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NEWS: Columbus Sniper Suspect Caught in Las Vegas

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posted on Mar, 17 2004 @ 06:43 AM
After a manhunt began on Monday, Charles McCoy was captured without incident in a Las Vegas hotel today. He is the prime suspect in 24 shootings in the Columbus, OH area over the last year.

McCoy was recognized by an observant Las Vegas resident, 60 year old Conrad Malsom. Malsom was in the Stardust Casino on Tuesday and offered some pizza to McCoy, who was sitting nearby reading a newspaper. When McCoy looked up, Malsom recognized him, and noted that McCoy was reading an article about himself in USA Today.

Malsom collected evidence after McCoy left, including the glass he was drinking from and a piece of paper with doodlings, and contacted the FBI.

McCoy was captured this morning as a result of Conrad Malsom's quick action.

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