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Asteroid wrap could save the world

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posted on Aug, 22 2008 @ 05:02 AM

AN Australian researcher has won an international prize for her plan to wrap a giant asteroid with reflective sheeting to stop it colliding with the earth and destroying all life. Such an impact would have the force of 110,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs if the asteroid, which actually exists, hits the planet in 2036, said Mary D'Souza, a PhD student with the University of Queensland's School of Engineering.
Far from being daunted by the prospect of global annihilation, Ms D'Souza went to work on a possible solution and took out the top prize in an international competition to find new ways of stopping asteroids from hitting Earth……
....Her proposal involves using enhanced solar radiation pressure to move the threatening asteroid off its path to Earth by wrapping it with Mylar film, "a step up from Kevlar", she said….

So we have a winner.

There are many threads about the asteroid 99942 Apophis 'threat' posed in 2029 or 2036. A popular one which also talks about contingency plans being developed by the United Nations is this one

Most who have seen the 'Disclosure Project' (from memory) would have heard about some potentially bogus threats posed in order to scare people into submission (New World Order?)
eg cold war, terrorism, asteroid and an alien threat.

Anyway here is some background information about the asteroid, 99942 Apophis from NASA. It doesn’t appear to be a huge threat like the news story indicates but at least we can rest easy knowing some have it under ‘wraps’ (published paper)

This was going to put this in breaking news but it would appear as this is not breaking at all.

I’d be surprised if this isn’t mention on ATS somewhere but searching for the name of the winner came up with nothing.


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