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The UFO I think I saw

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posted on Aug, 23 2008 @ 04:06 PM
A few weeks ago I was standing out on my back porch, it was broad daylight about 4:00 PM EST. I was looking up in the sky, about the general direction of NE. Thats the name of my old HS and thats the way I was facing. I saw some thing really high up in the sky. It looked round. It appeared to be dark grey in color. It appeared to float about. I went and got a pair of binoculars to see if I could see it better, but what ever it was it was to high up even for the binoculars to give me a better look. It floated around and I eventually gave up on it. When I came back about 5 minutes later to check on it it was gone.

Now it could have been a balloon. the thing is I have seen balloons floating in the sky. Solid colored balloons generally look like tiny colored dots. This had no color. Now I have also seen those plastic bag looking balloons in the sky as well. I remember seeing some color and the silvery side would flash in the sunlight. Once again I saw no colors or flashing. I also didnt see any string attached to the balloon. Now this all could be because It was too high up and because of the limitations of the human eye I couldnt see the string or any colorful print on the balloon. Im not saying its a UFO. I dont know what it was. But I did tell a few people and they said UFO. I said probably not. but for fun since its was in the sky flying and it was Unidentifiable by me and it was an object, I jokingly call it a UFO.

The second occurence happened down at the small beach near my house. I was down there with my family. I was looking out across the water and at the sky. I noticed an object like the one I mentioned above. All else still applies in this scenario. It could have been a balloon. A few odd things happened though. It appeared to turn and it looked kind of flat, not flat as a pancake but just flat instead of round. it could have been an optical illusion caused by my eyes. It could have been a balloon released from a party or some kid. It seems strange to see these thinngs twice in less then a month. I never noticed these things happening before. But Like I said before, I highly dount it was a UFO.

Another thing I wanted to bring up was I was standing out on my back porch again tonight, I heard aloud noise and went to investigate. I was looking up the sky. I lived in the city for 15 yrs and now that I live in a more rural area away from city lights I look at the sky more often. Anyway I saw some think streak across the sky. This was also really high up. I mean really high. It was blueish white in color. It traveled pretty fast and left a streak the same color behind it. It dissapeared in a matter of seconds. I dont think it was a UFO. I think it was a meteor or shooting star. Im not sure if they are both same. It was cool though. I didnt even need a telescope to see it. I saw some thing like this before, when I lived in baltimore. It was about 97 or 98 and I saw some thing streak down out of the sky. It was much brigher and the blue color was more pronounced. That was also cool.

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