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And None Dare Call It Treason—McCain Advisor's Georgia Connection - Patrick J. Buchanan

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posted on Aug, 24 2008 @ 03:05 PM

Originally posted by weedwhacker
reply to post by Gateway

Very interesting, and a thought-provoking concept, from someone who has a different perspective.

Frankly, I don't have a full understanding of many of these cultural concepts....but as I've pointed out, on another thread....Nationality and arbitrary 'borders' are gong to be the end of humanity, until we learn to throw those old notions aside.

AND, I accuse....(j'accuse) religion, for mixing it all up!!!

AMEN to that... I think???

I thought this thread was about MCCAIN and his bulbous cheek having influenced
a politically opportunist conflict. SOUNDS REPUBLICAN to me!!!

These guys send our troops to war for, money, oil, power and winning elections.
They spread this putrid fear like cancer...

If we were 1000 years back we would be chopping them up and burying their remains in various remote locations.

But we are not, we have the information and we allow our selves to be fooled yet again!

SO Obama is secretly a Muslim extremist who is secretly secretly a ZIONIST neocon???

Next thing you know - Obama is actually a transvestite hooker named Twan who belongs to the Zeta cult which is actually a Hindu extremist front for the CIA...

Back to the OP

posted on Aug, 24 2008 @ 03:15 PM
reply to post by Keyhole

I have that link on my favorites is incredible how you can measure a political candidate by their affiliations.

You see all those countries in that list, you can expect the blood of our soldiers been spilled when those countries are in need of US help.

Not because it could be benefiting our nation but because it benefit the pockets of our politicians.

I can not get tired enough telling that the more foreign money our political candidates accept from foreign nations the more their lobbyist will be dictating the way that American will run their foreign policies and wars.

We the people will become the servants of foreign governments all for money.

posted on Aug, 24 2008 @ 04:33 PM
reply to post by marg6043

And it doesn't even have to go as far as a war or any sort conflict!

They might just be lobbying (paying) one of OUR politicians just to get some sort of aide package (money), or trying to get a US military or Naval base put in their country. Even though there's no fighting, they may get to benefit from OUR tax dollars, be it a monetary aide package or by increased security due to US military bases being built in their country!

It all puts money into the politicians pockets and takes money OUT of the pockets of US taxpayers and into the lobbyists client's pockets!!

Is this why we elected them? Of course not!

Lobbying For a Foreign Country

The Lobby indeed has tremendous influence on U.S. Middle East policy. For example, during the two-year 1988 election cycle, pro-Israel PACs spent over $5.4 million on Congressional campaigns and Israel received well over $6 billion in direct taxpayer grants, a return of roughly $1000 for every dollar spent lobbying Congress.

Their Men in Washington: Undercover with D.C.'s Lobbyists for Hire

Foreign Corporations Spend Big to Influence U.S. Environmental Law

Increasingly, foreign corporations are spending big bucks to push their interests in Washington, D.C., many with the intent of weakening environmental protections -- from changing rules on the disposal of hazardous waste to opening more lands to mining and drilling to clearing the path for more nuclear-power development.
"Basically, what this means from an environmental standpoint is that you have foreign companies helping to determine how we regulate pollution that affects American backyards, but has no direct impact on the home countries of these corporate interests," said Alex Knott, LobbyWatch project manager.

Foreign Minister, US Ambassador Lobby for Czech Firms in Iraq

Foreign Minister Cyril Svoboda and the new U.S. ambassador to Prague William Cabaniss visited the Iraqi capital Baghdad on Thursday to help Czech firms bid for post-war reconstruction contracts. The visit followed this week's announcement by Washington that at least three unnamed countries would be allowed to bid on the next round of projects.

Foreign Minister Cyril Svoboda and the newly-appointed ambassador William Cabaniss spent much of Thursday in talks with members of the Coalition Provisional Authority and Iraq's oil, water and energy ministers. Also with them were representatives of twelve Czech companies hoping to win lucrative bids to rebuild the country. Ambassador Cabaniss was upbeat after the day's talks in Baghdad:

So here we have a US Ambassador "LOBBYING" for a foreign country to win re-building contracts in Iraq! Since it IS US taxpayer money that is being used, I think US companies should be awarded these contracts.

