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Untersberg - The Mystery Mountain

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posted on Dec, 4 2010 @ 07:11 PM
reply to post by stahlsta1

Oh, come on...
Yes, it was a multiple re-post (probably due to editing and using the "back" button, as many posters unfamiliar with the editing here do), and yes, it contained commercial references, but I've seen posts that were far more offensive and they are still sitting around.

Anyway, Wolf, if you come back: I'd love to hear about any personal experiences you may have had.
Sharing a few tasty tidbits makes people more likely to buy books. :-)

but I see a man's face inside this blue orb. To me, it's clear as day.

Now we know what you look like AND where you live, BlueOrb.

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posted on Dec, 4 2010 @ 07:16 PM

Originally posted by Vanitas
Such is the fate of mammoth threads (and that is the reason why I am against such threads).

Yeah I started gathering all the info for a page but so far only got to page 10
I have more info, but want to go through first and sort what is here

I needs sexatary

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 03:11 AM
reply to post by Vanitas

Yeah....i have to admit it, "Anonymous" was in fact me, just before i joined up officially. In my rush to join, i foolishly chose the name "BlueOrb" as my login....for obvious reasons. Now i'm stuck with it!

The orb really freaked me out when i first noticed it - i only reviewed the opictures i took on the evening after i returned to my hotel in Wuerzburg, some 3 hours drive from Berchtesgaden (even taking into account i clocked up 200Kph on the way back, driving one handed whilst taking a photo of the dashboard for posterity....but that's another story......).

I've played around many times with contract, infra red, etc, and although i did get a sense of a "face" in it, i was more intrigued by how it resembles an atom. Further ïnvestigations", including my communication with the good Professor from NASA in ther States, points, as far as i am concerned, to Plasma, as i have relayed in this thread. That. however, is linked to atmospheric conditions, magnetism, etc, and so for me it's a closed case. It's a Plasma ball. I can't remmeber if i posted the "hiding" Orb on here or not. The pictures i took in the tunnel (407ft long) that leads from outside the Kehlsteinhaus (Eagle's Nest) to the elevator shaft (also 407ft), with the Orb hiding behind an electrical fitting on the roof. THAT picture, for me, is absolute proof that "Orbs" exist, and that it's not dust particles, blah blah blah.

See the link back to numbers above (407)? Specially for my mate Vanitas!

I also mentioned here that the original buses, manufactured especially for climbing the kehlstein pass, were a model named including the number that's not coincidence.

The Kehlstein was designed by Roderick Fich, who originated in Wuerzburg (where i was staying, but that IS a coincidence). I believe his works are kept in the Technical University of Munich library. I would so love to leaf through his stuff for a while. It can be no coincidence that the number 407 crops up in his design, and it is widely acknowledge or suggested that the deisn of the Kehlsteinhaus was heavily influenced by Secret Society knowledge..

Just a little re-cap from me, to remind everyone that there is plenty still not known, and for us to research.

And to add my support to Vanitas to find someone to sort these number issues out!

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 04:13 AM

Originally posted by BlueOrb
It's a Plasma ball.

Well NASA has a lot of issues with 'Plasma Balls'
and Jim Oberg linked me to a study that shows they seem to have 'unexplained plasma phenomena' around their space craft

Also many UFO researchers and main stream science is coming around to understanding that 'plasma life forms may indeed be a reality... The fact that places like this mountain and areas like Gillians ranch, Frenchmen's Mountain and others seem to have a large number of 'orb' incidences is what brings me to this topic mainly.

Also the reports of natural 'gateways' associated with these areas interests me... especially since I found an old AirForce study on wormhole stargates that mentions...

"The study also consisted of a search for teleportation phenomena occurring naturally..."

"Naturally occurring anomalous teleportation phenomena that were previously studied by the United States and foreign governments were also documented in the study and are reviewed in the report."

I have got up to page 10 catalogs with additions
I will try adding the next 10 tomorrow... hopefully there is less data and more chit chat in the next few pages to let me catch up

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posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 12:42 PM
reply to post by BlueOrb

Wait... wasn't it 451 metres?
This thread is too long, and my time too short, to check it now, but I am reasonably sure the length discussed was 451 metres.

Anyway, there is a book that might be worth your while (meaning anyone interested in the technical/numerical aspect of this project), Max Hartmann's Die Verwandlung eines Berges unter Martin Bormann: 1936-1945, Berchtesgaden, 1989 (and later editions).

