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According to Wolf Blitzer, McCain has no idea how many homes he owns!

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posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 03:13 PM
CNN, and Wolf Blitzer, are reporting about McCain's assertions that Obama is 'too rich' and 'too out of touch'....but yesterday, McCain could not answer a simple question, posed from a person in the audience, showed that McCain's assertion that Obama is 'too rich' falls flat on their faces.

Somebody asked, John McCain...."How many houses do you have?"

A simple question, right????

McCain said...."I have to check with my staff"

(hint....he has a very rich he's completely out of touch, should have asked her, bet the ice Queen knows where every penny is!) 0300? If McCain is 'President'?? Guess who's going to be answering the phone....('s Cindy!!!)

EDIT...minor edit, for clarity

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posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 03:16 PM
There's already an established thread on this topic. Its called-Dems Pounce on McCain Admission He Doesn't Know How Many Houses He Owns.

posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 06:45 PM
reply to post by the way

Welll thay means....either my thread, oor the other, will survive.

Guess it dependa on who posted first.

Up the Mod now...once they see this thread....

posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 07:08 PM
reply to post by weedwhacker

If you're going to bag on the "Ice Queen", maybe you should know a little more about her.

The stories told to me by the Days involve more than wartime valor. For example, in 1991 Cindy McCain was visiting Mother Teresa's orphanage in Bangladesh when a dying infant was thrust into her hands. The orphanage could not provide the medical care needed to save her life, so Mrs. McCain brought the child home to America with her. She was met at the airport by her husband, who asked what all this was about. Mrs. McCain replied that the child desperately needed surgery and years of rehabilitation. "I hope she can stay with us," she told her husband. Mr. McCain agreed. Today that child is their teenage daughter Bridget. I was aware of this story. What I did not know, and what I learned from Doris, is that there was a second infant Mrs. McCain brought back. She ended up being adopted by a young McCain aide and his wife.

"We were called at midnight by Cindy," Wes Gullett remembers, and "five days later we met our new daughter Nicki at the L.A. airport wearing the only clothing Cindy could find on the trip back, a 7-Up T-shirt she bought in the Bangkok airport." Today, Nicki is a high school sophomore. Mr. Gullett told me, "I never saw a hospital bill" for her care.

If you call that being an "Ice Queen", I'll take her as First Lady!

posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 07:32 PM
reply to post by TheRooster

Great story, thanks for sharing.

BUT....Ciondy McCain isn't the issue, here...nor is SHE the candidate!!

Yeah, I called her the 'Ice Queen'

perhaps, I should not have brought into the presidential race, a candidat'e spouse.

It is actually a cheap shot....and I apologize.

I will attempt to clarify, here....I was not much of a Hillary Clinton fan, so I guess I tend to be an 'equal-oppurtunity' misogonyist.....but, in fact I AM NOT a misogonyst.....and anyone who uses terms that (inlcuding my self) involve anything about 'ice' or 'queen'....then they need to be ashamed. AND, I am appropriately ashamed, for attacking the spouse of a candidate. It is shameful....and should never be done..........

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