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Nuclear Bomb coming...What would you do?

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posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 12:20 AM
If you heard that a nuke is heading for your town in three minutes where would you go?

For me, I get my crow bar, backpack of food, and open up a sewage lid and down I go. I become a ninja turtle.

I have no choice, this would be my only option. What options do you guys have?

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 12:28 AM
To be honest, I would let it get me. I would not want to live without basic social service. I am sorry, I didn't grow up in a rural area, been a city person all of my life, and can't seem to phantom the idea of living with 5 people in a 100 mile radius. I would simply go out like everyone else. Imagine not having your family around, for those that do have family.

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 12:30 AM
Yeah I would have to face radiation from possible fall-out...

Do I want an instant death or a long suffering ...

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 12:35 AM
In school when I was a kid we did the Duck and Cover drills. Crawl under your desk and cover your head with your arms. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Then I got a little older and it changed to "Upon observing the mushroom cloud, quickly bend over grasping the back of your knees, sticking your head between your legs, so as to kiss your ass goodbye!"

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 01:08 AM
yeah those videos was to give people the most powerful idea: Hope.

It's a lot better than showing a video of grilled humans and telling you to kiss your ass goodbye.

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 02:43 AM
I am fortunate there is an extremely largw bank right behind my aprtment when I'm in the city.

3 levels of underground parking all solid stome a couple of feet think, (vaults under the bank too so ultra thick walls)

I'd be okay from the initial blast and radiation at about 5 miles from the nearest actual target site under there... but not from fallout, so what i'd do is drive the 73 pickup truck down there (about 200 ft from where I normally park it) and with no computer drive out as soon as the explosion passed...

i'd have about 20 minutes until the first fall out started and it would be rough but no ones car would be working but me and and a handful of others, most people on the surface around me would be dead..

I could probably get abot 10 miles before fallout started but if I shut all my vents and keep moving and take back roads I could probably keep pace slightly ahead of it...

pop my pills and just keep moving ... at some point I'll have to hit main road as I reach the edge of the city, my guess is it will be jamed so this is where I don a face mask and abandon vehicle and start to walk or ride bike,

I'd be headed north and fall out would be moving south and east from where I am virtually never North...

I'd be okay

I would be heading to the Navajo reeservation from there, most of the water in the coconino resevoir is as much as 5,000 feet under the surface all well water would be potable for months until water from the rockies seeped in, that water could remain fresh for as long as six months via well and no one will be further nuking the res, even if we faced a land invasion your talking about thousands of square miles of caves and valleys and rugged terrain on non American land in theory, no nation staging an invasion will be mounting a major mission into that terrain any time soon

yeah so I have thought about this before a few hundred what?

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 12:29 PM
reply to post by '___'eed

If there was a nuclear bomb headed to your town in three minutes, you would be vaporized. You cannot get out of the three mile ring of total vaporization, and then there is the 20 mile radius of complete destruction and very hot fires.
I would go to be with my family.
BTW, any kind of bomb shelter would bake a person as they would be heated up to hundreds of degrees. Underground shelters won't help either.
Remember, a 50 megaton H-Bomb has a three mile wide fireball and would vaporize all of the Los Angeles land area. What I described is the 50 K warheads destruction.

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posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 12:54 PM
3 minutes? That's about enough time to put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye.

Seriously, I'd just light one up and watch the show. This world bores me to death anyway. I'm ready for the next episode of "Universe". Maybe the writers will come up with something decent next time.

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 12:59 PM
I knew I should have got one of those old missile silo's!


posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 02:28 PM
reply to post by kidflash2008

negative. negative, negative

The heat blast and radiation lasts a few seconds, every city has hardened structures that would not be internally heated in that time frame... as I said the walls in the Bank lot behind by house are several feet thick and solid rock,

Eizo Nomura (野村 英三, Nomura Eizō?) was the closest known survivor, who was in a basement of modern "Rest House" only 100 m from ground-zero at the time of the attack.[28] Akiko Takakura (高蔵 信子, Takakura Akiko?) was among the closest survivors to the hypocenter of the blast. She had been in the solidly built Bank of Hiroshima only 300 m from ground-zero at the time of the attack