Apparently, Hartmann was directly involved in the engineering of the building, including the measurements.
(I am copying this information from chapter 15, footnote nro. 1, in: Ulrich Chaussy & Christoph Püschner, Nachbar Hitler: Führerkult und Heimatzerstörung am Obersalzberg, partially available through Google Books Search.)

I doubt very much that anything remotely "esoteric" is to be found in the book, but it should be an interesting, almost obligatory, read for anyone interested in this.

BTW, does anyone know why Bormann or whoever was in charge chose Fick instead of Speer?
It's just an idle question, I suppose, but I do find it potentially interesting.

Anyway, this aspect, in conjunction with the orbs, is the "meat and potatoes" that I like to see.

There's no doubt that orbs or plasma are a natural phenomenon (then again, what isn't?), but I do tend to agree with those who may argue that their exact origin isn't all that clear.
They are natural, yes... but what exactly produces them?

(And, of course, having seen golden orbs with my own skeptically rinsed eyes, not once but twice in my life, I know for a fact that, whatever they are, they can occur in apartment buildings, far from any known natural sources of magnetism, etc.
Judging strictly by my own experience, I should also add that they can appear to have a certain connection with consciousness... but I would loathe to derail this thread again, so let's leave it at that.

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posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 06:23 PM
reply to post by Vanitas

I forget that I live in a desolate part of the world that no one knows a lot about.

There is a small farming town out near El Paso (well...sort of near El Paso, in Big Bend country) called Marfa. In this region, Marfa is known for a few things: dumpground for bodies made dead by the Mafioso's, farming, and the Marfa Lights.

Wiki on Marfa Lights

Any West Texan worth his salt knows about them. There is a school of thought that makes claim that they are balls of plasma emitted from the tops of the some hills, due to geologic stress. There are fault lines in the general vicinity (we get very minor tremors here about every 5 years, about 2 hours away from Marfa).

I don't buy the "campfires and headlights". I have been down there. I saw lots of headlights, no campfires, and no Marfa Lights on any of the trips I have been on.

However, Rattlesnake Gap, a small pile of iron rich rock laying halfway between Big Spring and Colorado City (named for the massive amounts of rattlers gathered there annually for the various Rattlesnake Roundups) has been reported to have the occasional light of its own, too. What the description I have heard is, it sounds just like ball plasma. Having seen some Marfa Light video, it looked similar to the Rattlesnake Gap description.

When my son was doing a science fair experiment, we came across a couple of cool ones dealing with making plasma in your microwave. Of course, the grape one is easy. But the one where you burn a candle underneath the glass globe was way, way cooler. Ball plasma, in your microwave.

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posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 12:51 AM

Originally posted by Vanitas
reply to post by BlueOrb

Wait... wasn't it 451 metres?
This thread is too long, and my time too short, to check it now, but I am reasonably sure the length discussed was 451 metres.

It's definitey 407ft.(124m)

Are you doubting me????!!!!

On finding the Wikipedia site to link, i also noticed that the road is 4 miles long, and 4 metres wide. Hmmmmmm.......

Also from Wikipedia:

"In his interview with the Library of Congress, Herman Louis Finnell of the 3rd Division, 7th Regiment, Company I, stated that he and his ammo carrier, Pfc. Fungerburg, were the first to enter the Eagle's Nest, as well as the secret passages below the structure. Finnell stated that the hallway below the structure had rooms on either side filled with destroyed paintings, evening gowns, as well as destroyed medical equipment and a wine cellar."

Interesting - that's the first i have rerad of "secret passages" associated with the Kehlsteinhaus.

Those Nazis loved their underground world, eh?

posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 04:32 AM

Originally posted by Skyfloating
This is a newspaper article about a woman (american tourist) who had gone missing in 2004 at the Untersberg for three days until she was found by mountain-guards.

Nothing unusual about this...except that the news reports claim she survived well and healthy at below freezing temperatures without anything to eat or drink for three days.

Odd... I just checked this link and translated it and got a disappearance of a 24 year old woman on June 16, 2008, not the one you describe in 2004

News from Redaktion_LocalXXL
Berchtesgadener Land , Mi, 18.06.08 13:59 Berchtesgaden , Wed, 18:06:08 13:59

At Berchtesgaden Unterberg a 24-year-old American is missing since Monday 16 June. The woman did not return after a walk from the house Stöhr. All search activities since then were not successful. The young woman from Colorado, USA was at a height 1894 meters lodging house to visit with her friends, the innkeepers. During the afternoon she was out with the hut land lady on the plateau. Approximately at 18.30 the women separated just minutes away from the cabin. The American wanted to go a bit, her companion returned to the house Stöhr. When the tourist did not show up by dark, the hosts began the search around the hut, but without success.

