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McCain Unsure of How Many Houses He Owns

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posted on Aug, 23 2008 @ 12:13 PM
reply to post by trek315

The five million dollar remark by McCain was an obvious attempt at humor. Anyone, including Obama's people, who watched knows that for a fact. He even said after that it would probably be misused. Don't believe me? Find a tape and watch it. Obama did. Looks like Obama and his people have gone dirty. So much for his earlier promises of a different sort of campaign. No matter who you are voting for this should offend everyone.

The house thing is just as silly. Do we really want a homeless looser for President? Perhaps our Presidential Candidates should come from a Rescue Mission? Or, do we want successful people in leadership positions. I've always been amazed at people who use peoples success as an argument against them. More proof we are in for more of the same old nonsense. Obama decided to go dirty when he started the race dialog and it is getting progressively worse. This is Obama playing to peoples jealousies and he knows many voters are that dumb.

I want to hear their view on real issues that matter. This garbage for the daytime soap opera crowd, who should not vote anyway is useless. It just shows the incredible lack of character of the candidates we are supposed to choose from.

One would hope voters are competent enough to ignore this crap, but it appears that many voters are that immature or they would not bother with this. It must work and for that we should hang our heads in shame. The fact this post was even made is to the shame of our system as a whole. How sad is that.

More proof that both Parties are the same, Obama is the same and some voters are otherwise challenged

Edited to mention - I appreciated the tone of the OP
Well presented.

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posted on Aug, 23 2008 @ 12:21 PM

Originally posted by TruthMagnet
Good honest hard working people continue (these are people of modest being) - continue to elect these rich

Interesting. You really want unsuccessful people in high office? I've never understood this logic. I don't think the local Burger King manager would be able to handle the job of President. I could be wrong, but I doubt it

posted on Aug, 23 2008 @ 01:28 PM
reply to post by Blaine91555

I do indeed see now how McCain's quote was taken out of context. Unfortunately, I read something in an article, took it at face value, was surprised by and decided to share and comment on it. I really should have researched it more or, even better, have only expressed an opinion if it was something I had seen and/or heard for myself as is more typical for me anyway. Obviously, this is all in reference to the quote about what McCain considers "rich" to be.

As to the house issue, I never intended to construe that owning a certain number of properties makes any candidate less "in touch" with the general population. I was just surprised he didn't know how many it was though I could understand his cautious response for the reasons I stated in my original post. Also, another poster mentioned a valid point about other individuals like accountants or financial planners handling such affairs particularly when many of the properties are in his wife's name.

I think many people reacted negatively to this issue with McCain because of a perception that he does not understand what the "average" citizen's life may be like. However, as you and other posters have mentioned, it should really and truly be about the issues and not the person, his family, or his houses for that matter. I think a good point was raised by someone else who said Obama claimed to want a "clean" electoral fight and to leave family issues and individuals out of it, a statement which he has already rescinded by his actions to date.

So, in retrospect, I wish I had been more thoughtful before making my initial post but, at the very least, I am reminded of the important lesson to not take what I read or see in the media as an absolute or even necessarily an accurate statement of facts of the record. Perhaps it's good that I did this early in the process so I can remember to focus on the key aspects of the election. I work in education so each candidate's plans and opinions on that will be very important to me. Similarly, I have a special needs child so health care will make a difference as well. These, of course, are just two examples of vital things to consider in the months ahead.

Thanks to everyone for sharing and helping to enlighten me.

posted on Aug, 23 2008 @ 02:46 PM

Originally posted by Blaine91555.

I want to hear their view on real issues that matter. This garbage for the daytime soap opera crowd, who should not vote anyway is useless.

So the daytime soap opera crowd, that pay taxes, perhaps serve in the military, and live in America, should not vote?

Perhaps this is the reason for the backlash from the salt of the earth people against the arrogant, elitist, wealthy.

Is this a prevailing attitude form the conservative GOP; that those less
fortunate, educated, shouldn't even vote?

If this is an attitude of even a small faction of America...God help us!

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posted on Aug, 23 2008 @ 02:56 PM
A man with "a dozen houses" or so can go **** himself. He's talking about how much he's going to help the middle and lower class and has 12 houses? While he's getting more wealthy by shaking everything lose for oil executives, my mom is barely holding on to the house she has, and this cheesed*** little yes man has more than 10 houses? He thinks being rich is an income of $5,000,000.

And "conservatives" are so pumped that this is their guy?

The only people that cared for this country are out of the race because they were too fringe. I hope you all like your choices, you've made this election what it is.

I need to move.

posted on Aug, 23 2008 @ 03:11 PM
reply to post by DeadFlagBlues

I am very conserevative ...Yet I dont think this is my guy. I also dont think Obama is my guy.

I too am disappointed in the two party system in that it openly discriminates against other candidates with potential or views other than the prevailing views and steering committees of the various two party machines.

In previous elections I liked what Alan Keys was saying and wanted to hear more...but the whorish media shilling for the two party system would not give him much air time. It is the same with Ron Paul.

It has become obvious to me that the political system is rigged as well as is the whorish media shilling for them.

For the term "whorish" or "whore" used here can substitute the concept of selling?bartering the very souls of the American public for candidates who are themselves "Placebos" Sugar Pills.


posted on Aug, 23 2008 @ 03:15 PM
To be fair to McCain, a few things must be said.

1. Nobody ever said McCain was poor.

Is anybody shocked that McCain owns several homes? Did anybody think that McCain was "an ordinary Joe" that lived in a double wide? Of course McCain is well to do. (So is Obama and anybody else who is involved in high level, national politics.) If anything, I am surprised McCain owns less than ten homes.

2. What a wealthy person "owns" is not always an easy question to answer.

It is difficult for wealthy people to keep track of their finances. Wealthy people like McCain often hire accountants, attorneys, and other people with expertise to manage and keep track of their finances. It is difficult for a wealthy person to know exactly what they "own."

First, wealthy people have so many assetts that are constantly being traded, bought, sold, mortgaged, etc. that it is difficult to lose count. McCain cannot figure out his net worth by hopping online and looking up the balances in his back account like the ordinary person. He probably has several bank accounts, securities, bonds, trusts, etc. It may take an accountant several hours to compute McCain's net worth. This being said, McCain may not have been certain whether all the houses he ever purchased were recently sold or otherwise transferred.

Second, ownership is a complicated concept under the law. There are actually several forms of ownership. Wealthy people with sophisticated lawyers and accountants may utilize the exotic forms of ownership for tax purposes. For example, McCain may be a trustee of a trust that owns a particular house. McCain may be a majority owner of a corporation that owns a particular house. Whether or not McCain "owns" is not a question that can be answered truthfully and completely with a yes or no answer, or may it be a question that McCain has the legal expertise to truthfully and completely answer.

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