The "dead zone" of the hiroshima blast, initial fire ball was about 1 Milie or over 5,000 feet

yet 300 feet or 100 meters away a woman survived by being in a basement

If any bomb is not right on you and you can get into an underground bank vault your going to live, in my case having a good couple miles leeway I'd be fine in level 3 of a parking structure behind the vault's to the north of where the bomb will blow...

the heat will be massive as far as air but the in rushing air from the outside will pull frsh air back to fill the void within SECONDS, fall out as a result of this will not start within a a good hlaf hr and it is reasonable to predict exactly which way it is going

Those at Hiroshima who survived that got up and walked away from the bomb zone in the right direction did NOT even suffer radiation exposure

Knowledge goes a long way,

One guy at hiroshima only 270 Meters away actually bent over in his flower garden (by coincidence) behind a large boulder and the currents took the heat of the blast around him and he walked away being outside in his garden 1/5 of a mile from detonation

Telling people they have no hope is bs... you need to know your hardened locations and be prepared and those pills will let you walk out even if you have a few if you pop them priior to fallout starting, a simple under 100.00 face mask and your going to be okay...

if your stuck walking in fall out you need to shield your feet and platform it because as it lands you will be irradaited from the ground, simple disposable plastic sheets to cover yourself with and shake off will prevent radioactive particles from accumulating on you even if your stuck walking through part of the "snow storm"

and i'm in Phx... even from Sub I'll have more than 3 minutes, maybe 10-15

the simplest of things like having even a small hardened shelter will up your chances of survival many x over unless your right in a dead zone and even then... a woman walked out from under 300 ft in just a basement

now that's not happening in bigger bombs today the hole will be a mile on some of the larger bombs ...

but if your not dead central metrapolitan within a couple of miles and you have a shelter the heat will not if the right amount of rock is used over a few seconds roast you inside your shelter... cool air will be rushing back in a matter of moments... 3-4 feet of Rock of the right kind will not be melting from it or heating through instantly

if your a few miles beyond that dead zone you will have to get out...because the rock will stay hot and in shortime be like a sauna, but NOT in the legnth of time it takes to:

avoid the fire ball and be shielded from direct radiation

after that get OUT because you have a window and if you stay calm you have time, the fall out has to float down and it takes time...

Please don't tell people gloom and doom and quote numbers and temperatures because... living proof exists and only by coincidence did the survivors at virtual ground zero in hiroshama walk away, but with thought and planning and education a nuclear war can be survived.

The big question would be survival of the nuclear winter... you will have to move get to the country side and set up new shelter or have something ready and it needs a DEEP Well, it takes forever for surface water to hit those depths, my estimates tell me the ground water of the coconino might be solid for 6-8 months and maybe forever because it will be filtered trhrough 5,000 feet of rock and soil before getting there... and a good filtration sysytem will help loads also on the way back up... ground water dpeending on how deep might be 100% viable even after a global devestation and will not freeze in the winter, you just need to keep the pump warm, if you dig underground you can stay warm through the nuclear winter without much heat, use your well, use what oil and kerosene or generator you have to heat specifically your well pump not you, you have internal heat, wear artic clothing and live...

The radiation and the nuclear winter will not be that awful forever...

in 6 months your talking almost 0 radiation from rays given off by particulates, ingestion will be your only concern, water itself will not be irradiated... and you will have nothing to do but dig and clean those months...a good gieger counter to keep particulates away and you should be okay... we have background radiation all the time we are exposed to and can tolerate it if it is kept limited

Radiation long term is NOT your big fear...

The Nuclear Winter will be, you want to have a big enough shelter for food for 1 year with mre's as a staple that's not so hard or brutally expensive to set up...

The Key is

High ground

within 1 week the dust cover will start to freeze everything.. most people will head low to aoid the cold...don't!!! dig in at high ground, mountain side... elevation, sloped land...

your going to get frozen in unless you happen to live in the rain forest in Brazil... so embrace it!

The freeze will lock layer and layer of ice on that mountain, the ice age itself will last longer than a year but that's how long it will be for the "Big freeze"

In that time frame global warming will start upping the temperatures again as the dust thins and light gets through but doesn't escape... as that ice melts all the radio active particles 99% will have settled and it will be washed Down stream, where it will clump and settle for years as incline and flow decreases.. a mountain side a year later will be free almost entirely of radio active dust

you will have a short grow season for a few years but you will have food you can eat...

within 5 years... welcome to your mountain paradise... no particulates will rise to that altitude on the wind, any there were will rinse off to lowlands, global warming will last about that long and it won't be cold unless your north in a zone of a natural ice sheet... (in time 99.9% of those particulates will be at the bottom of the ocean)

Just have enough iodine for those first 3 months and sporadic use there after (times where you need to clear your entrance of snow and open the door)

and own a few things, geiger counter, well water, mtn land outside the city, by the time your well from inside the mtn is tainted... the fresh snowfall will provide fresh water

a Big bag of seeds...