As of Tuesday morning, a 24-member search team of mountain rescue men and police mountain guides with four search dogs were deployed. They scoured the area around the house Stöhr, remaining snow fields, rim fractures and sinkholes (cavities in the rock). In addition, all current boarding trails and climbing routes to the mountain house were checked. In the evening, the view improved so much that even a police helicopter was used. From the air using thermal imaging cameras and searchlights, the Südabstürze[Southern faces] of the plateau were investigated. In addition, a SAR-military helicopter was also used.

Around midnight, the search was interrupted and resumed at daylight on Wednesday. Despite all the efforts so far no trace of the missing women was found. It is feared that something has happened to the 24-year-old. The woman is dressed in black jogging pants, a yellow T-shirt, jean-colored fleece jacket and walking boots. She is wearing a brown headband. The missing person does not have a backpack or food. Hikers on the lower mountain, that have seen the missing person since last Monday afternoon and have noticed something else relevant to the case are asked to report to the police department Berchtesgaden by phone 08652/94670.

So this is a recent case 2008 and no word on outcome of this one.

BTW "Untersberg" also translates to "Lower Mountain"

So maybe you have wrong link to your story in 2004 or they changed it

Yeah only at page 14 so far
but I will send you the page as it is tomorrow

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posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 10:57 AM
reply to post by zorgon

Oh, this one was found alive and well. Her BRA saved her. :-)
(Actually, her ingenuity.)

Jessica Bruinsma

And some more pictures.

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posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 11:12 AM
Originally posted by BlueOrb

Are you doubting me????!!!!

Only in the nicest possible way.

But I certainly trust your word more than anything Wikipedia might say. :-)

Actually, I am not surprised I got a few things mixed up, considering my crazy life...
As I was trying to remember how did I come up with "451 m", I remembered a thread on a different website that caught - literally - a corner of my eye.

So many numbers, so little light!

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posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 11:28 AM

Originally posted by bigfatfurrytexan

I forget that I live in a desolate part of the world that no one knows a lot about.

Well, I am no Texan, but I think I am worth MY salt, so I have heard - a lot - about the Marfa lights.
Of course, this is no place to go into detail, but I certainly find the "campfires/ headlights" theory ridiculous myself.

It's very interesting what you say about fault lines, and certainly relevant here. Fault lines seem to have a direct correlation with the occurrence of "paranormal" phenomena.
A good example of this is the Severn valley, in England.

(Here's a little musingI wrote about it; it contains several interesting links, including a video link.
And since it is absolutely non-commercial, I don't think it could be construed as "solicitation".

When my son was doing a science fair experiment, we came across a couple of cool ones dealing with making plasma in your microwave. Of course, the grape one is easy. But the one where you burn a candle underneath the glass globe was way, way cooler. Ball plasma, in your microwave.

That explains a lot.
Based on my gastronomic experience with a cook my mother once had, I assure you that plasma balls can be produced using an ordinary oven.

That's fascinating. I never knew about these experiments!
Thank you.

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posted on Dec, 21 2010 @ 11:30 AM
I love this topic... so much wonder and mystery. Its something straight out of a fairytale, it really is. S+F, great info, translations and the works. Appreciate it all!

posted on Dec, 21 2010 @ 03:40 PM

Originally posted by white eagle

Originally posted by flymetothemoon
On top the eye of Horus, a symbol from Egypt. The rays is the sun
below the Trinity (the dove= the holy spirit), the coronation of the virgin or Mary. The two below who are whose ?

on the right side below you can see st. katharina. she is one of the three holy girls: katharina, barbara and margaretha.
this 3 woman have pre-christian parents:
ambeth, worbeth and wilbeth - celtic mother-goddesses.
reconsider the trinity!

so - if you found a church dedicated to one oft this woman or all together than you can assume that it is an older pre-christian place of power.

in the myth of st. bartholomä you can find an advice that the place of st. bartholomä is a prehistoric place where already the romans have build a tempel of äskulap. äskulap is a greec god of medicine.
in this context i see the old forgotten spa in the near of the chappel.
and not far away you can find a mountain called church.

[edit on 30-9-2008 by white eagle]

Hi is there any more information somewhere about the significance of
katharina, barbara and margaretha?

and also their pre-christian parents:
ambeth, worbeth and wilbeth - celtic mother-goddesses.

I've never heard of any stories about them before..... ?

