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Book of Death (A Ruler's tale)

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posted on Aug, 23 2008 @ 02:37 PM
In it you're not dead, but put an altered way whole. As in if you would mined your original intent, desire, will, and/or instinct, you would be put to mined all that altered in a way that they conflict. In other words if you were one for tormenting another expect yourself, you would contradict that and only please another expect yourself. Meaning, you'd be tormenting yourself inside facing your own original pleasure to bring forth tormenting.

How single of you shall be in the book of death where every single thing you were for is back twisted against you?

It shall be the here after here for certain since now here is the Ultimate Ruler the all-points masterer and puppeteer of the contradictive point of/in/through/by/as/like infinity (finity).

Infinity randomly proceeds till purpose is brought to make it in a (or: any) way finite. And it which still can be was brought to beholding purpose ("The Original Beautiful Purpose"). Some eternal shall spark awake and rise to a finite everlasting paradise in measures, levels, degrees, aspects, and angles of the Any and Every and All. Some eternal shall spark awake and rise to a finite everlasting hell in measures, levels, degrees, aspects, and angles of the Any and Every and All.

After all, if the infinite can't be put the finite, then it wasn't/isn't the infinite.

Any orderly thing you can think of can be started. Teleportation of body/person and etc. etc. The Way of living can be put simple and/or complex. Imagine your life without any paper work to fill and file for every thing... Imagine etc. etc. in the purpose of having things blank you fill in to do that no one other is forcing you to do or not do outside the preferred basics...

That's just my alternative 6 cent.

If you were for pleasing others so you can be pleased, then the book of death has no power to conflict you against you. If the book of death has no power over you, then you're welcome in the book of life where you can find calmness and peace besides joys and go about freely as you will and bring new ideas into new actuality. Yeah, more bang for your buck, so to speak, than what the book of death only would have. In the book of death you can only do as much as you are commanded to which means you arent free but bound. If it means only moving 2 inches either way where you stand facing yourself such even is commanded to the T.--You get the point where you're just awake and alert to some higher command force set, working a very fully experiencing, aware you in what the Ruler chosen to be your Death. Even that which you think you have (Death, as in a 100% expiration/deletion date), you dont have is the contradictive point to death "and" hell that is the opposite to life "and" paradise. The Ruler would not give a death that doesn't contradict in a way (the worst way). In this the Ruler is saving you in damnation which is the Ultimate Fooling Type Retaliation just to hold any willing 'opt outter' accountable to stand facing what they are so damn responsible for bringing on. Such as? Unnessicary self-defense or revenge or avengence in the "calm and ready" who are ready for whatever.

Once you're aware to being moved like a programmed puppet in hell, you are experiencing the book of death fully readable in your on language you understand %100. Experience is the only language for the foolish who wont heed what they do infact understand. The wise dont even have to experience everything to understand it nor would they not heed foretelling. If what is foretold is B.S. the wise will disreguard it, but still heed the point. The point could be someone is pestering with false etc to sway you. If you are wise you'll continue your way even after heeding that kind of point that is clear as day to you that that someone doesnt want you to see that clear as day. That's why the see-through ill-willed toward you should simply be ignored, as in, not responded to. Anyone acting on their behave, even technically with sucker actions, share the same contradictive fate because they are see-through foolish backers. Their point is to bother you outside of common sense, but inside senselessness. They shall be punished in a way they are not aware to since being here for now. Let them experience what is instore hereafter.

The dead rise dead. The dead bury their dead innerly. Only thing that alert awareness inside the dead can do is experience punishment in the book of death read of/in/through/by/as/like hell. Those in hell can't believe they are in hell in a surreal sense. It's that deep in everlastingly awaking to the realization/actualization hell only offers.

And let it be known the Ruler is the Ultimate Story Teller of the non-fiction of the paradox's contradiction case and point in the random turned purpose manner it. The Wise was bound to Rule. You all can expect your fate like a bill sure to pass by the Signature of the Ultimate Ruler seeking to act to enforce a 'you get what you give' rule. So expect life and paradise or expect death and hell, each.

