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New US Forces Airfield being built at... Halabja

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posted on Aug, 25 2008 @ 07:30 PM
Something about building a new US Airbase at the town of Halabja that screams mental torture.

For a town that was devestated through the nightmare of chemical, airborne attack.. it seems rather... ignorant of 'hearts & minds' to be building a military airbase there.

Maybe im looking to much into it..

Tehran, 25 August (AKI) - The United States has reportedly begun constructing a new military base in Iraq's Kurdistan region not far from the Iranian border.

According to the state-owned Press TV, the Kurdistan Regional Government has allocated 700 hectares of land near Iran's border for the construction of a large US-financed airport.

The airport is to be built in a town called Halabja situated about 11 kilometres from the Iranian border in the northern Iraqi province of Sulaimaniyah, the Press TV website said on Monday.

The site said there was speculation that the US wanted to establish an airbase close to the Iranian border for its forces.

Iraqi Political Analyst Masud Abdulkhaliq says the construction of a civilian airport near the border raises many doubts, because of its size and location.

“The airport is very large and Halabja is a small town. It doesn't need to build a big airport like this in an area that is near the border,” Abdulkhaliq told Press TV.

For those that dont know of Halabja

The Halabja poison gas attack occurred in the period March 16–17, 1988, during the Iran-Iraq War. Chemical weapons (CW) were used by the Iraqi government forces in the Iraqi Kurdish town of Halabja, killing thousands of people, most of them civilians (3,200-5,000 dead on the spot and 7,000-10,000 injured[1]). Thousands more died of horrific complications, diseases, and birth defects in the years after the attack.[2]

The incident, which Human Rights Watch (HRW) defined as an act of genocide, was as of 2008 the largest-scale chemical weapons attack directed against a civilian-populated area in history.

posted on Aug, 25 2008 @ 08:45 PM
here is what most you americans have voted, and still are voting for, a gov so currupt its crazy. how many u.s,a, bases do you need in the world ?

and you ask why the world hates you, so stupid

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