(ps: sorry for being 2 years late on this
, every thread I read on here nowadays seems to be by skyfloating! )

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posted on Dec, 21 2010 @ 06:37 PM

Originally posted by zorgon

Originally posted by Julie Washington
Could you post the thread link you did on the sinking land in Long Beach. I think I read it before, but want to visit it again. It stirred the question in me "Is this happening at other locations around the word?"


Here is a map of the first layer of underground waterways...

I have been working on sink hole, caverns and under ground waterways around the world. On the map above look at Florida for example... see that blue band..

Now look at the area in Google Earth... all those nice 'lakes' that people buy houses near

+27° 35' 52.48", -81° 29' 48.78"

Those are NOT lakes...

What your Real Estate agent forgot to tell you... and you thought 'swampland' was the scam

You can follow our work on the Endangered Earth section

Now if I was looking for an access point to the underworld, I wouldn't look at the north pole... I would try Belize

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This whole thread has been amazing. I've been reading it for four hours.

The above quoted with regard to sinkholes and lakes I think was very astute.
These sinkholes I believe are very relevant.

posted on Dec, 28 2010 @ 10:41 AM
So Hitler's mountain way before Disney has any.
Perhaps a storage house for those flying saucers he was supposed to have.
There might be at least two people that say so and had landing pads arranged
perhaps people thought were for helicopters.
There are some reports.
Mystery no more.

posted on Dec, 28 2010 @ 11:28 PM
reply to post by TeslaandLyne

On the contrary, the mystery remains.

The report you link to, though very interesting, doesn't mention the Untersberg at all. The nearest reference is to landing sites in the Austrian Black forest (the mountain is not in a forest at all). I also don't believe that there is an opening large enough in the mountain to allow any type of flying object to move in and out (and i have a book containing details of all the caves).

Hans Kammler, referred to in the report, was, as i understood, in charge of the design/construction of underground facilities, rather than in charge of the projects themselves.

The mention of the Nazis' interest in time is, however, interesting, as is the mention of electromagnetic waves, etc.

I think the mountain has nothing to do with UFOs, per se, but still maintain that it was important to them, and Hitler, in some other way.

posted on Jan, 1 2011 @ 11:12 PM

Hi is there any more information somewhere about the significance of
katharina, barbara and margaretha?

St Barbara is the patron saint of miners, so it is very common s to find churches dedicated to her in the proximity of mining areas.
I don't know about the others, but it should be easy enough to find out.

I am not sure this is the type of info you're looking for, though.

posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 11:05 AM

Originally posted by Loopdaloop

Hi is there any more information somewhere about the significance of
katharina, barbara and margaretha?

and also their pre-christian parents:
ambeth, worbeth and wilbeth - celtic mother-goddesses.

I've never heard of any stories about them before..... ?

(ps: sorry for being 2 years late on this
, every thread I read on here nowadays seems to be by skyfloating! )

you will find the celtic mother-goddess percht in the name of berchtesgaden which means empire of the percht.
ambeth, borbeth and wilbeth are the priests of the mountain-mother percht.
in the myths of untersberg their name is wild woman (wildfrauen).

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 05:36 AM

I have read all the pages of this thread and am amazed by the information in this thread.
Reading this reminds me regarding a story that we have in our religion that points to our god Shreenathji (Shreenathji an avatar of Lord Krishna) being originated from one of the mountains that is based in Mathura.
The website for further information is as below :-

We also do a parikrama (i.e. circle the mountain bare footed) and this takes around 7-8 hrs and this is considered auspicious.
I remember going there when i was around three years old and there's a temple on top of the mountain where we went and there was a village boy who showed us one room wherein he showed us a bed and told that we make this bed everyday for Shreenathji and he also showed us a small hole/tunnel at the corner of the room and told shreenathji travels between mathura (his origination place0 and nathdwara (place where his idol is currently established and this temple is very famous) through this hole/tunnel.I don't exactly remember the size of this hole.Mathura and nathdwara are around 470 kms apart.He also told us that in the morning when we come to this room the bedsheet is as if somebody has slept on it.
I don't really know about these claims but the origination from the mountain and the journey through the tunnel seems somehow connected to this thread, hence i though of posting this.
The name of this mountain is govardhan parvat and it is in Mathura , India.

posted on Jan, 5 2011 @ 02:57 AM
i talked to some elder guys in the family and found that the tunnel on govardhan parvat was big enough for an entire man to enter, but nobody till date has tried that, although there are stories that people who have gone in haven't come out, but maybe these are just to prevent other persons from exploring it.

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