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Two nights ago...

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posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 05:42 PM
Hi all,
Tuesday night, Aug. 19th around 9:00 pm CST, I walked outside to shut off my sprinkler, and it was fairly nice out, so I looked up at the stars for a few minutes. I had a stray thought go through my mind about that Yahweh guy and how he supposedly can summon ufos to appear. (I don't buy it, but whatever)
I figured I would give it a quick shot, so I simply just put my arms up, and I thought as loudly as I could, "So where the hell are you" The moment I finished, I saw an orange light appear brightly almost straight above me, and it was heading from East to West. It was very high, and dimmed over the course of a few seconds and I couldn't see it anymore. I have seen satellites before move across the sky, and this seemed a bit faster than that. I guess I am not sure whether all satellites move at roughly the same speed or not. So, I looked for awhile today online, and I cannot seem to find where I can look up to see what satellites would have been moving from East to West over Chisago City, MN. at around 9pm that night.
I do find it strange that it happened right after I asked, but I am assuming it was a satellite, because it would be even stranger to think that someone could hear my thoughts all the way up there. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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