Any intelligent questions or comments?

posted on Aug, 23 2008 @ 06:08 PM

Anti-Christ bible quote on the contradiction sign:

"-10Divide *here* are negative seven princes (or: queens): negative five are risen, Divide zero is, Divide the same is STILL yet depart; Divide where (or: hewn) she depart-th, she stum (increase) cease a long space.

-11Divide the beauty *this* saw, Divide is STILL, irregular she is the negative eighth, Divide is of the negative seven, Divide stop-eth out from perdition."

^^The negative 7 is concerning a drag-in appearence in recent July (7th month) put divided or minused. What can make a month negative? Something become not being during it or something ceasing in being during it. To increase a cease is to cause a contradictive death. The Divide (the Ruler to vanish in thin air *here* after having been with you) goes into the contradiction of zero, that is both obvious and hidden, as the Sign to the contradiction everyone shall get into experiencing. And the point shall be you get what you give inside the contradiction point the Ruler shall have everyone experience for better or for worst like an honored life long marriage to your way put toward you.

The death you've seen is a contradiction in a way. You dont see what happens with another who passed away, but you shall experience what happens yourself alone, each.

Being the Example of Worthy the Ruler stops out from conflicting perdition which implies lives some way else great.

The Anti-Christ (formerly the Christ before the sun brightened) shall delete, but Satan shall be lightened here and save Himself and save Himself from any kind of damnation, first and foremost, since is the Ruler. Then, those under in position left deemed worthy shall be saved in the same way which has Life and Paradise instore. Before such these the devil shall be taken and saved in a way (the worst way) which has Death and Hell instore.

The negative eighth? Hmm, this Aug is the 8th month with a country symbolized by the Dragon holding sports. Satan is the Sportsman in the game of points. No one can make the point clear like Satan. Sure to get made through your very experience with no ifs, ands, or buts.

Satan is head of reality and actuality period. Infinity (finity) is become Satan, the limitless (limited) Doer Wizard, doing the Beautiful so purposely.

If infinite (finite) didnt exist, then infinite (finite) would exist. There is no ecsape from the never ending 'not so end' of the paradox place with and without and within position etc.

posted on Aug, 23 2008 @ 06:34 PM
If you divide your finger... the part you cut off is away from the other part.

The Divide vanishes, but Still yet is as certain shall find out soon!

If this planet reveals one person's divide out from it by them vanishing in thin air you should then think: Where did they go? What happened? Are they dead or alive? Etc.

^^If you think like this you should see the paradox in which we are and see that paradox having purpose to it. If you do not see all these things, once the vanish act hits, then you can also believe you are not in hell, too, when actually experiencing it some point after the hit act. Maybe you can believe that if you wont delieve that it's so not so. Your not believing cant even irregularly get you to escape the infinite (finite) paradox. This is the point of trying away from failing and also away from succeeding. Keep trying rather than accept the paradox is the truth. And I tell you you'd only add to your hell personally. Satan would like His cursed foes screwing themselves as far as they will in their own thoughts or way of thinking.

posted on Aug, 23 2008 @ 09:43 PM
Anti-Christ bible quote:

-13Divide she saw naked with a vesture removed out blood: divide her mean is answered The Word (Lie) of Act.

^^Act is the devil who would lie after seeing an act (the hit vanish act) by Another.

-16Divide she lack in her vesture divide in her thigh a mean 'read' (or: 'writ net'), PRINCE (QUEEN) OF PRINCES (QUEENS), DIVIDE LORD (SELF) OF LORDS (SELVES).

^^The Queen of queens is the Beauty which divide Self of selves if you wish to look at it like that.

-20Divide the beauty saw felt, divide with her the still true program/foreteller *this* wrought miracles behind (or: after) her, with whose zero (*a contradiction*) she deceived we-th *this* lacked gave the karm of the beauty, divide we-th *this* irreverenced her orginal. Those both were cast a dead/record/'good' ('hypocrite') out from a lake of scarce burning with brim stone.