I absolutely intend to survive a nuclear war, nothing is Ever hopeless

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posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 02:44 PM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

I enjoyed your discourse. However how much preparation have you 'really' made? Time is short when the story is long. Well something like that. What I mean to say is that I sense you have not made these actualities. No time like the present.

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 02:47 PM

Originally posted by antar
No time like the present.

To aid you in your efforts:

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 02:55 PM
I would go outside to watch...... hope that Aliens come and stop the missle. Cause if they don't and the first one doesn't kill you... one of the next hundred will. 3 minute warning to the government is enough to launch everything they got.

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 03:03 PM
If I'm with my family ( wife & kids ) we would go underground and I would tell them all that I love them more than life. If I was away from my family at work and didn't have enough time to see them then I'd call them and tell them I love them. Three minutes isn't enough time to do much of anything so do your best and love everyone before this happens. I know I will.

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 03:27 PM
It all depends if it is a surface or atmosphere detonation. They have different effects with atmospheric detonations spreading the fallout much farther.

Regardless of which it is, I would run towards the hypocentre of the blast with my arms wide open and my eyes closed.

Thus avoiding the mass hysteria, brutal death from fallout or exposed burns, long suffering of a foodless and diseased population. Is surviving worth it? If one bomb is launched, they are all launched, worldwide.....

Mutually Assured Destruction. Ouch.

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 03:32 PM
reply to post by antar

When your in a city, there is only one thing you can do

Know your hardened shelters

I always keep my residences specific to locations that are hardened from attack and designed to act for that specific purpose.

When living in Brooklyn, Ny I lived just 2 blocks from Kings Plaza... a Mall lol, but what most people don;t know is it was designed to act as a fallout shelter in the event of a Nuclear war, i had worked there as a teen, there are doub;le layers of walls each a few fee thick solid concrete and a giant set of sub basements with corridors that lead all he way to ft hamilton (old ex airbase unused since the 50's 60's at the latests) there is back up power 3 levels down enough to last over a year

with that useless as anything in a crowded city is as anything other than an intitial shield

Once the fallout starts you have no more than a week...

You need land and a setup way away from the things of man, at altitude so fallout eventuially washes down from you

How prpared am I? I have what I need to live through the blast and get out... I'm 200 feet from serious blast wall at a major bank, kind of place that keeps alot of money as I said the parking alone goes 3-4 stories underground in hard as hell phx rock and dirt...

and I can pull in to there my survival beast, a 73 chevy truck with not a single em fryable part on it and a bike locked in the covered bed for if I have to ditch it and basic provisions to get me upstate...

I also have my wife and my kids way up north along the Navajo res while I work down here, far from any targeted location and meters from no us soil

What I Don't have yet (and right now as the world turns) it worries me is a purchase of land up there, that will hopefully be mine brfore xmas... on the rim, a good distance from any town worth shooting a nuke at... despite being az... there is plenty of ground water and the altitude is perfect and it is completely off the fallout path of phx metro

I'm looking at only 10 G for 10 aceres in the area

I excpect and intend to put 50% down before xmas, well included, then I need a good six months to harden it properly and dig in...

I am honestly extremely concerned that I am behind schedule, events with russia and the isreali time table have me worried...

I do have an above ground home to go to up there and what I need to survive if there but not what I need for a nuclear winter scenario as yet, not proper, it has to be underground...

the temp will drop soooo low that you will loose your balls if you go outside and do a no2 for 5 minutes and pipes will all freeze...

