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Where In The World Do We Go?

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posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 10:23 AM
Where In The World Do We Go?

- To have a chance to raise a family and live in peace
- To be free from oppression and NWO tentacles
- To have time to just 'be' the spiritual people we are...

This is a most serious question - I living in a small city in western Canada and am surrounded by wilderness and wildlife which I love - but I don't feel I'm out of any reach of the NWO here because I still have a bank machine and debit card like everyone else...

The tribal peoples of the world will likely not notice as much a change as we (the plugged in ones) will because they already grow their food and have learned how little they need to live on -

The so-called civilized people of the world will all be in line-ups for the micro chips so they can feed their families at the end of the day -


I absolutely believe (without proof, I know, I know, save the words :-) that once we are 'chipped' we will lose whatever is left of our free will and free spirit and my major concern is it will interfere with our soul at death (another topic altogether, but wanted to explain why I don't want to get chipped at all).

My children are grown, now with their own families and don't much believe what I believe (the programming is all too effective to beat back for me) and I am wanting to find somewhere on this planet that has the best opportunities -

So with the range of members and readers out there from across the globe - where would you go, knowing what you know... ? I guess my answer to that would be the place with the least amount of NWO influence - which is....?????

Thank you all for your input - it is most valuable to me.


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