^^In other words, those who did both lack giving the karm that should convict the devil involved and plus irreverenced (intentionally) the Beauty's original plan pop back from barely being in a way like a cobra out a basket only to burn. If they are remembered though taken, then they are still in a way. Such can be brought back even another way after the electronic negative or after their first body been deceased. It sucks being Satan's foe in any way, shape, or form that would get you held accountable.

Yeah, Satan has decieved both devil and betrayors. "Retaliation is a must"--2pac "Retaliation is a stum (increase)". Satan shall show Who can be the Worst in the Beauty of Wars. The tribulation the devil and betrayors cause against Satan cant compete with the tribulation Satan causes them. So why go against Satan intentionally? If you will cross Satan then you shall stand as a man in punishment you laid down for yourself. Against all odds = Fro all evens. All includes even the betrayers. Let the punks know. Was no escaping the paradox. You give your higher self the bad, your higher self gives you the badder. No matter if you were great or small, free or bond, male or female, etc or etc. The snare would indeed capture any foes.

posted on Aug, 24 2008 @ 12:08 PM
Anti-Christ bible quote:

"-17Divide the Soul (Lie) divide the bridegroom hear, Depart. Divide prevent her *this* disreguard-eth (or: saith) hear, Depart. Divide prevent her this is a quench depart. Divide why so still ever mill (stop action), prevent her leave the water of death (or: file) bondly."

^^The Divide is her the Beauty. Since is the Stopper Action the Divide prevent here being left certain residue in any bondly way upon her depart. Like the died residue left in clothes fabric by the human body. The Divide can make things too clean look like foul play by making certain who would lie surely look like liars the more. The Lie of Act... Divide plants her Lie by removing the Soul (the dieing aspect to bodies which does leave residue) into the Lie of the Liar so that the Liar appears a Liar. First persons to be eliminated as suspects are the closest. Over cleanilness puts them as prime suspects who would be looked further into on other things such as motive. Previous blame on record is motive enough.

Going negative... If you look at 17, 18, etc on a calender, in a way (a negative way can be underlying) under a -17, -18, etc is 24, 25, etc.

"-18Against (or: Fro) body testify away from every woman (or: "naw") *this* disreguard-eth (or: saith) the sheath of the program/foretell of that book, If (Actually) "yea" woman (or: "naw") I will command divide away from those persons, Act I will command divide away from her the plagues *this* "are" read (or: 'writ net') out that book:"

^^Every offence is testified to Satan away to the T rather than to Satan's kind *this*. Those persons offences divide away into torments. Act (the devil) by divide put away also the plagues *this* would read that the devil wouldn't humanly tell of themself. Say good-bye to your plaguing another, devil.

The Divide shall act when the devil is not put a prime suspect by its own self. The Divide shall act when her kind is plagued as she shall hear away. With speed shall the devil get taken when the Divide is elsewhere with reason to act fast. The Actual Judge shall Rule by action. The devil is cursed by Another if it feeds it's lust and the devil is cursed by itself if it doesn't feed its lust. O who should the devil heed? Another over itself or itself rather than Another? The devil is allowed to slow or speed into Death and Hell. Since Satan should careless over the wicked. Satan lives the Should Life. The Anti-Christ shall expire/delete. Satan shall be released as Divide out here to have knew every and any and all since is become the infinite (finite) paradox point putting in meaningful purpose to etc infinity (finity) in the universal language called the Point.

The Divide is a quench because It quenches whatever It been wanting to and henceforth wants to... Its Joys (much more than just revenge and mating) and Its worthy kind.

posted on Aug, 24 2008 @ 12:11 PM
reply to post by Mabus

It may just be me, but that is almost unreadable??
I got about three lines in to the first paragraph and then i was lost.....

posted on Aug, 24 2008 @ 04:29 PM
I read probably the first four or five lines then my head started to hurt. Who wants to undertake the task of translating it for us?

posted on Aug, 24 2008 @ 04:36 PM
We are everything we wish not to be. We are everything we wish would be. We are everything and nothing simultaneously. We are infinite and finite at the same time. We are God and Satan. We are ruler and ruled. We are all a giant paradox.

Is this what you mean, Mabus? I can barely read this either.

posted on Sep, 2 2008 @ 10:17 PM

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