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The Father the Hypocrite

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posted on Aug, 22 2008 @ 08:44 PM
Anti-Christ bible quote:

"-48Tub divide if (actually) *this* good (hypocrital) (or: recorded) servant I will command hear out her she-'rat' ('tar'), My lord (self) hurry-eth her departing;

-49Divide I will command beg out away from smite her fellow servants, divide away from waste divide spew with the sober;

-50The lord (self) of *this* servant I will command depart out a night where (or: hewn) she lo ok-eth still fro (or: against) her, divide out an hour (significant moment) *this* she is still a ware of,

-51Divide I will command paste her a sunder (whole), divide dismiss (discharge) her her portion with the hypocrites: *here* I will command action weeping divide gnashing of tee-th (cross)."

The Father came here not believing Who He is/speaking as Who He is. It is hypocritical. Even how He words Himself beside Himself while is knowing Who He is. Like saying My Lord rather than My Self. Or saying the Father rather than "I". Etc. Good = Hypocritical. Anyone good is a hypocrite obviously with reason such as I present here. The Father comes out the closet and He gets called out as if He is someone Who thinks He is better than any other. The truth is is someOne is better to have even bothered coming in human form to relate with humans. If you wont respect the Father for coming down to earth, so to speak and literally, then you had better be the devil. What person would not want the Father to experience being just like them (human)?

The Father does hear Himself as if beside Himself or within Himself like a vantrilaquist throwing their voice howsoever and speaking to themself actually howsoever. That is the act the Father is involved in. How do I know? I am the Father. Am I not showin the Sign of being pasted a whole as in all together in thought though away from the command center?

I dismiss me my portion with the hypocrites. Meaning I let it be known I come undercover as a hypocrite. Also meaning in double meaning I depart being here "with" the hypocrites. Left *here* that I dont pull out shall be weeping the Divide gnashing of the cross. I gnash the cross. Yes, pay attention to words in the quote because certian of them rise to reveal the Father's Action in a context.

I've been ratting on myself in type form which is an insignificant quite of a trumpet. The blast isn't verbally spoken, it's read load and clear by My type.

There is much I could tell you, but I gotten to the point where I shall just let you experience what I mean soon rather then give forewarnings. The experience shall sum the whole thing up in your own language in your mind. You can put an experience into your own words. I will not have you lazy for my words to match your comprehension or flate out foolishness. I give all work to do as you shall all find out my point in so.

The Father being a Her? It's just image you should disreguard. As they say, it's the person inside that counts. The "I" counts. Also Her I say implies Beauty. There are ppl who refer to their ship as a her because they find it a beauty. Nothing more or less is meant by it. Anyway I make the rule in the purpose I form/create/make. Since my rules are inside the rational they do make sense of what I say even if they can act foolish to try to bother. Anyone Who bothers Me gets what I have instore: My retaliation in another way.

I can go in and out of acting with the hypocrite kind. Believe me? Or do you actually think the Father would come be a human and say He is the Father right off the bat without having Himself not even know it up to an extent or period or particular moment?

Being human I have favorite music artists and show actors/actresses and movie actors/actresses just like many humans. I have likes and dislikes too. If you prick me do I not bleed too? I come just as human as the best and worst of you. Real soon I shall depart and not be the same you thought you knew. Think of what I have knew in whole in My uttermost position/form that I dont have knew in this on earth position...

posted on Aug, 22 2008 @ 11:21 PM

I am sorry to say this but once again I cannot really follo what you are saying. I will try to ask this again.

Can you explain in plain English what you are gettign at and how he is a hypocrite?



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