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A coup at work

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posted on Aug, 25 2008 @ 08:01 PM
Concerning the fun that happened today, I'll deal with one incident.

One of our FLS's (Foreign language Specialists) (And very fluent in Arabic) seems to have become rather well known to a group from Alaska who have been training. He was our acting mayor at our small village today. From what I was informed Yesterday he was translator for the mayor. The former mayor from yesterday was our translator today. The scenario called for the villagers to be angry at the troops. The specific reason that the village was angry wasn't given and we were expected to adlib. It seems yesterday when he (Former translator now mayor) was asked by the troops why the vllage wasn't happy with the troops yesterday he told them that American Troops had killed all the babys in the village. That's right every one of them. Needless to say he was doing some serious adlibing. Well, that was yesterday. The troops from the same unit came by today and we weren't happy again. I'm guessing that our present mayor's performance yesterday had been reported to the rest of the unit since I noticed a Soldier (who was pulling security on us while they talked with the mayor) Poke his head into one of the huts, yank it out and say:

Troop 1) "Hey!! Where are the kids!?"
Troop 2) "Don't you know? We're at THAT village and the translator from yesterday is now the mayor!!"
Troop 1) "Oh Great!! We've got a Coup on our hands."

At that point pretty much everyone laughed as did the troops within earshot.

Needless to say that particular reason for Village anger is never to be used again. The FLS's have been informed to come up with something more reasonable in the future.

Edited to add:
My Job

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