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A blurred / blacked out area in Chukotka

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posted on Sep, 9 2008 @ 02:13 PM
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posted on Sep, 9 2008 @ 02:13 PM
I'm still new to forums, so it'll take me a while to figure out how to post the images I have. Here is a link to the close up image of what I am talking about. Zoom in slowly and if the image doesn't work right away zoom out and back in again. This is the area blurred on the google image and actually looks like what you would expect the land to look like. See the white plume? Below that are the 6 figures I was talking about... My guess is those aren't lakes. And to the left a little I can make out what I believe to be a brownish-red silo type building, judging by the shadow it's casting to the west. It's low resolution for a reason. Something was going on at the time of this shot.
Anyone else see what I'm seeing?

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posted on Sep, 9 2008 @ 02:15 PM

You shouldn't have to adjust this one.
Look for the white plume slightly north of the center and the blue figures to the south. The blue figures are in an almost diamond shape set fairly far apart. But they look identical to eachother. I have no idea what they are.
Note: You are going to have to zoom in close to see anything... These are low resoultion but you can see that something is odd.

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posted on Sep, 9 2008 @ 02:19 PM

Originally posted by veles77
Ace, could you please provide links to the images you're talking about? 'Cause I don't see any blue spots there or missiles however hard I try.
I saw some uncensored images of this area on one of the map sites, and they had 2 dark spots on the same place where the black rectangle is on yahoo maps. The pictures were taken in winter, and the rest of the area is snow-white for hundreds of km. Unfortunately I lost the links to the site.

These may have been taken in winter... but look at the snow on surrounding peaks. The white above the area in question really doesn't look like snow to me. It looks like high rising drifting smoke, maybe steam.
I'm no expert, just a careful observer.

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 12:27 PM
Last post by me for a while, I swear. The Russian Satellite site blocks out the entire far east... it seems like the and the flash sites both show this area at the same time the google picture was taken, they just rely on low resolution rather than blurring. The thing I think is a missle is what I really want everyone to put their two cents in on. This thing is huge, whatever it is, and it appears to be rising off the ground with a plume of smoke behind it. This is in the blurred area on the google map. This is the final link to look at the missle plume and it is an extreme close up. Like I mentioned before if the image doesn't show up right away, zoom out and back in again. You will have to zoom out to get your bearings for the area anyway.

Anybody? What is this thing?

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posted on Sep, 13 2008 @ 01:56 AM
Not sure if any of you took a look at the closeup image I put in the last couple posts, but I've been doing a lot of reading and research on Chukotka and have a few possible ideas of what the blurred image actually is. Without any solid evidence or at least a higher resolution photo there isn't any certainty, but here's what I've got.

Chukotka was a major military area during the cold war, as many of you reading this already know. According to some internet sources there are still abandoned areas with rusting military equipment outside.

Possibilites: All which could warrant a blur.

*Space Program? It might explain the plume of white I took to be a missile and the large man made structures that can be seen to the south of it.
*Abandoned Military Area? This region is supposedly full of things like this, so it very well could be a larger yard, or might be a yard with some of the larger abandoned pieces of equipment.
*Military Testing Area? Would certainly explain the object I think is a missle/rocket. Not too far fetched.
*ICBM Site? This was the wikipedia answer, and I've seen it in this forum already. Logical, and could explain the structures.
*Chernobyl Survivor Monitoring Center? Just seeing if you're paying attention. Hey, in this world, who knows?

The above (minus the chernobyl joke) are what I could think of. If anyone else has possible ideas of merit, I'd really like to hear what you have to say.

posted on Sep, 13 2008 @ 03:47 AM
Well, I was wrong about the flashearth image not being modified... I now have Irrefutable evidence of some duplicate images being placed as was mentioned earlier. Though you can still see some of what is going on, the real mystery is what is underneath the pasted mountain. I've tried every different satellite I can think of and searched everywhere for still pictures but to no avail. NASA's Worldwind program even made it seem like there was a glitch when I tried zooming in on the area and gave me the worst image I've seen so far, and then it lost it's connection to the server and crashed about 5 minutes later. I've tried everything I know from our sats to theirs, and I'm afraid I might have to pass this mystery on to someone who has better connections. Though I'll still be checking the forum pretty often to see what everyone comes up with.

