jesus said he will not because it has not been cleaned of sin. if he touched earth, jesus himself would be infected with sin. but if satan impersonates jesus' return, will he touch the earth. walk with us, talk, show signs of his powers. alot will be decieved, but to the reader, if aliens are so loving etc etc etc, then why touch earth while infected by the one thing that brings us down, sin.

im not sure this is leading anywhere, but if ur happy to say its opened ur eyes, just a little bit more then before, well go look for the answers u seek.
they are out there. like history. catholics- rome- greece-medo-persia- BABYLON> all came from a bad place.

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 12:57 AM
The bible says a lot of stuff, but it has been edited by politicians and kings.

It like the game telephone...

Don't take the bible seriously. I asked a guy "If god spoke in your ear to kill yourself, would you?"

He says "Yes, I would"


............I'll shut my mouth, the bible always get me started.

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 01:03 AM
After reading the terra papers and also studying the 5% of ufo cases which cannot be explained via radar eyewitness or personal testemony etc, its hard to really think of the bible as a dusty old holy book with great all knowing presence, its more like a drop of dew in the early morning still fresh..if you want to get involved with a deeper history of the earth, look harder but simply observe. thats all i have on this.

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