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Operation Guardian Angel - Experimental Homeland Security

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posted on Aug, 25 2008 @ 09:43 AM
Dear ATS visitors,

Welcome in the Operation Guardian Angel - Experimental Homeland Security.

What is this experiment is all about? We've just realized that if we're predicting something at ATS, some sort of terror attack, operation false flag, or an event, be it neutral or human made, that's surely not going to happen. There could be several reasons for the human made events;

1. the government / others didn't really plan anything for that day against the people on that day
2. they've lost the element of surprise for that day, due to posts and predictions (After many believes they're monitoring ATS, that's a possible option.).

So, after a fellow ATS member, ZyPHeR told me, my idea can be useful, I believe it's better if we're starting a thread, where ATS members may give predictions to each of the days of the year. Why the U.S. Government or other Governments are intending to make something against the U.S. or other citizens on that day. We have 365, in some years 366 years. ATS has the population of thousands. So, if just two-three people is writing a prediction for a single day, we can cover the whole year with few posts.

Remember. For us, writing this sort of threads are taking quite less effort then to them to create any sort of terror attacks, false flag operations, etc, etc... And of course, they can believe someone is telling their plans to us and they can rip each other to apart. Pretty efficient guerrilla tactics, where we just sit back, relax, writing some predictions and enjoy the show when they taking out each other.

As ZyPHeR said, it's reverse psychology. If they make something what we written, we know they did it. If nothing happens, they never planned something on that day, or we simply crossed their plans.

Dear fellow ATS members. Feel free and add your conspiracy predictions for the next day or the upcoming days to reduce the chance that these events may ever happen. Use your imagination and write it down what you never want to see on that day what about you're writing.

Oh. By the way, ladies and gentlemen of the NSA, CIA, FBI and other agencies. You may give your personal predictions too under aliases. The essence of this experiment is to AVOID everything what we're writing down. With this, we may shorten the possibilities of those bad events, what may the next day can bring to us. So, let's consider this as a small game. Theoretically if we're already speaking about these possibilities, we're reducing the chance of these events to ever being happen on the mentioned day.

The idea of this topic is started here. Special Thanks to jedimiller for the thread and ZyPHeR for the support.

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posted on Aug, 25 2008 @ 09:44 AM
So, today is August 25, 2008... let's make a prediction for the next day.

Operation Guardian Angel - Experimental Homeland Security
Prediction #0001
August 26, 2008

Backstory: In the Georgian, St. Ossetian conflict, the U.S., due to the pressure of Israel will interfere into the conflict quite greater then as they really should be. Russia is not going to let this to happen, because the Russian Bear is not forgetting the 2000 civilians what the Georgian forces are massacred on August 08, 2008 and they'll urging their house to declare St. Ossetia and Abhazia as independent states.

Possible action for that day: The U.S. is intending to make countermeasures and will alert their fleets to show their mighty power, because Israel is fear from the retaliation what Russia is holding for them. The U.S. Government will threat Russia with retaliation if they'll recognize the independence of St. Ossetia and Abhazia. Most of the current Israelis are originating from Georgia and after they're already pissed up by Russia, they'll urge the U.S. government to make steps.

Possible outcome: Greater war around Georgia and the Middle East, where Russia and her allies will wipe out Georgia and Israel. The U.S. and Israel will retaliate with nukes and the whole event escalates to WW3.

Operation Guardian Angel - Experimental Homeland Security
Prediction #0002
August 26, 2008

Backstory: Due to the lack of government support, the U.S. government is intending to make a scenario to put the fear into the heart of the citizens to gain their support back.

Possible action for that day: Just as in 9/11, a small covert operation group is starting the preparations for another September 11, 2008 (Special thanks to jedimiller, who started this prediction) to draw the attention of the world for the so called terrorists. As we learned from many conspiracy videos, the final preparations for these operations may take two, maybe three weeks, before their execution, so they maybe just start to this black ops operation.

Possible outcome: Within few weeks, another 911. The government will gain their desired support back, while someone will fill it's pocket again with the insurance money.

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posted on Aug, 25 2008 @ 09:56 AM
We should link the thread where you originally posted this idea, so they can see where we were coming from at the time and how the idea came about. Having said that, I will post a prediction also...


EDIT: Heres the topic this started in. See how we got the idea.'

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posted on Aug, 25 2008 @ 10:04 AM
You posted predictions a lot more in depth than I had previously expected... i'm gonna post a few of mine in a different manner and we'll work on it from here.

August 27th Predictions:

A major building belonging directly to the US government will be suicide bombed in Washington DC and will be blamed on anti-american "jihad" holy warriors. The result: Tighter patriot act laws and more intrusive american surveillance.

A convoy of american troops will be surprised by a roadside bomb, taking over 20 casualties. A militant group will claim responsibility for the attack. The result: More troops being sent to keep Iraq "stable"

North Korea will once again resume nuclear testing, ignoring warnings from the US and the UN. Result: We will claim them having weapons of mass destruction and will go to "war on terror" against North and possibly South Korea. Attacks will consist of aerial bombings as well as sea to land missiles.

posted on Aug, 25 2008 @ 10:15 AM
reply to post by ZyPHeR

I'm just trying to draw parallels with the events of nowadays and I'm trying to figure out the next possible, but also worst step and give a conclusion for it. I'm trying to be realistic, while you're adding your worst fears. That's good, because it can give more depth for this experiment.

Now, let's hear some predictions from fellow ATS members. So, let's hear some predictions for... the day after tomorrow: August 28, 2008. Who volunteers?

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posted on Aug, 25 2008 @ 10:29 AM
Oooo, op guardian angel huh? I liiiike.

