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Religion within Government

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posted on Aug, 24 2008 @ 07:57 PM
Now before I start, I DO NOT want this thread to bash any form of religion, organised worship, faith or whatever. Please be respectful of other people's beliefs, we are all entitled to our own, and focus on the topic at hand and NOT 'scoring points' against any other faith.

Okay, so while browsing the veritable cornucopia of information that is ATS I came upon a topic entitled Obama's anti christian speech.

After watching the included video, which failed to convince me and several other posters that Barack Obama is anti-Christian, I posted my reply, the gist of which was that it sounded to me like Obama is merely saying 'religion + politics = BAD!', an idea that I have always agreed with.

So I want to open it up here and get some views.

My thoughts on this topic are clear. I do not believe that the religious views of leaders, especially those who lead countries which claim they are built on diversity, should have any effect or place in the governing body.

In these countries the leaders are representing, forming both domestic and foreign policies, and upping the standard of living for a society comprised of dozens and dozens of different religions. Is it fair for one wo/man with one belief to allow that belief to influence his or her decision? Especially when that decision is going to affect people who may not agree with the fundamental belief, let alone the interpretation or lesson or whatever.

I'm sorry if this seems short, or not very fleshed out but its late and I need sleep. Mods, if this needs to go somewhere else I apologise. Haven't posted in the Politics section for a VERY long time.

posted on Aug, 24 2008 @ 08:05 PM
Well my two cents ...good luck with that ...Everyone has a religion yes even athiestic views are just like a religion .as they religiously believe what they believe dont they and it does get taught as fact just like Religions do...
So no matter who you pick what they believe will influence their choices in their policies and decisions made ....


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