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posted on Aug, 24 2008 @ 02:22 PM
Hi to all. I want to ask you to come forward and tell me about your alien abductions if you have one.
I am sure that somebody here at ATS was abducted, if not than what do you wait people get abducted
Ok seriously If someone wants to share something related to the topic it can be a story to I am interested.
Try to say as much as you can remember.
Or some local stories about wierd stuff.
Im form Macedonia and I am not sure that anyone knows the contry because it is very small
but we are nation that is 2500 years old or more.
To get to the point I remember there was a story I heard from my grandmother about big fireball hitting the local hills and there was no explosion. So I assume it was something other than a meteore. I can go there but the place has very dence forest and it isnt very good idea .

sorry if I have grammar or other mistakes

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