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Tracking the Bilderbergers for insights into 2012

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posted on Aug, 24 2008 @ 05:54 PM
Perhaps tracking Bilderberg invitees would provide us with a hint about the future of mankind in terms of 2012 prophecies.

I presume some insiders are "in-the-know" in terms of a polar-shift, planet-x, 2012 doomsday scenarios. Who are these insiders? Government officials, leaders of state, corporate icons, etc..... BILDERBERG !

If I were a billionaire and knew a doomsday were less than 5 years away I would be partying like it was 1999 !!
I would be buying property in the Himilayas. I would spend as much time with family as possible and less time at work.

Scaling back of interests in stock and finances. This info is available to the public. For example, in the last six months, Insiders at Microsoft have sold 40 million shares which accounts for 3.2 % of outstanding shares. ONly 77,000 shares were purchased. During this time, insitutional investors sold almost a billion shares which is almost 20% of MSFT. Craig Mundie, MSFT officer was at the 2008 meeting.

Personal strategies that don't take a long term outlook. (ie, selling real estate, etc)

I remember seeing a thread about a Scandinavian royal family on a property investment cruise to the arctic circle . This is the type of behavior that would indicate to me that they have a dire outlook.

So as not to attract attention to yourself go to or similar anonymous website and type in the URL box to get to the google homepage via cloak. Here's the list od Bilderberg invitees in 2008. USe the list and find out as much info as possible and then add it to the thread.


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