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Did I see the fourth dimension?

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posted on Aug, 23 2008 @ 10:51 AM
How can I tell if I actually traveled outside of my mind or if I was smiply dreaming?

The other night I had a weird dream. It was very real and there are some details I don't wish to get into, because it was kind of disturbing...but long story short, I died towards the end of my dream.

My death involved me and my girlfriend in an elevator in a very high building. The elevator cable snapped and we dropped. The next thing I knew, I "woke up" in blackness. Keep in mind, at this point the dream went from being vivid to very real.

I will try to describe this as best I can because it is kind of hard to translate to you.

I was surrounded by blackness when I awoke. I stood up and looked underneath me and there was nothing. all black in every direction as far as I could see. An immediate sense of fear overwhelmed me. I was standing on nothing. I took a step forward and ...this is where it gets difficult to I took a step, where my foot landed, ground kind of looked like a hologram. Then it slowly faded away.

Each step I took was like this and each type of ground that appeared under my feet was different depending on what I was thinking of. sometimes it was grass, sometimes it was sand, and sometimes it was rock..etc...

I looked up and in the blackness I could see scenery materialize out of nothingness. It was almost in slow motion. I looked up and saw a beautiful scene of an island with trees and a beach with was breathtaking made me want to cry it was so beautiful. As I looked around, the scenery changed to whatever I was thinking of as well....for instance, as i was looking at the island scene, i looked to the left and watched everything change to a beautiful rainforest. All this scenery seemed far away though...and when I looked downwards, I was still standing on blackness until I started walking. As I started walking toward the scenery, a grid gently appeared and faded wherever my footsteps fell. For some reason when I looked at the grid under my feet, a hypercube came to mind.

Instantly I looked around and I was walking in the middle of a nebula. was the most fantastic thing I have ever seen in my life! I fell to my knees when I saw it.
The best way I can describe it to you is, think about the scene in Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy when he is on the lift with the architect of Earth and they are zooming through space. It was kind of like this only I was standing still in a star nebula. I was watching stars being born.

I looked around again, and saw a girl sitting in the middle of space on her own grid. I approached her and she looked up at me. She told me that I this is where people of the 3rd go when they are moving between dimensions. I asked her if I was dead and she said "I am not sure...there may have been a mistake."

And I woke up....needless to say, this was just freaking weird. I mean, really really, freakin weird.

So how do I know if I was merely dreaming or if I saw something truly spectacular?

Also, I had this dream two nights ago and I still remember it very clearly...just thought I should add that.

I am sorry if that sounds strange, but it just really stuck with me for some reason and I would like some advice on it.

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posted on Aug, 23 2008 @ 11:24 AM
Very cool dream. I dont know what it means.

In 2000 I had my own dream, though different from yours, it shared that I died and then had an experience of something incredible and "cosmic" or Divine. An experience of a reality I could not have even imagined.

Like yours, it was incredibly vivid and real, and 8 years after the fact, I can recall it in more detail than any of the "real" things I experienced. To me, it was the most real experience of my life, though many would dismiss it as "just a dream."

My mind was unable to "make sense" of the experience. It simply had nothing with which to compare it, and it was something absolutely alien to the way I perceived the world before the dream. It tooks years before I had collected enough concepts (from the mystic traditions) to both gain some personal understanding and to realize I could never fully share with language or mental concepts the implications of what I experienced.

The dream changed me. Everything in my life was utterly overturned in the following years, and everything I had thought was important prior to it was revealed to be smoke and mirrors.

Your dream may be the same way. You have already had the experience, but since it is beyond the mind, your mind is having a hard time understanding it. Perhaps over time, you will find some "human" or "mental" concepts that will allow you some intellectual understanding.

The experience itself is the thing. The intellectual understanding is just a comfort. I would say, "Allow the experience to change you" but if it is the same type of experience, you really have no other choice. It will change you whether you allow it or not.

For me, I started getting "guidance" in the form of synchronicities and "things" grabbing my attention that lead me directly to the texts that were relevant to what had happened to me. Over time I realized I could "ask" questions, and that the answers or guidance regarding the question would manifest.

It is a deeply personal experience, however, essentially unsharable. For the first year I told everyone, anyone, and then the realization really sank in that because they have no frame of reference, nothing I could ever say could more than hint at it.

So, in this, you are going to find yourself alone. However, in your aloneness, you may your Self.

Good luck. You may be in for a wild ride.

posted on Aug, 23 2008 @ 12:40 PM
Watch this and see if it makes sense to your story:

posted on Aug, 23 2008 @ 03:39 PM
Very cool dream indeed

i wish i could experience something like that though mustve been an amazing experience

write back if ya have any more experiences like that.

Oh and welcome to ATS i know ive just noticed your fairly new.

good post aswell.

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posted on Aug, 23 2008 @ 06:09 PM
You didnt see another dimension you saw a part of the 3d space that is distant from us. You have a 3d brain and eye you can only see 3 dimenisons and lower. You described a 3 dimensional object (nebula); now if you described something undescribable as things of light or darkness or a colour beyond the spectrum, something beyond understanding is what we would "see".

Shape without form, shade without colour,
Paralysed force, gesture without motion

that kind of thing

nice dream thou, and welcome to ATS

and time is the forth dimension

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posted on Aug, 27 2008 @ 06:23 PM
Thanks for all your replies. I appreciate it. I have been having a very weird stretch of dreams lately. All really vivid....and kind of cool actually.

And I always remember them lately which is weird.

I talked to my mother about it after a little reluctance and she told me something I didn't even know about her. She told me she has prophetic dreams sometimes. And then she told me about some of them.

One of these dreams included seeing a plane crash into a building a week before the plane crashed into the World Trade on Sept. 11th. I know that sounds hard to believe, but its true. She didn't even remember dreaming it...a friend of hers had pointed it out to her because she told him her dreams often.

Here's something else.

Last week, I had a dream that I got hired to design a website for some reason. I have never professionally designed a website ever. In my dream, the employer guy asked me how much I wanted for a website I designed and I told him $1000.

Then, two days later, I randomly get an email off of asking me to design a website for $1200.00. Now THAT freaked me out.

What is the deal here?

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