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YES! I think i have a good explanation for timeline diffenences! Everyone has Noticed Them, here's

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posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 11:23 AM
This is only one way to explain a "time slip" or "glitch in the matrix" as people have called it, or what it really is of course is a false memory of a different timeline as a direct result of parralel universes...that's all been coved to death on here; but i have a new theory that may shed light on how it's possibe, and i hope you all take me seriously and bear with me because i am still learning how to word my posts so as to speak elequently and fluid on my ideas.
Here goes:
I am using a specifc example to state my case because it is the only time slip i can relate to 100% and say that i have two different memories of the same event years apart, i have other vague memories, but this one is solid in my mind, i know two truths at once, in other words this is the only "slip" that doesn't just "seem" like a slip, i KNOW it is, and so did MANY other ATS readers.
The thread was about the challebger, just search for "Challenger blew up when" to see the astounding number of people who know by record that it blew up in 1986...but they also seemed to remember it happening in '89 and '83. i would give u a click link, but i don't know how yet...sorry! someone U2U me about that please, or insert the link in your reply..thank you!
now onto my case:
i do remember it blowing up in '86. i was in the first grade, and i did my first book report on it in the 2nd grade. I was sick so i was home from school watching it on TV with my mother. the next year in second grade I did a book report on the Teacher who died in the first book report ever.
here's the problem. I NEVER remembered that it was '86 and when i saw that post i thought, this guy is pulling my chain, everyone knows it blew up in '89, i was watching it on the TV at school when it happened! You see, the false memory if u will was the PRIMARY one i remembered, I did not remember the "true memory" until i read the post, as opposed to many who may have remembered the "false" one AFTER the idea was in their head from the post, mine was complete opposite.
I gotta admit, the paradox of two memories that were perfectly true and vivid, started tearing me apart....all i have to say about that dear readers is that i'm not a praying man, and that sanity is the scariest thing to pray for, i never considered someone praying for sanity, but i did, daily...sigh. nowing two truths at once is so disturbing, it will drive u mad. Now let me explain JUST ONE REASON WHY IT IS POSSIBLE IN MY CASE, i don't know why others feel the split, i think many things can cause it, but here is a pretty solid reason for mine:
I was not sopposed to be born when i was. Here's the background.
Before i was born in 1980, my parents had two children, boy and girl, and my father in 1975 had a vasectomy because they didn't want more children at that point. UNTIL my older brother drowned in 1977. They were devastated of course, and Afer a time of grieving, they wanted another son, and my father had a reverse vasectomy, still a shaky procedure and very new at that time, in 1977. Now this process was only approved a little over a year before my father had it was so big a deal that The Journal & Courier newspaper of Lafayette, indiana had me on the front page and the headline was:MIRACLE BABY in Lafayette! it was a whole page spread on the very fromnt of a pretty big paper. Lafayette is only 30 minutes out of Indianapolis and home of Purdue University, so this gives some prespective as to how huge this "eveyday procedure" was at the time.
that's the background. Now onto the tricky part:

posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 11:49 AM
that's the background. Now onto the tricky part:
My mother argued very much with my father over the vasectomy, she desperately wanted another child, and at first she was going to talk him out of it and (sadly enough) pretend to take birth controland get prgnant again, but not until my sister...who was born in 1975 was out of diapers, my father was going to go along with the birth control idea, but his father was very strict and told my dad that he couldn't afford the 2 kids he had, and that he didn't trust brth control, so my father could either get sniped, or move off of my grandfathers land. harse i know, but that's my grandpa. ANYWAY, he did get the operation. but he was SO close to not doing so, and if he had not, i would have been born around 1977 instead of 1980.
here's where parralel universe comes into effect: Quantum has pretty well proven they exist, i suck at math but even i can understand how this must be a certainty. And my father bucked against the timeline when he had that operation, bringing my survival rate to 0. So naturally, since I HAD TO BE BORN, when he did that, he jumped into the "closest" parralel univerese where my survival rate was higher than zero. With me so far? he bucked against his current timeline by getting the operation, and the result was that my brother drowned and they decided to get the operation reversed so i could be born. It's a shame my brother had to die for me to be born, but since i believe in these parallel universes, i know that in another one beside this one, my brother necer died, and me and him grew up together, because in my 1989 memory, or more accurately my 4th grade memory, i remember my brother holding me as i cried riding home on the bus with him, i was was crying about the crash...i don't remember the inbetween, all these memories deal only with when i was thinking about or watching the crash...i think these memories stuck when the in between didn't because it is sucha a huge event that almost everyone has a very vivid memory of where they were and what they were doing when it happened, therefor putting it into a mass consciousness of the whole Country, even World. So that's why when we find a time split that so many people can relate to, it's a BIG event, and it stains our memory as a whole, making it a more powerful memory, kinda like how we are born with certain memories "archeotypes" because they are part of the global mind. So i fi had been born in 77 as my mother planned, i would have been in the 4th grade instead of the first.
Isn't it interesting how i remembered the "not tru but still true"memory BEFORE i remembered the REAL one? Thank goodness that now that i have remembered the real one, the "false" one is fading, because i feel that i would have gone insane if it didn't. I wonder, if it goes away alltogether, would this post change to: It Seems like i may have a time slip, but i don't know why"? raises more wuestions than gives answers, but i honestly feel i'm onto something. Readers, please share your timeline slips, and your theories as to why u jumped timelines to one where your survival rate was above zero, because i feel this is the key, or share any other theories you have, i welcome all, even u skeptics who wouldn't believe in ghosts or aliens or anything like that until u catch one with your teeth. I hope this post conveys my tthoery well enough, if you want me to clarify on anything just ask! Just another interesting fact, JOhn Lennon was pronounced dead 1 hour before i was born, and i am an Ophiuchius, a special sign in my opinion, maybe let's provide birth years or birth signs to see if there is connections with that, let's find as many similarities as we can between people experiencing the same"time glitch" since this is about my Challenger split, maybe we could start with that, but feel free to post any split, and we'll surely get folks who experienced that one as well.
Sorry for the style, i welcome any tips on format!

posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 11:51 AM
ALSO, i couldn't post this without thanks to Misfit, and Heretic who helped me come to this thoery by getting my wheels spinning on this, thank you so much guys! and other readers please don't discredit me because of my points, i was up to lie 250 or so, and got docked for 1000 pointsa today and i'm still not sure why, i did use the "p" word and the "d" word(the one that rhymes with fan) and i tried to combine two posts that were similar and in turn i think i was guilty of excessive quoting, it was the only way i could figure out how to get the replies from one thread to another, but they were honest mistakes, i'm new, and still getting used to T&C, so please forgive me! i definately learned...1000 points! ouch! Can anyone provide some good tips on how to combine two threads, and how to better shape my threads? i don't want people thinking i'm an idiot, i just need some help!

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posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 08:21 PM
reply to post by Enigma Publius

I feel you may be on to something, I noticed that some of my timeslips can be directly related from me taking a path much like your father where I was meant to do one thing but did another against what I was supposed to do. However, in my case, I was well aware what I was doing because I changed premonitions I had had.

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