Indonesia Hired Well-Connected Firms to Restore U.S. Funding Cut Off After 1991 Massacre

For President Megawati, it was an opportunity to advance a public relations campaign so relentless that private sources politically connected to the Indonesian government spent more than $1 million to hire a team of Washington lobbyists led by Bob Dole, the former Senate Republican leader and 1996 presidential nominee. Indonesia's lobbying goals included the resumption of controversial military aid that had been cut off after its troops massacred more than 100 demonstrators in East Timor in 1991.

MOST of the time, foreign lobbyists clients are after our tax dollars!

posted on Aug, 24 2008 @ 09:32 PM

Originally posted by poet1b
reply to post by evanmontegarde

I'd call Obama and Biden liberal elitists, who are just as bad as the neocons. Liberal elitists have no respect for the U.S. working class, and if anything look down upon the working class, especially the white male working class as bible thumping, gun toting, bigots.

The Liberal elitist want to take our taxes and pay for world wide charity programs and reparations for crimes that we did not commit, in a naive view of the world.

For a long time it has been quite evident that these world wide charity programs are no more effective than military activities in third world nations, in fact, probably worse, because the charity money just winds up in the hands of the cherry picked representatives of IC's. This leads to more wars, and more oppresion in third world nations.

Sadly, neither Obama nor McCain offer any new direction on U.S. foriegn, or domestic policy. Bill Clinton did, and Hillary probaby would have, and Obama has no respect for Bill, when he should be treating Bill like the mentor that he desperately needs.

Obama's choice of Biden cements his liberal elitist roots.

Obama has only become wealthy in recent years with his widespread success in book sales. Check this out:

Net Worth: From $456,012 to $1,142,000
Ranks 67th among all members of the Senate

That's Barack Obama in 2006. In the lower half of the Senate, wealth wise.

Here's Joe Biden:

Net Worth: From $-302,980 to $277,997
Ranks 108th among all members of the Senate

He is literally the poorest member of the Senate. He is literally less wealthy than every Senator who lost in 2006.

Now, check out McCain:

Net Worth: From $27,817,187 to $45,045,011
Ranks 8th among all members of the Senate

One of the wealthiest members of the Senate.

Check it out here:

So, you're disparaging two men who became wealthy through their own means - While you're giving McCain, who married into a wealthy beer fortune and shares somewhere between 7 to 11 houses with his wife, a free pass.

Who's the elitist? The numbers speak for themselves.

As for tax plans...Obama's tax plan is basically this: Allow the Bush tax cuts to expire so that the brackets return to their Clinton era levels, then cut taxes for the least wealthy 90% of Americans further than what Bush did. I can almost guarantee you that Obama will give you a bigger tax break than Bush or McCain.

As for foreign policy...Well, just read the "Blueprint for Change" since it's clear you have no real substance to your statements.

posted on Aug, 24 2008 @ 10:16 PM
Another reason Ron Paul should be written in every ballot by every american. Too bad then that people are so blind with the false left-right para-dime. (

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 05:48 AM
reply to post by evanmontegarde

Obama was born into money. Who do you think paid for Obama's ivy league education? It's not like Obama was a top scholar like Bill and Hillary. The Grandmother Obama threw under a bus defending his racist pastor was a bank vice president, and her father managed an oil concern for Standard oil. Obama was raised in a privileged childhood, attending a prestigious high school, before getting sent off for his ivy league education. There isn't much information on the wealth of Obama's white family, but Grandmother attended Berkely. I guess Obama's grandfather lived off of his wifes money, or maybe he came from money himself?

Did Obama become wealthy by his own means? How much of his success does he owe the editors of his highly deceptive memoirs? Who does he owe for his meteoric rise to fame, and fabulous media treatment?

McCain attended the Naval academy, not some ivy league college. Most of the money attributed to McCain is his wifes money. When it comes to wealth, the only thing McCain is guilty of is marrying a rich woman.

When it comes to taxes and wealth, do you really think the top ten percent of income earners are all wealthy, that one out of ten people are rich? A more realistic understanding is that .01% of the population can be considered rich. The rest of the top 10% of income earners are upper middle class. People who have worked hard throughout their lives to get ahead. They deserve a tax break the same as the rest of us.

While we need to change the tax distribution, away from the working class and the middle class, soaking the upper middle class is not the answer.

Going after fraudulent business practices, and making corporate execs who walk away with totally unreasonable compensation packages would be a better way to start. IC's should be paying our enormous military budget, being that most of what our military is defending is overseas, keeping their overseas operations going.

Obama's plans do nothing for the working class. Why should working class people be subisidizing those who are not willing to put the extra effort to get ahead in life.

This is off the topic, but I felt I needed to reply.

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