The burning question is... If they hadn't blurred it, would it have still drawn this much attention?

posted on Sep, 13 2008 @ 04:54 AM
After taking a different approach all i can find is mention of old milatiry bases the soviets used for monitoring. heres what i mean see below

iPresident Dmitri A. Medvedev signed a decree accepting the resignation. Mr. Medvedev’s predecessor, Vladimir V. Putin, persuaded Mr. Abramovich to stay on when he first submitted his resignation in 2006.

Since becoming governor in 2001, Mr. Abramovich has used some of his vast wealth to revive Chukotka, which was left to rot after the Soviet collapse and the subsequent departure of military installations.

posted on Oct, 2 2008 @ 12:22 PM
hello the base is near Anadyr its was called during the cold war moscow -2 or moskva-2 (soviet name) there's also an other code named given by the soviets ,it's an Intercontinental ballistic missile base

posted on Oct, 3 2008 @ 07:34 AM

Originally posted by snoopyuk
reply to post by azzllin

if you use the the link i posted and use the microsoft virtual earth feature and click out you can see it, i will take a screenshot 2nite.

ok here is a screenshot it shows the blurred area in one map service and next to it is the area unblurred using MVE. it still has some haze/smoke over the area.

hope it works

edit to add screenshot

[edit on 25-8-2008 by snoopyuk]

Yes, I investigated that too. It looks like extra snow which has been placed there using the clone tool in photoshop. Cloning out objects from images is superbly simple to do.

Here is the area in large:

seems awfully close to the Alaskan border, does it not?

[edit on 3-10-2008 by James Random]

posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 10:17 PM
it is an advanced science work site.
Leave it at that, no icbm or nukes. this isn't c&c kids.
and in case no one has noticed. there is a MASSIVE LAKE RIGHT THERE, more than likly what we are look for is under the water, Russians are sneaky as

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 03:55 PM
Nothing new in months on this place? Hmmm... bump!

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 09:50 PM
Nope. Nothing yet, but Ace is still on the case. I won't rest until I figure out what the heck is going on here.
Every single Satellite site, American or otherwise either blacks it out, blurs it, or shows an extremely fake copy pasted image over the area. Just slightly to the south east you can see where the image was copied from... not very creative. Nasa Worldwind locks up when you try to zoom in on this area and loses it's connection to the server, and there aren't any good pictures from the area at ground level or otherwise. By looking up the longitude and lat. I was able to find a couple personal webpages where people had gone within 100 miles of the area in question, but no one makes any mention of traveling east of Evingkot (or however that nearby city is spelled). The only way we'll ever know is if someone with the proper clearance decides to share it with us, but judging by the difficulty I've had researching this place I doubt that will happen any time soon.
Like I said before... I think a trip to the area would cost about 1,500 USD but the odds you'd be able to get somewhere that remote without roads is pretty slim... on top of that, I'm sure the russian government wouldn't be too thrilled about you trekking in an area this important.

I don't do well with unsloved mysteries.... especially when someone knows the answer. I implore whoever has the connections or the knowledge to put this enigma to rest.

posted on Nov, 12 2009 @ 08:23 PM
The name of the airbase was Zaliv Kresta, named after the nearby "Krest Bay".

I have carefully studied the evidence and I conclude that SOMEBODY is going to great lengths to hide the existence of this area.

I discovered from that there is an air base in the area at 66° 16' 0? N, 179° 15' 0? E
66.266667, 179.25
60W 601035 7351450
Zaliv Kresta
Krest Bay
N66 21.5
E179 06.4
runway 1350x60m 179-359 T

There is a tiny runway there that basically goes north-south, about 1.3km long. Long enough for propellor planes, maybe learjets. The Russians claim this air base had been bought by the Americans.

Zaliv Kresta (US) it says.