Cmon folks, lets hear some input from you guys!


posted on Aug, 25 2008 @ 10:36 AM
If you predict that something will happen every single day, the prediction holds much less weight and will be taken less seriously.

I strongly disagree that this will help anything.

posted on Aug, 25 2008 @ 10:41 AM
I highly doubt the "government" changes their plans and alters their schemes based on what is discussed in this message board. I know there are filters looking for certain phrases and whatnot, but to me, it is goofy to think "Oh no, they're onto us! Quick, change the plan!".

posted on Aug, 25 2008 @ 10:42 AM
No no no... ur missing what we're saying. Im not saying any one of these things will happen ANY day. Notice theres prediction dates for the 26th, the 27th? We make different predictions for different days. Sure, the prediction can reoccur once or twice in the year without too much hassle but the point here is, if we make predictions for every day... one of 2 things may happen. 1, one of these predictions may come true and will give us significant "umph" to point a finger. 2, Someone may plan to do these things on this day and receive a memo: "Sir, we were going to bomb iran today but someone on the internet has predicted it happening on this day" and lets say they listen and do it 2 weeks later. Thats 2 weeks you added onto someones life because you made a stupid prediction. Whats it gonna hurt YOU? 3 minutes typing on this forum? Im not saying this is gonna be overly successful but it seemed fun and at least possible from the way we first thought of it. Go to the original post where we came up with the idea from and it may be easier to understand.

posted on Aug, 25 2008 @ 10:47 AM
reply to post by MeanDirtyKiller

That's why we're calling it as an EXPERIMENT.
And a question: how can you be a skeptic if you never tried and never was a part in this experiment? And as you can see the predictions here at ATS, such as UFOs will come on an exact day, government supported terror attack will happen on an exact day... well, see the percentage how many became real. I can give you the number. Between 0% and 0.5%.

So, let's try to use this as an advantage, instead of look back at them as "we predicted, but it's not happened." Let's try to take a look at the possible other side. It's not happened, because we wanted to avoid it and that's why we warned everyone about it's possibility. Also, this experiment has some psychological value, because if someone writes down what from he / she fears, that will make his / her life much more easier to wait for the next day. Many are live in fear at ATS, waits the ends of the world, waits for UFOs, afraid of the government, etc, etc...

Experiment Operation Guardian Angel may help them to write their fear out. Maybe, just maybe their predictions, their writings can help us to avoid their predicted, dreaded events. So, the thread will remain open for everyone, be it skeptical and believer too.

As ZyPHeR said, it's not going to hurt you. What can you loose? 3 minutes? Maybe less? Give a prediction for ONE day. Just for ONE. Tell us what your soul is whispering to you? Which day is that what from you afraid. Why you believe in that? Your inner voice is never cheating you.

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posted on Aug, 25 2008 @ 11:19 AM
Let's try a science fiction like prediction too for tomorrow.

Operation Guardian Angel - Experimental Homeland Security
Prediction #0003
August 26, 2008

Backstory: The Galactic Federation is feeling the tensions, which is between the great powers on the planet, but they're not intending to do anything, just making their usual surveillance.

Possible action for that day: They send in their recon fleet to observe, but not interfere. Few U.F.O. sightings will be reported, but will be considered as fakes or as air force air balloons.

Possible outcome: The Galactic Federation will interfere into the human politics and will reveal themselves within few weeks.

And a religious prediction, also for tomorrow.

Operation Guardian Angel - Experimental Homeland Security
Prediction #0004
August 26, 2008

Backstory: All the angels are seeing that there is trouble on the planet. But they're still waiting to act, because their era is still not come. They saw as some so called chosen ones are intending to fulfill their prophecies, even if it's costing the life of thousands. The celestials are deciding they're revealing themselves to the humans to end the chaos once and for all.

Possible action for that day: In the knowledge of the end time, the celestial beings are starting the preparation to strike down at the evil, whose are continuously trying to make distrust against these celestial beings and creating war between the humans. Many people with celestial connection will opening new threads here at ATS and on the net to warn us about the approaching end days and give the message of the celestial angels; We're not alone.

Possible outcome: Within few months, the celestial beings will reveal themselves throughout the planet and they will start to make their cleaning operation, bringing salvation to good ones and sending the bad ones back to hell.

And a natural prediction...

Operation Guardian Angel - Experimental Homeland Security
Prediction #0005
August 26, 2008

Backstory: There were many smaller earthquakes near California in the last weeks and months.

Possible action for that day: The long time ago waited greatest earthquake will start to shake and sunk the land of California.

Possible outcome: I believe I don't need to comment this one.

Well. These are another possibilities for tomorrow, but this time from scientific, religious and natural approach.
Let's see which is that which event we're going to avoid and which is that, what we're going to predict perfectly. If nothing will happen tomorrow, well, we successfully avoided all of them.

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posted on Aug, 27 2008 @ 02:10 AM
Okay. So it took me a while but I read through the initial thread a few times and finally understood (maybe only partially) what you were trying to convey. Since my name is Unlimitedpossibilities , I must take every possibility into consideration. However, this does not mean I support your idea.

I have a couple questions and suggestions.


1. Are you suggesting we start a new thread for each day? Or one thread that lasts a year?

2. Who is this suppose to fool? The U.S. government or government deemed terrorists? Both?

3. What research have you done to verify that their search algorithms are that broad enough to encompass paranormal or e.g. "angels"?


1. There are going to be numerous skeptics so provide some evidence that it will work. It doesn't even have to be empirical but maybe just logic with some more thought experiments (I don't know).

2. Elaborate and be more precise.


I only ask these questions because you have sparked my interest immensely. These questions may also be a result of me not understanding fully and maybe missing some key points or obvious factors.

EDIT: p.s. I flagged and starred

2nd EDIT: Basically, how is this not "crying wolf" everyday?

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