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The Case for Mitt Romney (Or Against Him)

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posted on Aug, 25 2008 @ 09:39 AM
So word has it that Mitt Romney is top of the list to be McCain's VP pick; as someone who's not a McCain fan I'm pretty enthralled about that. Although some say he would help in states like Colorado, Nevada, and Michigan I think the potential for damage is much greater.

My reasoning behind this is twofold: First, Romney's the ultimate "flip flopper" or panderer. Just watch these two videos:

He has been described as "more liberal than Ted Kennedy" on abortion and gun control - Yet, in 2007 he suddenly became pro-life. Hmmm.

Second, it's clear that he and John McCain hate each other. While the RNC can attack Obama using Biden's words against him, that's all insignificant compared to ads like these:

You can go watch footage of McCain and Romney at each other's throats on Youtube - There's no love there.

A smaller point that might have some impact is his religion. While I don't care what faith a politician belongs to, most Americans don't feel that way. Many Evangelical Christians, who are important in states like Virginia and Florida, view Mormonism as a "cult" to quote the Southern Baptist Convention. There's an excellent article detailing the issue in the context of his Presidential run here:

All in all, I think Romney would not be a good choice for McCain if he wants to win the election. The potential gains in Nevada would not likely be worth giving up Colorado or increasing the possibility of loosing Virginia.

One last thought - Mitt Romney has a history of laying off workers in Michigan and Ohio, then re-hiring some of them at lower wages. This won't go over well in those states.

posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 05:44 AM
.. cricket..

ha, but seriously, I thought Romney was McCains only real option. I understand why he didn't pick him as VP, but I really don't understand why he chose Palin over Romney. That's just insane.


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