It doesn't surprise me, the Russians practically advertise their ICBM capability so nobody messes with them, whereas the American Jews are all a bunch of paranoid sketchy twats who dont like anyone to know anything about them.

I agree that Chelsea's Football Manager Roman Abramovich is probably involved seeing as he is the governor of the whole of Chukotka. Also, the Russian government is skint, they can't afford to pay off Google etc to hide ICBM missiles but they can make it nigh on impossible to see what is going on in this area.

It seems this area has been shrouded for quite some time, whilst I don't doubt that a 1.3km runway existed there years ago, I strongly suspect that this tiny airstrip has been developed and built upon and they do not want anybody to know about what is going on there.

The Americans are behind all of this, I am sure of it. That base makes an excellent strategic point against North Korea. I think the base is a CIA extraordinary rendition drop-off/refuel base.

The only other way anybody could get an image of this place is by paying a private satellite company to take a snap during the next flyby.

Those are my thoughts.

posted on Nov, 14 2009 @ 11:21 AM
Also the governor of this region is Roman Abramovich, who unlike other Russian oligarchs, did not flee Russia with the advent of Putin's authoritarian rule, nor was arrested, and even kept his position.


posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 08:07 AM
Thanks Zaarin for your thoughts and sources regarding the matter. I know a lot of other *%#^ is going on right now. What with the massive riots in the US, overexertion of military and paramility force, unemployment, devalutation of the dollar, and the pandemic garbage. I still think this is a very important matter to get to the bottom of. I've spent countless hours scouring the web for any and all info on this area, never thought to check a russian airbase log. From what I have heard, it isn't even google that censors the areas... but I'm sure we can't trust them as far as we can kick them. I'm still waiting to hear from someone that is able to travel to this area. Take some pictures, blow the lid off this garbage. If I can't even have a private telephone conversation since the mentally challenged patriot act came into effect, I don't think it's right to be blurring huge portions of the world. After all, it's ours too. Those in power need to learn to treat their peons with a measure of respect, and dignity, lest enough of us catch on and take matters into our own hands.
I tell you one thing, if I ever get pictures of this area they'll spread a HELL of a lot faster than H1N1.

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 06:35 PM
It appears unobstructed on Bing maps.

If you search for 66°16′0″N 179°15′0″E then go to "aerial" and choose the aerial photo, they appear to show the area fairly clearly...

There does appear to be some light cloud coverage but if you compare it to google maps censored portion, the cloud coverage actually starts above the censored area (google's censored map appears to show the same level of cloud coverage in the same location)...

The only thing that seems to stand out in the picture is a large hole in the ground... Maybe an oversized version of Mel's hole??

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 11:02 AM
reply to post by bobbyt

The image you're referring to seems to have been tampered with. It looks (to me at least) like someone has pasted another area over the real one. You can see the "seams" along the edges.

^ You can see the place they copied and put over the original on this screenshot I took.

[edit on 3/12/09 by Saribous]

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 11:21 AM
It's blacked out in Google earth too. The image is from 2009 If you look at it on Flashearth and use Microsoft Virtual Earth, you can indeed see it. Also from 2009

But, This begs the question why do the other map services block it out if nothing is there?

Could this be a really good artists rendering of terrain covering this spot to make it look real?


If you use flashearth and zoom in to the left of the big black hole/lake there are 4 identical figures. These cannot be natural structures.

Also there is an X at the top just below the clouds. This X looks like 4 round objects connected by arms making the X.

Saribous is right. They clearly copied an pasted the spot below over the area that's blacked out.

However the X and the 4 identical objects are not pasted over. Could they have forgot to cover these? In the other maps these are covered too.

I think Microsoft got away with slipping these objects past.

[edit on 3-12-2009 by JohnPhoenix]

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 11:43 AM
Actually if you do look on the BING maps or Microsoft virtual earth where teh image appears NOT to be blacked will notice BAD cloning has been used insted.

The four blue dots people have mentioned is infact just ONE dot which is part of an area that has been cloned over to hide something at least.

I am jsut about to leave work, but if no one else does it before I get a chance I shall do a screen shot and point out all the obvious cloning marks present.

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