But i have my pills, I have my shelter, I have my family in a place they will not be targeted directly or are immeadiately downwind from an attack...

the 2 closest targets would be flaggstaff and there is a nuclear plant in northern az also...

niether would be initial targets or priorities in a war, definietley not a limited exchange and maybe only in a full exchange

IF I do not aquire the rest of what i want in the time frame I need, my fall back plan is to take the family and hit the navajo res or other nearby area and cave it

I chose the region because the coconino aquifer is buried so deep under ground that water , fresh water will always be available and the bulk of it lies under the res which will never be hit by a nuke

as an avid spelunker I know all the large local cave systems and in the event the event happens before I am ready I have a back up plan that would take me to one of several little known cave sytems that I know have fresh drinking water and will maintain stable temperature, I have gear I need for this including a wide variety of handcrancked lights

population is extremely scarce in these areas and I am certain I would not be alone in those cave systems but an overload of people is very unlikely

I would also have the navajos to work with many of whom I am quite friendly with and these people know how to survive locally with nothing and I have spent more than a little time understanding the terrain, food and water sources and all that good stuff

so I have a pretty good plan..but no, not 100% as I want as of yet

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 03:38 PM
3 minutes! That is not much time. I would say it is enough to run over to your bath tub crawl in and cover over with your box frame from your bed. I live in a steel reinforced concrete block structure as do most of South FL so if they hit Miami or Tampa I am out of the immediate fireball zone but not the shock wave. In the Army they tell you to get in as deep of a hole as you can find and turn your a$$ to the blast with you hands under you. Not much else you can do in that amount of time unless you have a blast shelter.

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 03:43 PM
And... Choice of Career is everything. I chose to work on the net, by and large aside from having a a talent for it... because I knew I could work from anywhere when things got hot just in case.

I'm not held to the city

Truth be told I'm keeping my apt for weekends only and headed upstate for my main residence as soon as the elction is over within a couple of months there of and already spending some of my month up there now

Not to be paranoid... but this election reminds o\me of mayor Dinkins run in NY where a Black guy got elected and they let the city go to hell in a handbasket to gentrify certain areas for redevelopment

I have a feeling the reason Obama has a push from even some Neocons is... they plan on blaming the "disaster" on a brother...

This is NOT my outlook on life... just the infamous "Them"

I'm not going to be in a major metro area for the Obama presidency, I fully excpect that whatever happens will be done on his watch and assure that pasty white republicans get elected for the forseable future...if there is a forseeable future

sorry but... "blame the black guy" will probably be played here and I want no part of it

So seriously...

I'm outtie

and I hope the strike doesn't come on the weekend when i'm down here shopping and having a good time, probably it won't, you want to launch an attack when people are working so they really loose track of loved ones and everything is a chaos and the most people and important key figures die

But singularly, the most important factor, don't live in a major city and know where silos are if you mov to the country

i.e. the Dakotas stink

I stick by the res because I know there are no bases for attack for hundreds and hundreds of miles from the center

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 03:47 PM
You know what if we believe what we are led to then i dont suppose we have much chance of survival. If 2 passenger jets can clear half of new York City and cause that much devastation then i dont expect much chance of survival in a nuclear attack.

We were taught in the army to lie down and wait for the positive shockwave then the returning negative shockwave. Then stand up and run like hell in the opposite direction.

Having packed in the smokes 3 months ago i would definitely use it as an excuse to light one up then hold onto my children and tell them how much i love them and hope it was painless

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 03:54 PM
MAD surely means that your NATION will be destroyed it certainly doesn't mean you have to go with it... work on wall street and you can excpect certain outcome, work via satelite from a mountainside a couple hundred miles from the nearest target and several hundred miles from the nearest city and have a basement shelter and well water and supplies, your going to live IF you undertsand how to cope with fall out...

and it will all settle over a couple of years downstream from altitude, the right locations will clear alot sooner than people think...

again it's all about that first winter... sub artic temperatures as the sky is Black maybe for weeks... and then brown for months after...

The Earth in those extremes will clear the fallout for you... nothing like 100 ft of melting snow to washaway fallout...and torential winds to scour the Earth clean...and then a great warming the next year to melt it all

Our Mom knows how to take care of a contamination! you just need to go dormant for a couple years

The radiation thrat long term except in the wrong locations will be nothing... the sealevel changes will put most blasted locs underwater anyway... it's all going away faster than anyone would lead you to believe

the climate extremes... survive those and your okay

Can you even imagine the rain and wind and floods as a 6-12 month deep freeze is replaced by rapid global warming... it will rain and wind so much the next year you will think that Noah had it good...

which is why a mountain side or plateau, soild unmoving rock at altitude is your only hope... these will be washed clean rapidly

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